Cottagecore vs Tradwife: Difference and Comparison

The world is full of people who follow different lifestyles, movements, and aesthetics. The diversity is galvanic, from people who undertake religion to those who undertake anime.

Cottagecore and tradwife are two kinds of lifestyles that people adopt to distance themselves from the complexity of modern life.

Unsurprisingly, both have made their way to social media as the new trendy thing to perpetuate.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cottagecore emphasizes a romanticized view of rural life, focusing on nature, aesthetics, and crafts, while Tradwife centers on traditional gender roles within a marriage or partnership.
  2. Cottagecore embraces elements of self-sufficiency, such as gardening and foraging, while Tradwife prioritizes homemaking and nurturing relationships.
  3. Both movements share an appreciation for simplicity and traditional values but differ in scope and focus.

Cottagecore vs Tradwife

Cottagecore is an aesthetic and décor movement that focuses on traditional rural life, and it involves having traditional interior designs like European cottages. Tradwife means traditional wife, and is a concept that refers to a woman taking an orthodox role in marriage like submitting, cooking and raising children.

Cottagecore vs Tradwife

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Cottagecore is an aesthetic movement that idealizes traditional rural life. It involves dressing up in rural clothing, having a traditional interior design, and even eating simple pastoral food.

It can be looked at as an aspirational form of nostalgia or just an escape from the stress and trauma of city life.  

Tradwife is short for ‘traditional wife’, which is a relatively newer concept. A woman is called a tradwife when she partakes in an orthodox role in marriage.

This includes submitting to male authority, raising children at an early age, staying at home to cook, and even wearing veils in the church to intrigue men.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCottagecoreTradwife
ConceptPeople embrace a traditional European lifestyle.Women must follow orthodox gender roles.
GenderCottagecore is for both men and women.Tradwife lays emphasis on how women must live.
GoalCottagecore promotes a newly evolved and sustainable future.Being a tradwife means returning to orthodox principles of the past. 
OriginCottagecore was developed in the 2010s, but the term was coined only in 2018 on Tumblr.Tradwife is neo-logistic and has risen to popularity only recently.
LifestyleSuch a lifestyle involves living in cottages, farming, gardening, and connecting with nature.Such a lifestyle involves women staying at home, fixing meals, tending to children, and listening to their husbands.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a movement that idealizes simplicity, sustainability, slow living, and a deep bond with nature. It facilitates a peaceful state of mind, away from all the traumas and stress of modern-day lifestyles.

The aspects involved in it include changes in clothing, space, and manoeuvres.

This means that people following cottagecore prefer to wear simple and sustainable clothes, live in rural cottages, and perform activities such as farming, gardening, crafts, etc.

Millennials and Generation Z in the 2010s started the movement. The term ‘cottagecore’ was only coined in 2018 on Tumblr.

The community following cottagecore is very diverse and includes people from all races, religions, and backgrounds.

Similar movements also came to light after cottagecore became popular. Some of these include farmcore, goblincore, and even grandmacore.

When people change to a cottagecore lifestyle, they do not really need to work beyond their domestic tasks. Moreover, there’s plenty of time for recreational stuff.

This not only brings a  beautiful sense of fulfilment but saves the environment as well. So, it’s a win-win situation.

However, there may be a notable difference between how actual rural life is and the cottagecore aesthetic. The concept is also criticized for romanticizing racism, sexism, and colonialism.

cottagecore 1

What is Tradwife?

A tradwife is a person who follows a lifestyle movement that emphasizes women following orthodox gender roles. It promotes traditional and ultra-traditional ideas, including women’s role in marriages.

Tradwife also includes the belief that women should stay at home and let the men work. This means that they must also submit to male authority, fix meals for the family, clean, and only focus on raising children.

Most of the time, women are expected to leave their jobs to join this movement.

The term ‘tradwife’ has been making its rounds on social media as women feature in pictures and videos displaying orthodox virtues. They claim to be behaving like ‘traditional wives’.

This is associated with the alt-right movement, white supremacy and even the Republican Party of the United States. It has gone to such an extent that tradwives are making the headlines.

Tradwife also rejects the entire concept of feminism. Interestingly, when the feminist movement first began, there were several women who opposed it.

They preferred being housewives and doing household chores instead of going out into a very complex workspace.

The tradwives of today may be inspired by those women. Some even call it their ‘calling’ since they were a child.


Main Differences Between Cottagecore and Tradwife

  1. People who follow cottagecore embrace a traditional European lifestyle, whereas a tradwife is a woman who follows orthodox gender roles.
  2. Cottagecore is for men and women both, whereas tradwife lays more emphasis on the lifestyle of women only.
  3. Cottagecore promotes a newly evolved future, whereas tradwife promotes going back to the past.
  4. Cottagecore was developed in the 2010s, whereas tradwife is a very new concept.
  5. Cottagecore involves a simple, sustainable, rural, and pastoral lifestyle, whereas tradwife demands that women must stay at home and submit to male authority.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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