Difference Between Objects and Complements

Objects and complements are two basic components of a well-structured sentence. In English, we have different components to organize compound statements.

Objects vs Complements

The main difference between an Object and a Complement is that objects are the ones for which the verb is applied and complements are the ones who define the objects and subjects in a better manner.

Objects vs Complements

Objects are the entities that have to face the consequences of a subject’s action while a sentence is created. Complements are that part of a sentence, which modifies the matter that the subject or the object tries to convey.

Objects can be divided into three, direct object, indirect object, and objects of a preposition. Complements are also similarly divided. When complements are used to describe a subject, it is known as a subject complement.


Comparison Table Between Objects and Complements (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonObjectComplement
PriorityObject is a key feature of a sentence. Objects are a must for a sentence.Complements are not much important while coining a sentence. They only add additional information.
DivisionsObject is divided into direct and indirect objects and objects of the preposition.Complements can speak about objects as well as subjects.
States of existenceObjects can be nouns, pronouns as well as clauses.Complements can take any form ranging from nouns to verbs, adjectives, and clauses.
Part of existenceObjects are generally followed by the verb and hence can fit in any space in a sentence.Complements are used as modifiers and are commonly found in the predicates of sentences.
ContraryObjects can act as complements.Complements cannot take the place of objects.


What is Object?

Objects can be nouns, pronouns, and even a phrase which describes the actions that a subject initiates.  Generally it takes the position after the verb of the sentence.

Moving broader, objects are divided into three categories – direct object,  indirect object, and objects of a preposition. Direct objects are the ones that come immediately after the verb and completes the action of the subject. 

The next category is the indirect object.  Indirect objects collectively have all the words that come after the direct object in the sentence. Commonly the indirect objects gets affected by the direct object.

The final category is objects of preposition. This category is largely avoided by most. It comprises of the nouns and pronouns that are affected by the preposition in the sentence.


What is Complement?

Complements are that part of a sentence that gives completeness to the expressions in a sentence. Mostly they come in the predicate of the sentence.

Complements are divided into two – subject complement and object complement. Subject complements modify the actions that the subject does.

The next set comprises the object complement. Object complements describe the object. They commonly come after the object in a sentence. they also can vary from nouns to adjectives.

complement 1

Main Differences Between Objects and Complements

  1. An object can act as a complement but a complement cannot act as an object. Hence complements are not that important for a sentence as objects are.
  2. Objects follow the verb in a sentence and they can be found anywhere in a sentence but in the case of complements, they are found in the predicates.



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