Viral vs Bacterial Sinus Infection: Difference and Comparison

Nowadays, there are lots of different types of diseases emerging, and we are not even aware of them until we get them. In some cases, it could be worse and more dangerous.

The disease can develop because either by a virus or bacteria. These can result in viral infection or bacterial sinus infection. But the symptoms are most common. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Viruses cause viral sinus infections, while bacterial sinus infections result from bacterial pathogens.
  2. Antibiotics are ineffective against viral sinus infections but can treat bacterial sinus infections.
  3. Viral sinus infections resolve within 7-10 days, whereas bacterial infections may require medical intervention.

Viral vs Bacterial Sinus Infection

The difference between viral and bacterial sinus infections is that in viral infections, the infection will be caused by a virus. But the bacterial infection will be caused because of bacteria. A viral infection can easily spread in the air. But, bacterial infection cannot be spread by air or any other form. 

Viral vs Bacterial Sinus Infection

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A viral infection is a disease that can be spread through the air. It can become worse if we avoid it and won’t take any medication.

Because not all human bodies will contain antibodies and have the power to fight the virus, in some cases, we have to take medications from outside. 

A bacterial sinus infection is caused by bacteria, and they are not contagious, which means they are not spread from one person to another person.

There are treatments available for this as well. These are caused by bacteria, and the bacteria are available in the wastewater as well. We should be more careful when we drink any water from outside. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonViral InfectionBacterial Sinus Infection
Duration2 weeksCan go up to 4 weeks

What is Viral Infection?

A viral infection is caused by a harmful virus that goes inside our body. When this virus goes inside our body, it damages our cells and makes us difficult to breathe, which is very difficult for us to survive.

They are many viruses available in the world. They are created on their own, or sometimes, if we mix some harmful and they get mixed in the air in that case, a new virus will be created.

Before we got any viral infection, we used to get some common symptoms. Once we find these common symptoms, we should not delay and visit the nearby hospital to get treated.

Because once they spread our entire body, it will be difficult for us to survive. Even viral fever will occur as well due to the virus spread.

These fevers are not like normal fevers, and they will stay for more than what we have anticipated in our bodies. But regular medications will help us to fight them.

The main reason why humans get a viral infection is by inhaling the air. Viruses can easily spread in the air. Their main source of spread is by air. Most viral infections can last in the human body for at least a week.

And the maximum it can go will be 2 weeks. If we have good immunity power, then our body itself will provide antibodies which in turn will kill the virus. 

viral fever

What is Bacterial Sinus Infection?

A bacterial sinus infection is a disease caused by bacteria, and it will affect our bodies in the nose area and will create sinus problems as well. It is mainly caused by bacteria.

You have the usual normal symptoms like body pain which happens due to tiredness and fever. But mostly, it will affect your face area, and you will have more pain in your face.

Because the bacteria will mainly attack your nose area, and you will face immense pain in your nose.

It can be treated only when you visit a doctor. No home remedies will help you in this because we are not sure at what stage we are at, and only the doctor will decide the type of medicine by seeing our condition.

If it is not that vulnerable, then it can be cured with the help of a tablet or an injection. But if the condition is worse, then we have to perform some surgery to remove those bacteria.

If you have good antibodies, then it will go away without any treatment, but the pain and the disease will last a month. It is better to take a treatment instead of making it become worse and increasing our pain.

These infections cannot be spread from you to another person. If you get this, then you are the only person to suffer from this and not the other people.

sinus infection

Main Differences Between Viral and Bacterial Sinus Infection

  1. A viral infection is contagious, which means it can be spread from one individual to another individual. On the other hand, a bacterial sinus infection is not contagious.
  2. A viral infection is an infection that is caused by a virus. But bacterial sinus infection is an infection that is caused by bacteria.
  3. A viral infection will include body pain and fever. But a bacterial infection will include body pain and nose pain.
  4. A viral infection can last for a maximum of 15 days. But a bacterial infection can last for a maximum of 25-28 days.
  5. Proper medication is required for treating viral infections. A bacterial infection can sometimes be on its own if that person has good antibodies.
Difference Between Viral and Bacterial Sinus Infection

Last Updated : 01 August, 2023

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