Difference Between Politics and Administration

Politics and Administration are specific terms used within a very similar setting. In many ways, the two are interdependent yet distinct.


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On the other hand, the administration is responsible for practically applying the policies in the public interest. The administration is an activity within the bureaucratic system.

Key Takeaways

  1. Politics involves decision-making, governance, and the exercise of power, while administration involves implementing policies and decisions, politicians make.
  2. Politics is more concerned with the goals and objectives of government, while the administration is more focused on the practicalities of running government operations.
  3. The distinction between politics and administration can be blurred, as administrators may have some degree of decision-making power, and politicians may be involved in the day-to-day government operations.

Politics vs Administration

The difference between Politics and Administration is that politics is essential before and during the drafting of policies, while administration plays a vital role after the guidelines are drafted.

Politics vs Administration

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Some academicians believe that the nature of administration is very similar to business, although no production is involved.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonPolitics Administration
DefinitionThe activities such as discussion, expression and policy drafting for the governance and allocation of resources are collectively called politics.The body that is responsible for the implementation of the drafted policies is known as the administration.
NatureConflict is an essential characteristic nature of the conflict. It is a desired trait for better functioning.Conflict in administration is not desired.
Relevant bodyThe legislative is responsible for the formation of political policiesThe executive is accountable for the implementation of these policies.
Skill RequiredIt is more of an art that enables leaders to satisfy people’s needs across constituencies.It requires scientific skills of management and commitment.
Office HoldersPeople involved in politics are elected leaders or representatives.The administration is run by qualified individuals with some relevant skills to the field they are working in.


What is Politics?

The term politics combines a set of activities crucial for decision-making in a group, particularly involving some form of power relations. Politics involves expression, discussion and debate.

People can have different political aspirations depending on their ideologies and beliefs. This is nothing but one’s perception of utopia. Politics is not just limited to governments and bureaucratic structures.

In a government context, politics is the art of being elected and staying elected. Different parties in modern democracies can represent the conflict of ideas in politics.

In a government, politics is closely associated with ‘policy drafting’. It can be said that these policies are the tool through which politics can be exercised in an elected government.


What is Administration?

 The administration administers or oversees a body or an organization, usually somewhat significant, like a government. It involves meticulous management and organization skills.

Like all forms of administration, public administration also focuses on the management of resources for the smooth functioning of the system.

The allocation of resources for equitable development is one of the core competencies of public administration systems. This involves implementation, planning, organization, directing and coordination.

Administration in a democracy is usually carried out by a body called executives. In close association with the legislation, the executives’ function, working as advisory bodies, however, are apolitical in an ideal situation.


Main Differences Between Politics and Administration

  1. In politics, one must know how to draft inclusive policies and understand the requirements of people, while the administration is a scientific task of management and planning.
  2. Politics is driven by polar opinions and expression, while the administration is a hardcore management body. 

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