Flu vs Sinus Infection: Difference and Comparison

As we see many viruses lead to many serious diseases sometimes. Let’s talk about the two viruses.


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Flu and sinus. The virus presents in DNA or RNA is a small particle.

Viruses are playing a very bad role in our bodies, but some viruses are good for human health.

Key Takeaways

  1. Flu is a respiratory illness caused by the influenza virus, while Sinus infection is an inflammation of the sinuses caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi.
  2. Flu causes fever, muscle aches, and fatigue, while Sinus infection causes a headache, facial pain, and congestion.
  3. A vaccine can prevent flu, while Sinus infection can be prevented by practising good hygiene and avoiding allergens.

Flu vs Sinus Infection

The difference between Flu and Sinus infection is that. When we suffer from very high fever,  suffering from high body ache with strains of the influenza virus, it means we suffer from Flu infection. whereas When we suffer from a low-degree fever with facial aches, having some cold or allergies means we suffer from a sinus infection.

Flu vs Sinus Infection

Flu infection is a normal infection almost most people suffer from. Some people might know its symptoms, and some don’t.

Another name for flu is influenza. Those who have weak immune systems have more chances of flu infection.

More than 10 million cases rise per year in India.

Sinus infection is also named Sinusitis. Sinus is triggered by colds or allergies.

Symptoms of this infection are facial pain, headache, runny nose, and cold. It blocks the nose’s internal part, which means that part is partially filled with fluid.

It also has a type that is chronic sinusitis which is also the same but lasts up to eight weeks.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFlu InfectionSinus Infection
 SymptomsSudden high fever, whole body ache, Dry cough.High Fever chances are less, as Fatigue, sneezing, and facial pain.
 CausesIt spreads by Sneezing and by coughing.It is caused by a bacterial infection.
 DurationIt lasts about a week.It can last for a week or month.
 PreventionFirst, I need to take the flu vaccine.A doctor consultant is very important in this infection. Prevented by Sinus drainage medicine.
 TreatmentMost of the vaccinated people recover at home.Sinus-infected people need a doctor and use pain relief medicine from time to time.

 What is Flu?

Influenza or Flu is an RNA virus that exists mostly in spherical shape having a very small shape of it. Like you see HIV structure but it cannot convert its RNA into DNA.

It has an enveloped structure virus that contains two different glycoproteins. Inside the envelope matrix protein was present which gave support to the envelope (the envelope here is like a host).

Inside Matrix influenza, the genome is encapsulated. The influenza genome consists of eight strands of RNA.

Flu is a viral infection that spreads easily and directly attacks your respiratory system. Most people take treatment at home which is also good but if you are suffering from chest pain, very high fever, or difficulty breathing then you must see a doctor.

Don’t be in the myth that you don’t want a doctor for this infection because this infection spreads from person to person also so be aware and consult a doctor fast when you feel symptoms of it.

Risk factors of this virus would be seasonal influenza, weak immune system, living or working conditions, and the use of infected people.

Especially children, adults, and pregnant women are at high risk because this infection leads to serious problems so be aware of it and take care of yourself.


 What is Sinus Infection?

The sinus is also called Sinusitis. Bones are present in our faces with some spaces these spaces create for proper movement of those bones.

And in that part sinus is present. Sinus has four types: frontal sinus (located above the eyes), maxillary sinus ( located below the eyes), ethmoid sinus(located in between eyes), and sphenoid sinus(located behind your eyes).

In between, this air is present. It works to remove all the dust which we inhale. Sinus infection means swelling of these four types of tissue.

It is a bacterial infection. This is also called Rhinosinusitis here, rhino means nose.

Because it’s a nose infection, there are types of Sinus infections.

The first one is Bacterial Sinus Infection which causes sudden cold symptoms, runny nose, and facial pain. The second one is Chronic sinus infection which leads to drainage, facial pain, and decreased sense of smell.

And Subacute Sinusitis, Recurrent Sinusitis. Sinus infection happens to anyone who has nasal allergies, or asthma problems. Smoking can also increase the chances of getting a sinus infection.

Some of the home remedies used to treat this infection are otherwise it is best to consult a doctor. And you should avoid smoke, dust areas, and contact with sick people especially those who have a major problem of cold and all.

sinus infection 1

Main Differences Between Flu and Sinus Infection

  1. Symptoms of flu are low energy, flushed colour in the face, nausea, and vomiting, whereas symptoms of Sinus eye pressure and pain, sore throat, and bad breath.
  2. Flu infection has no relation with allergies whereas sinus infection is most affected by dust particles.
  3. Flu infection spreads easily and treatment is easy for it. This infection doesn’t lead to a major problem whereas Sinus infection is a major problem if people can’t take care of them they lead to serious problems.
  4. Flu infection stays up for a week, whereas sinus infection stays for over a month, and sometimes it takes years also.
  5. Flu infection attacks the immune system directly, whereas sinus infection attacks the respiratory system.
  6. Flu infection spreads over the body and muscles and causes body aches, whereas Sinus infection spreads over the jaw, face, and throat aches.
Difference Between Flu and Sinus Infection
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