Difference Between Mori girl and Cottagecore

Mori girl is also described as forest girl as in this fashion, and they have loose, airy clothes. With some warm, heavy, and bulky sweaters and tough boots, they can survive in wild areas.


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When we talk about Cottagecore, it is a very aesthetic fashion introduced by teenage girls and shows their idealized ruler lives.

Mori girl vs Cottagecore

The difference between Mori girl and Cottagecore is that Mori girl is a forest fashion inspired by the lifestyle of the forest and contains loose light clothes and some harsh boots which survive in a wild area, whereas when we talk about Cottagecore is inspired by farming or ruler lifestyle.

Mori girl vs Cottagecore

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Mori girl which is also described as Forest girl. It is a Japanese fashion consisting of losses, light clothes, and heavy and hard boots that can bear the wild area.

And can survive there as this fashion is inspired from the forest lifestyle by having loose-fitting garments. Cottagecore is also known as Farcore this is introduced by a teenage girl.

It also consists of loose and layered garments that hide the individual’s structure and are comfortable. The rural area lifestyle or farming inspires these.

Cottagecore got famous recently on various social media handles.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonMori girl  Cottagecore 
IntroMori girl is also called “Forest girl” and prefers the forest lifestyle as fashion.Cottagecore is introduced by a teenage girl who represents rural areas’ lifestyles and prefers their fashion.
Based onThe Mori girl is fashion-based.Cottagecore is visually based, and it is aesthetic.
AestheticsThese focus on actual forest aesthetics.This focuses on sunny aesthetics.
ColoursIt consists of khaki, navy blue, and pink type colours.It consists of bright colours, but they are light in colour, like yellow and off-white.
FashionMori girls look very casual or normal and have more preference for the natural look.Cottagecore fashion contains a wide variety of styles.

What is Mori girl?

Mori girl is also known as “forest girl” or Mori kie. This is a Japanese fashion which is highly inspired by the forest lives or we can say that living in woods.

This fashion was organized in 2006 in japan, and the name on social media is given as ”mixi”, which was given by the manager of this organization Choco.

In 2009 the Mori fashion community reached 35000 people. And then, there was a big demand for this fashion, occurs by that time, Mori fashion led to the creation of magazines and brands.

Like Mori girl magazine, choco’s Mori girl book. The brand became so famous as the name of this fashion is used by various comments on social media and in their journey.

As then in 2010, magazines and fashion declined in japan. Then in 2019, the online Mixi group was also deleted.

This fashion style was changed many times, but the basic appearance was the same as that containing a natural girly look having layered and loose clothes because of so many layers.

And loose design of the clothes, the structure of the individual won’t be visible, and that is why it is also called a fluffy appearance.

What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a visual-based aesthetic fashion introduced by teenagers and young adults to show the fashion of idealized ruler life. It was named Closeottagecore in Tumbir in 2018.

The aesthetic centres are related to each other, like the interior design and crafts are related to the aesthetic movements like Grandmacore and Farmcore. Cottagecore became highly popular.

In social media and also on social media handles like Instagram and TikTok-type platforms. Homeland clothes are the specialization of Cottagecore.

Cottagecore mainly includes full sleeves, full skirts, and strawberry embroidery. Because of the high price of the other fashions, people started to create their versions of clothes.

The Cottagecore also often include layered and long dresses. According to different people there is a different opinion on Cottagecore as some say this is about the softness of cloth.

And some of this is about the animals’ crossings. While Cottagecore includes pictures of the girls who work on the farm and shows how they are dressed up there.

Cottagecore is almost the same as Mori because they both are based on nature-based fashion or aesthetics. Cottagecore consists of bright colours but they are light, like yellow, off-white, etc.

Main Differences Between Mori girl and Cottagecore

  1. Mori girl is a fashion inspired by forest fashion it contains loose clothing, whereas the Cotagecore is inspired by the lifestyle of the rural area, farming, and agriculture and prefers that fashion.
  2. Mori girl is usually fashion-based, whereas Cottagecore is visually based.
  3. Mori girl consists of colours like pink, navy blue, khaki and more, whereas Cottagecore consists of bright and light colours, like yellow and off-white.
  4. Mori girl fashion is casual and normal, whereas Cottagecore consists of several varieties.
  5. Mori fashion follows or can say, focus on the actual forest aesthetics, whereas Cottagecore focuses on sunny aesthetics.
Difference between Mori girl and Cottagecore
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