Difference Between Management and Administration

‘Management’ is a crucial skill for all of us to ensure a well-organized life. Similarly, in official purposes, management refers to the multiple activities done by the organization.


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These activities need to be executed with significant planning, controlling, managing, and other foremost actions. Thus, management ensures a core element behind every successful organization.

Today, all the top-ranked companies reached the highest position only due to expert management.

The word ‘administration’ refers to the overall administrative process under the guidance of collaborators of different offices, institutions, organizations, industries, and startup businesses.

It can be defined as the primary service of any organization, which regulates the company with proper guidelines, rules, and direction enforcement to handle all official, departmental, and executive tasks. Generally, it maintains the overall duties, responsibilities, rules, and regulations of a company.

Management vs Administration

The difference between Management and Administration is that management means to manage the work whereas administration means to do everything best within less time and money. The manager appoints people who will do the work and how but on the other hand administrator decides what to do and when to do it.

Management vs Administration

The management works for the administration while the administration decides everything for the organization.

Comparison Table

Parameter of Comparison ManagementAdministration
Difference by DefinitionThe management lays out the guidance for different executive officers, heads of the departments, and managing directors to achieve the company’s highest targets by innovative planning, designing, resources, and collaborations.  The Administration defines the managemental outlines of a company to administer the organizational needs and to achieve the organizational objectives.
Working AreaThe Management team works under the guidance of Administration.The Administration fully controls the overall management and organizational activities of the company with different planning and innovative resources.
Working DifferenceThe management team proposes different proposals, ideas, valuable resources, and additional features to the administrative team to get approved.The administration departments approve the different proposals of the management team. Similarly, they have the authority to reject the newly proposed application in case of necessity.
Focusing AreaIt only focuses on management related activities.It focuses on formulating ideal resources for the betterment of the company.  
Where to apply?It applies to different business organizations and marketing places.It applies to government offices, well-developed organizations, hospitals, educational institutions, and of course, in police and military clubs.

What is Management?

Management defines the process to administer and to control the business proceedings and numerous actives of any organization under the various circumstances. A good management team is a principal reason for a company to become successful.

Management ensures a proper working environment of a company, where the office executives, staffs, and workers work efficiently to achieve their business goals with the proper planning, resources, internal motivational arrangement, and financial facilities.

Management experts control the overall working surroundings with proper coordination and direction to custom the highest desiring target in a constructive manner.

Generally, the two leading persons (General Manager and CEO) are the principal characters to maintain the overall management process through acute planning, decision making, human resources, and financial activities.

The scenery is a little bit different in a real-life situation. Every movement made by an organization is observed by the top, middle, and lower-level management executives.

The top-level management decision is controlled by the board of directors and chief executives and they aim to fulfill multiple objectives and decision-making policies. The departmental heads with their officers handle the middle-level management dealings.

The functional or the lower level management concerns are handled by the company’s supervisors or the office governors.


What is Administration?

The ‘administration’ refers to the overall management and administrative business process of a company. It deals with the proficient organization executives, resources, and departmental heads to pursue the targeted objectives of a particular company.

The success of any organization effectively depends on the performance of the administration team.  A powerful administration team is like a backbone to a company to pursue the maximum organizational objectives.

Any particular planning, designing programs, policy, and resources need to be approved of the administration group of a company. Thus, developing organizations require highly skilled administrative planners for the welfare of the company. 

The key responsibilities of the administration department are to ensure quality results for the company. The administrator officers should be highly skilled in business communication and for handling external affairs.

The administrative experts have the crucial duties to maintain, proper planning, coordinating the programs, and provide innovative direction to achieve the company target without any organizational crisis. 


Main Differences Between Management and Administration

Difference by Definition

The management refers to different organizational needs by proper planning and designing under the supervision of experts. On the other hand, the Administration of a company holds the overall management initiation to achieve the top-ranked facilities for a particular organization.

Working Area

The management works for low, medium, and top levels organization needs of an enterprise. But the Administration entirely manages the overall management activities and demands of a company with structured planning and excellent resources.

Working Difference

The management experts of a company propose numerous program features, plans, proposals to the administrative team for the welfare of the company. But they don’t have the supreme authority to implement it without the approval of administrative departments.

In this case, the administrative divisions act more advanced level than management experts. They re-examine the proposals, ideas, plans offered by management for granted.

Focusing Area

The management focuses on the office to implement new ideas through researches and innovative resources to achieve the company’s objectives. On the contrary, the Administration of an organization aims to fulfill all requirements to ensure the highest objectivity for their business.

They cross-check the management proposals and formulate the best significant resources for the company’s development.

Where to Apply

Management resources are applicable in governmental and non-government offices, enterprises, and for any startup business.

Whereas, the administration is applicable in governmental organizations, promoted enterprises, hospitals, and health care institutions, educational foundation, police, and army clubs under administrative departments.

Difference Between Management and Administration


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