What is Politics? | Definition, Working, Advantages and Disadvantages

Humans are social creatures and prefer to live in a society. In a society, every individual has a different point of view on every subject. Here some individuals do subjugate others with their opinion. This activity is known as politics. With this activity, a few people gain the power to govern others and gain the authority to make policies for the people. From the beginning of human civilization, politics remained an integral part of human society. In modern times, politics is used for government formation at the state and national levels. Let’s learn how politics work and what are the advantages and disadvantages of politics.


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A agrees to buy from B a certain house. It turns out that the house was dead at the time of bargain, through neither party was aware of the fact. The agreement

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Key Takeaways

  1. Politics involves making decisions that affect a community or society as a whole.
  2. It encompasses elections, lobbying, and public policy formulation and implementation.
  3. Politics is important because it allows individuals and groups to have a say in how they are governed and to promote their interests.

How does it work?

It is a decision-making activity in a group. With this process, an individual can influence the decisions of others. In short, politics is a power gaining process that gives a person the power to govern others. The governing power can extend up to a small community, tribe, state, or nation. From small to large, the way of politics is extending in all parts of human society.

There are multiple methods are affianced in politics. These methods are expressing political views, negotiations with others, lawmaking, and exercise force against adversaries. According to many historians, politics was an integral part of human society from the beginning of mankind. The modern form of politics has evolved over centuries, which is now employed on a wide range of social stages. Hence, anyone can observe the effect of politics in national and international governing bodies.

Many experts in political affairs often say that politics is all about power, where some individuals become powerful by influencing the policymaking process. These individuals are also known as politicians. They often make policies which suit their interest more. Many times these politicians ally with other politicians for power gain. These people can also influence a lot of people with their speech and political activity.

Advantages of politics

The first advantage of politics is that it gives society leaders. These leaders govern society one way or another. Most successful leaders often formulate governments and legislate policies for the people. Politics is also an activity that brings together people with a similar point of view in one place. It also persuades people for a mass movement and social activity. Another integral part of politics is negotiation. By the application of political negotiation, two parties can conclude any subject with a favorable outcome.

Disadvantages of politics

The biggest disadvantage of political activity is that it may increase factionalism in society. Due to this problem the society may get segregated into different groups, where one group follows one type of political view and another group follow another political view. In the future, this factionalism can become the primary reason behind clashes and other social unrest.

Negative usage of politics may increase corruption and crony capitalism. It favors people from one group and deprives people of another group. Corruption and crony capitalism further increase financial disparity in society. It makes one group of people rich and another group poor.

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