Objective vs Scope: Difference and Comparison

The terms Objective and Scope tend to look similar but different. The objective is the final result we wish to achieve by completing a specific process.

Key Takeaways

  1. Objectives are specific, measurable goals that a project or activity aims to achieve, while scope refers to the overall boundaries and parameters of the project or activity.
  2. Objectives are time-bound and may be adjusted throughout a project, while the scope is fixed at the outset.
  3. Objectives focus more on what needs to be accomplished, while the scope is more concerned with what is included within the project or activity.

Objective vs Scope

The difference between Objective and Scope is that the Objective is the final result that is predetermined, and the Scope is the limit to be faced while achieving the results.

Objective vs Scope

Objectives are the collective final results to be achieved while completing a process. Objectives are pre-determined, and the process is directed to achieve them.

Scope determines the path through which an outcome is produced. While completing a project, the content decides the limits to terminate it, and it is essential to analyze the scope of a process before the process gets started.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonObjectiveScope
DefinitionThe objective of a project determines the achievements one intends by completing a project.The scope of a project includes the limitations one has to face during the project.
ApplicabilityThe objective determines the output for a desired operation.Scope determines the range of applicability. What cannot be included is out of the area.
Planning phaseDuring the planning phase, objectives must be known to make a plan.During the planning phase, the scope is to be analyzed, and according to the area, the plan has to be prepared to achieve the objectives.
ClarityObjectives during a process are clear, and only if goals are clear is the process operational.Scopes can vary even after a process begins. The content should be pre-determined, but accidental changes are possible.
ExampleThe objective of a homeless person is to buy a new home.This person’s scope is the amount he has to buy the house.


What is Objective?

Objectives are the goals to be achieved while a particular process gets completed. Objectives are pre-determined beforehand.

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Objectives can be numeral in a single operation. The objectives can be different according to the efforts needed on a project. Every stage during a process may give results to one of the objectives.

The term objective may be analyzed differently in different sectors. Hence the objectives of a business field may not match that of the education sector.


What is Scope?

The scope of a process is the factor that determines the range and the boundary of the process. The process gets the opportunity to flourish only after knowing the size of the process.

The scope of a process should be pre-determined before the operation starts. But the accidental limitations during the process can also not be avoided.

In most situations, the scope is concentrated towards time, resources, and capital investment. Each one of these factors can alter the rest of the factors.

For the practical usage of resources, the scope has to be pre-determined. There should be a backup procedure if any unexpected incidents again limit the range.


Main Differences Between Objective and Scope

  1. Objectives depend upon scope. If the goal is out of scope, it cannot be implemented using the current resources and time. The scope doesn’t depend upon objectives.
  2. Objectives are to be planned in the initial phase, but the scope can be altered in any phase, including the initial one.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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