Difference Between INFP and INFJ (With Table)

Every person has a different personality. In the simplest of terms, every person has different thought processes, innate responses, feelings, moods, behaviour, actions that are unique only to that person himself. This constitutes his personality in short. Personalities can be of various types. According to the Myers- Briggs type personality indicator developed by Carl Jung personality can be divided into various types based on four categories thinking, feeling, sensation and intuition. INFP and INFJ are two rare types of personalities.


The difference between INFP and INFJ is that an INFP personality is an introverted, intuitive, feeling and prospective person while an INFP is an introverted, intuitive, feeling, judging person. Although both might seem to be similar on the surface they are in reality exactly what we call the opposite of each other.

INFP personalities are also called mediators as they show extreme care and imagination in what they do they might seem to be introverted person but in reality, they are very creative and imaginative and have a very colourful mind and inner life. They are also very emotional beings.

INFJ personalities are also called advocates as they are very judging, structured and opinionated. They are introverted but are very determined and thoughtful. They are also imaginative and also work in ideals. They like to stand up for what’s right giving them the name of Advocates.

Comparison Table Between INFP and INFP

Parameters of ComparisonINFPINFJ
ThinkingThey have extroverted thinking.They have introverted thinking.
FeelingThey have introverted feelings.They have extroverted feeling.
SensationThey have introverted sensingThey have extroverted sensing.
IntuitionThey have extroverted intuition.They have introverted intuition.
Characteristics traitThey are introverts that can see the bigger picture and understand the human mind better than most.They are introverts that can feel what others feel also they can turn their ideas into actions.
EmotionsThey understand the human mind and the emotions of others very well.They often empathize with a second person and might also tune in to their emotion and overrun their own.
Need for ValidationValidation of their thoughts is not important for them as long they are understood.Validation of their thinking is very important for their mental satisfaction
Need for OrderThey are more carefree than the others.Being determined and intuitive they like being on time and having a plan for everything.

What is INFP?

INFP are a type of personality found in humans. They refer to introverted people who have highly developed senses and feelings within their minds. Their intuition and thoughts are expressed creatively and thoughtfully reflecting their perspective of life.

They tend to lead a life with a perspective. They are open-minded people ready to learn from the environment. They are good listeners and understand the human minds very well. They are very curious and want to know about the human condition and like spending time with a person to know them inside out.

Their thoughts are very artistic and not analytical, they appear to be carefree and non-judgmental outwardly but inside they is the opposite. INFP people are great at career counselling, creative writing like book authors, fiction writers, etc. William Shakespeare, Audrey Hepburn, JR Tolkien are some of the famous INFPs that you might have heard of.

 Thus these people are effective in reflecting others feelings, they are very thoughtful and creative, they are also random and do not make strict plans. Outwardly they may appear to be in control of their emotions but on the inside their introverted feeling and sensing make their mind run about in circles.

What is INFJ?

INFJ is a type of personality found in humans. They refer to introverted individuals whose intuition and thinking is introverted making them weird in expressing what they think while their sensing and feelings are extrovertedly making them a very caring, empathizing personality.

These are highly creative and thoughtful people who generally have a plan in their minds. They are very organized and like having a plan for everything. These people also need validation for what they feel. They tend to believe what they think is right and must be accepted by others that might be thought to be a judging personality.

INFJs in contrast to INFPs are not indindividualistic they are more compassionate towards others feelings, they tune in to other emotions and might sometimes be overly sensitive. Being a little stubborn they can also be difficult to know properly however they are very warm on the inside and are excellent friends and have long meaningful relationships.

Some of the famous I did that you might know are Oprah Winfrey, Atticus Finch (a fictional character from the book “To kill a Mockingbird “) etc. INFJs can be good in professions like teaching, non-fictional writers, Psychologists etc.

Main Differences Between INFP and INFJ

  1. INFPs have different cognitive functions (feeling, thinking, sensing, intuition) than that of INFJs that make them exactly opposites.
  2. INFPs are individualistic people and tend to understand their advantage before others while INFJs take care of others needs first.
  3. INFPs are caring yet they just reflect what you feel they do not empathize while INFJs completely tune in to your emotion. Your heartbreak is their heartbreak.
  4. INFPs are not doers. They do not have plans. They are more laid back and go with the flow while INFJs are idealistic. They have the special power to turn all their ideas into reality through well-calculated actions.
  5. INFPs are to be open-minded on the outside while INFJs are opinionated and hence seem to be judging on the outside.
  6. INFPs are better listeners than INFJs who are better talkers. They need to speak what they think and need to be validated.


Although both of the given personalities are introverted types and are creative and thoughtful their cognitive functions make them differ rent from each other. Differentially is a culmination of various factors that acts responses and cannot be jotted down in a few words and traits. The different situations make every individual feel and act differently. Thus, pinpointing a set characteristic for a personality is difficult.

To clearly understand the difference between the INFPs and INFJs proper study is required. While INFPs may be determined earliest INFJs take longer as they are difficult to know from the within and is one on the rarest personality type.


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