Difference Between Political Science and Economics

In simple words, Political Science is the study of the political environment, including political parties, political philosophy, Political behaviour, etc.


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Key Takeaways

  1. Political science studies government, politics, and power, while economics concerns producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services.
  2. Political science is more concerned with understanding the structures and processes of government, while economics is more focused on understanding markets and economic systems.
  3. There is some overlap between political science and economics, as both disciplines are concerned with the allocation of resources and the impact of policies on society.

Political Science vs Economics

The difference between Political Science and Economics is that Political Science is more related to the study of politics of any region, and Economics is more associated with the study of commercial activities in a particular area.

Political Science vs Economics 1

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Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonPolitical ScienceEconomics
StreamIt is related to the arts.It is related to commerce.
Fundamental differencePolitical Science is the study of the politics of a country or the world.Economics is more associated with material resources, market conditions, and demand and supply functions.
ConceptPolitical Science is a big concept comprising a region’s Economics, History, and Geography.Economics is a small concept compared to Political Science.
InterdependencyPolitical Science is related to politics which frames the country’s economic structure.Economics is an integral part which helps the political parties in good governance.
PeoplePolitical Science also involves the work done by politicians.Economics is related to studies and research done by economists.
Understanding the subjectIt is more theoretical and requires little understanding of Maths.It is a bit theoretical and requires an understanding of Maths.


What is Political Science?

Political Science studies the politics of any locality, town, state, nation or world. It involves the study of the country’s political situation, and to understand it, the student must follow the country’s History, Geography, Legal structure, Civics and demographic composition.

It helps in understanding how the nation’s politics has influenced the lives of ordinary people in that country. A person studying Political Science can become an excellent political analyst.

political science

What is Economics?

Economics studies how a particular country produces and distributes the available resources. It is the study of economic activity at a micro and macro level.

All the commercial activities done at the micro level determine the overall economic policies framed at the Macro level.

economics 1

Main Differences Between Political Science and Economics

  1. Nature of the subject – Political science is primarily the study of past political events, policies and personalities and the current scenario.
  2. Universal laws – No universal laws apply to a political science topic. There are some universal laws in economics.
  3. Relation – Political Science is more related to the study of politics. Economics is more associated with the study of money and transactions.

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