Cottagecore vs Farmhouse: Difference and Comparison

People tend to decorate their houses on their own. But in the last decade, the growing culture of decorating houses and offices in a specific style has taken over.

Whether it be cottage-core, bohemian, shabby chic, farmhouse, classic style, vintage style, or any other style, people choose according to what they want in their surroundings and what matches their taste and personality.

Each style has a different colors palette, designing patterns, elements, and furniture types to include in the process of designing. One of the styles which are very common nowadays is cottagecore

Key Takeaways

  1. Cottagecore is a style that emphasizes a rustic, vintage aesthetic, while Farmhouse is a style that emphasizes a practical, functional aesthetic.
  2. Cottagecore includes floral patterns and vintage furniture, while Farmhouse includes shiplap walls and industrial lighting.
  3. Cottagecore focuses more on creating a cozy, romantic atmosphere, while Farmhouse focuses more on creating a practical, functional space.

Cottagecore vs Farmhouse

The difference between cottagecore and farmhouse is that the cottagecore makes use of soft and warm tones while the farmhouse uses a white palette and hue colors. Cottagecore represents American style, while farmhouse is mix and match styling, which shows vintage and sophisticated style.

Cottagecore vs Farmhouse

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Cottagecore aesthetic makes use of soft colors, floral decorations, linens, and ginghams. The color palette basically has yellow, brown, green, and off-white in it. The combination of colors gives a lively feel. It makes use of handmade decors like trinkets, dreamcatchers, crochet items, etc.

Farmhouse designs include a combination of old and new things, like an old table with a modern sofa. The design aims to make use of items available and includes wooden items, especially timber. It is designed in such a way that it allows the user to move around freely.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCottagecoreFarmhouse
MeaningCottage core is an exclusive interior design that makes use of linen, gingham, cotton, and flowers.The farmhouse is a combination of vintage elements with the modern style, based on comfort and practicality.
Basic elements  Fresh linens, cotton, gingham prints, and floral patterns.Combination of vintage elements with the modern style.
ColorsYellow, brown, green, cream, and off-white.White and neutral tones (off-white, beige, etc.)
Additional elementsFlowers (wildflowers + lively flowers), handmade items such as trinkets.Plants, paintings, pictures, vintage art pieces, antiques, etc.
StyleShows hints of American style.It is basically mixed and match style.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottage core is an exclusive interior design category that contains fresh linens, cotton, gingham prints, and floral patterns. The main character of the cottage core is the floral decorations which are remarkable given their extensive popularity.

This core design is also known as Grandmacore. Other names for cottage-core are farm-core, tea-core, and country-core.

The cottagecore consists of an exquisite color palette that is specific to its origin and complements the other components of the motif. The color palette has exquisite pastel shades and soft and gentle tones.

The main colors of cottagecore are yellow, brown, green, cream, and off-white. The palette also consists of colors like lilac, mint green, butter yellow, soft pink, powder blue, baby pink, etc.

The style makes use of flowers, both lively flowers and wildflowers. The floral decoration in the surroundings makes a person happy and lifts up their mood. The frames, nameplates, and furniture are preferred in woody style as they complement the color choices in the cottagecore aesthetic.

The use of handmade small items and trinkets is common in this style. This makes the home more lively and gives an aesthetic appeal which gives out a strong presence of American style.

cottagecore 1

What is Farmhouse?

Farmhouse design is based on comfort and practicality. The farmhouse is a combination of vintage elements with a modern style. It depends on the availability of colors and materials and uses rather simpler colors and elements.

The basics of a farmhouse are wood elements and white tones. The emphasis on wood elements is because of the ease of availability of timber.

One of the main aspects of the farmhouse style is that everything shouldn’t match. A balance between unmatched elements is of utmost importance while drawing up a farmhouse style.

The modern sofas and furniture are paired up with vintage and antique styles. The design is very easy and kept in a way that one can move around easily. Apart from wood sometimes leather, cotton, and linen fabrics are also seen.

The color palette has white and neutral and basic tones such as off-white, beige, etc. Some accent colors such as sunny yellow, forest green, barn red, and robin’s egg blue, are also used in this style.

The decorations are made peculiarly by employing vintage pieces, especially furniture. Mix and match is the basic key to coming up with a perfect farmhouse aesthetic that suits you. The addition of paintings, plants, photographs, and motifs increases the charm of the style to the next level.


Main Differences Between Cottagecore and Farmhouse

  1. Cottagecore is warm-toned, while farmhouse is neutral-toned.
  2. Cottagecore includes cotton and linens, while farmhouse includes woody elements.
  3. Cottagecore has floral decorations, while the decorations in the farmhouse include paintings, plants, and photographs.
  4. Cottagecore gives an American countryside vibe, while farmhouse gives comfortable and sophisticated vibes.
  5. Cottage core points more attention to matching all the elements, while farmhouse keeps a mix-and-match style.
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Last Updated : 24 July, 2023

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