Political Science vs Sociology: Difference and Comparison

Political Science and Sociology both deal with human society. The two terms understand human behavior and the fundamental aspects of human life in a community.

Key Takeaways

  1. Political science studies political systems, institutions, and behavior, focusing on power, authority, and resource distribution. At the same time, sociology studies human society, its structure, and its dynamics, including social interactions, norms, and values.
  2. Political science primarily deals with government systems, public policy, and political theory, whereas sociology covers a broader range of topics, such as social stratification, culture, religion, and family dynamics.
  3. Both disciplines seek to understand the functioning and organization of human societies, but political science emphasizes the political aspects, while sociology examines the broader social context.

Political Science vs. Sociology

Political Science and Sociology differ because political science deals with only the political and governing roles in society. In contrast, sociology deals with every aspect of human culture.

Political science vs Polity

Sociology helps one understand the structure and functioning of human beings in a group. It is a form of social studies, which looks into human interaction, and all aspects of a human’s life as they change and grow.

Political Science is considered a more in-depth section of sociology that deals with the politically organized groups in society and how the role of such a body affects the functioning of other humans in the community.


Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonPolitical ScienceSociology
Coining of TermIntroduced by Aristotle, “The Father of Political Science,” between 428/427–348/347 bcCoined by French essayist Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès in the year 1780 and developed further by Auguste Comte.
ScalePolitical Science is a smaller branch of Sociology that deals with a narrow field of interest.Sociology consists of many branches of studies about human society on a broader scale.
MeaningIt is concerned with the functioning, theory, and analysis of political systems in a society.Sociology considers every aspect of the behavior, interaction, and functioning of human society.
Type of StudyIn political science, the study is purely political based, i.e., based entirely on philosophical and historical methods.In Sociology, due to having a broader scope, studies are done in sociological, political, and even psychological manners.
Components dealt withPolitical Science only deals with government and state bodies.Sociology deals with all communities, associations, and institutions, both social and political.


What is Political Science?

Political Science was rooted in the Macedonian Empire, where the great philosopher Aristotle first coined the term, and hence why he is known as the “Father of Political Science.”

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It is defined as the study of a society’s political and governing systems and how they function and interact with each other. Here, the research focuses mainly on government, state, local and international bodies of law.

Within Political Science, we have a branch called “comparative political studies,” which compares different political systems to judge which method people function better and uphold the values of equality, freedom, and justice.

“Comparative political studies” is divided into two necessary frameworks. The first is considering individual institutions and compliant systems and comparing their existence and functioning in different countries/nations.

We will hence learn how the governing body operates in different environments. The second framework is done by looking into a governing body in a single nation to get an in-depth analysis of the work being done.

political science

What is Sociology?

The term Sociology was Coined in the year 1780 by the French essayist Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyès when he completed his unpublished manuscript.

Sociology is done on a broader scale, considering that it studies the various interactions, functioning, and behaviors of human beings in a society.

Sociology inevitably has to consider the political aspect of society, as the political structure is the foundation of civilization.

The above perspectives give us an understanding of necessary human behavior and help us understand how human beings would function without these factors.

sociology 1

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