Cottagecore vs Boho: Difference and Comparison

Fashion remains a debatable issue time and again. People like to follow and approve of a variety of fashion trends all over the world. They often involve in criticising each other’s style too.

Fashion is a representation of one’s personality. It depicts a person’s thinking and opinions. It differs based on regions as well as cultures. Cottagecore and Boho are two very distinct styles of fashion.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cottagecore emphasizes rural life, nature, and simplicity, while boho focuses on free-spirited, unconventional, and eclectic styles.
  2. Cottagecore aesthetics utilize vintage, antique, and handmade items, whereas boho incorporates global, artistic, and textured elements.
  3. Cottagecore leans towards soft, muted colors and pastoral themes, while boho embraces bold patterns and vibrant colors.

Cottagecore vs Boho

The difference between Cottagecore and Boho is that Cottagecore is referred to as a modern way of showcasing rural life, whereas Boho is referred to as a fashion style that showcases Bohemian culture. Boho is traditional or tribal fashion that glorifies oxidised accessories, loose and colourful clothes etc. In contrast, Cottagecore reflects a mixture of dressing and traditional crafts opted for by rural people.

Cottagecore vs Boho

Cottage Core is a fashion that depicts the celebration of rural life in a modern way. Especially young adults are the discoverers of this fashion aesthetic.


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It came to light in the 2010s. Along with showcasing rural dressing styles, Cottagecore is also related to involving in various traditional crafts like baking, art, pottery etc.

On the other hand, Boho represents the Bohemian culture. Boho is a style that is a combination of creativity and tradition.

Aesthetic clothes, oxidised silver jewellery and ancestral touch, are the basics of this style. Boho has been there in society since the 1960s. Recently only, it has gained immense popularity and appreciation.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCottagecoreBoho
OriginCottagecore is related to Countrycore rural life. Boho is related to the Bohemian culture.
ExistenceIt came into existence in the 2010s. It came into existence in the 1960s.
Introduced byIt was introduced by the youth. It was introduced by the people of Bohemian culture.
Style of DressingThe style of dressing is fresh and aesthetic. The style of dressing is carefree and creative.
Key Motifs Art and Craft, farm animals, crops are the key motifs. Oxidised jewellery, loose clothes are the key motifs.
Colour PreferenceBright colours are preferred. Dark colours go with this style.

What is Cottagecore?

During the 2010s, teenagers started to dress in a certain way quite commonly. The style was a modern representation of rural lifestyle and dealt with farms and cottages too.

This fashion aesthetic is named Cottagecore. It is otherwise known as Farmcore or Countrycore.

Cottagecore perfectly sums up the term ‘a breathe of fresh air. The dressing style and key motifs describe the meaning of this term. Cottages, wildflowers, farm animals, crops etc., are the fundamental motifs of this style.

Bright colours, such as Yellow, White, Green, Brown etc., are preferred. People following this aesthetic try to inculcate some values within them, including Femininity, Serenity, European heritage, Queerness etc.

The art and crafts that rural people engage in are also prevalent in Cottagecore. Baking, Interior designing, Pottery and Foraging are some of them.

In addition to this, several aesthetic movements like Farmcore, Grandmacore, Faeriecore and Goblincore are also parts of Cottagecore.

The Cottagecore Community is quite diverse and has extended its aesthetics to several parts of the world. Cottagecore is a famous name in interior design too.

Cottagecore is a comparatively newer form of fashion. Several sections of people are still unaware of it. Various sources have revealed it to be a culture of Millennials and especially Generation Z.

cottagecore 1

What is Boho?

Boho is an ancestral and comparatively older fashion aesthetic that emerged back in the 1960s. Initially, it was only followed by the people of Bohemian culture.

But nowadays, people from various parts of the world popularly use this fashion aesthetic.

Boho is the short term used for Bohemian Homeless. This fashion style is somewhere related to gypsy culture, but there is a thin line that separates them from each other.

The history dates back to the time when tons of Europeans immigrated to settle in the major capitals of Europe. They were known as Bohemians. Among them, there was a group of people called Gypsies.

The bohemian style of fashion was more sort of a carefree style, but today, Boho has become a source of endorsements for high-end brands.

Loose clothes, oxidised silver jewellery, loosened-up hair, and creative dressing is the main essence of Boho style. Dark colours, skirts, boots and fringes are everywhere.

Boho showcases femininity as well as male wardrobe styles at the same time.

The Boho style of fashion has come a long way. Even people who do not understand it fully appreciate and use it. It plays a part in reflecting one’s lifestyle.

The Boho aesthetic is romantic yet rebellious. It brings out the natural and effortless beauty of one’s personality. It gives an idea of a curious, conventional, yet free lifestyle.


Main Differences Between Cottagecore and Boho

  1. Cottagecore has a connection with rural life, while Boho is related to Bohemian culture.
  2. Cottagecore fashion aesthetic is newer to society than Boho.
  3. Boho got introduced by the Bohemians, while Cottagecore was introduced by young people in various parts of the world.
  4. Cottagecore is all about cottages, crops, and bright dressing, but Boho is all about loose clothing, boots, skirts etc.
  5. Boho showcases a carefree fashion aesthetic, whereas Cottagecore showcases a fresh aesthetic.
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