Difference Between Full and Queen Bed

From sleeping on stone beds to sleeping on luxury beds, mankind has come a long way. In the modern-day, we have a pallet of bed styles and sizes, ranging from King-sized beds to two single beds, to choose our desired bed from. The vast range of bed sizes and types often leads to a great deal of confusion before purchasing beds- two such confusing bed sizes are full beds and queen beds.

Full Bed vs Queen Bed

The main difference between a Full Bed and Queen Bed is that while full beds can accommodate two people but are smaller compared to queen or king-sized beds, queen-sized beds are spacious enough to accommodate a family of three with ease. As a result of differences in their size, the size of the rooms to fit in such beds also differs.

Full Bed vs Queen Bed

Full beds were made to accommodate two people (initially, a couple), but their purchase steadily declined during the 1950s because bigger beds entered the market, thus, ensuring that couples could share a bed despite having plenty of sleeping space for themselves. Queen and King-sized beds were considered as a better buy for bigger rooms and also allotted more space to people who shared the same bed.

On the other hand, Queen-sized beds took over the markets quite soon after World War II. These beds are much more spacious. A couple can sleep comfortably on them. Furthermore, it is quite reasonable to buy this bed size if one has a family of three. The room size required for this bed has to be slightly bigger in comparison to double beds.

Comparison Between Full and Queen Bed

Parameters of ComparisonFull BedQueen Bed
MeaningFull Beds are beds that can accommodate two people and do not have a space between them.These beds are bigger than a standard-size bed
Rise and FallFull Beds were introduced in the 1870s, and their purchase declined in the 1960sIts popularity rose in the early 1940s and continues to be in high demand
PurposeSo, that a couple can share the bedSo, that a couple can sleep spaciously and there’s also some room left to fit a child.
Standard MeasurementsIt is ideally fifteen inches wider compared to a single bed and of the same length as a single bed.It is ideally five inches wider and five inches longer than a full bed
Sleeper and Room SizeFull beds can easily accommodate two average-height adults but cannot satisfactorily accommodate tall people. Since it is big, it needs to be placed in a relatively bigger room.These beds can accommodate tall individuals comfortably and a child too. The room has to be bigger.

What is Full Bed?

Full beds were introduced during the 1870s. The beds were wider than single beds. Therefore, they came to be known as “Double beds”. These beds rose to popularity quite sharply in the elite British society. Now two adults could share the same bed!

By the 1950s, there was a steady drop in the sale of full beds because despite accommodating two people, the beds were too small to give individuals space to turn around or sleep freely. This is why the bigger and luxurious beds were introduced in the market.

Sleeping on comfortable bed sizes was no longer a necessity but a fashion statement. Couples wished to share the bed whilst having ample space for themselves and found an upgrade in the size of the bed as the best possible solution.

Despite its decline, full beds are still a good buy for two average-sized adults or older children. Since the size of the bed is slightly bigger than the single bed, it cannot be placed in a small room and is not suited for individuals who shift houses often.

Double frames for a full-sized bed, along with a mattress and bedding, can be comparatively expensive. However, there are a lot of bed style options to choose the most desired bed from.

What is Queen Bed?

These beds were introduced after double and single beds. These beds are wider than standard or double-sized beds. Queen-sized Beds gained popularity as it was viewed as a sign of affluence.

Unlike the twin or double-sized beds, these beds continue to be popular amongst bed purchasers as they provide plenty of room for a small family. Two tall individuals can easily spread out and sleep comfortably without having to come close to one another.

Not only couples, a child, too, can sleep with his parents comfortably if they go for this bed size. More than two siblings can also share a bed of this size as it is quite spacious. However, the size of the room required for this bed size is bigger than a room required to fit in a double bed.

As the size of the bed is big, the mattress also has to be big. As a result of this, one might have to spend a few extra monies on mattresses and beddings. However, these beds come in a variety of sizes, and you can go with what suits your purpose the best.

Main Differences Between Full and Queen Bed

  1. Full beds are suited for relatively bigger rooms in comparison to twin beds, whereas it requires even bigger room to fit in a queen bed.
  2. The initial purpose of introducing full beds was to ensure that couples could sleep together. In contrast, queen beds entered the market to ensure that two adults can now sleep with their baby in the same bed.
  3. Full beds are better for average-sized adults and children. On the other hand, queen beds can easily allow two tall people to sleep with ease on the same bed.
  4. The mattresses and beddings for full beds are not expensive as they are small in size. However, the mattresses, beddings, and frames for queen beds are relatively more expensive.
  5. While the styles of bed frames in full beds are limited, queen beds offer a variety of frame styles to choose from.


From sleeping on slabs of rocks to luxury mattresses- humans have done it all! As ages advanced, we discovered ways of celebrating the experience of sleeping. Spanning from different sizes to different styles to different added functions, beds have evolved. With an evolving and ever-expanding range of options comes ever-expanding scope for confusion.

One of the most commonly confused beds sizes is full beds and queen beds because the name of the former bed implies more than one bed, whereas the latter implies that it is one bed but is it bigger than the other bed sizes or of the same size. However, queen beds and full beds are different based on their sizes, uses, size of the rooms they are best suited for, and height of the individuals they can comfortably accommodate. Therefore, before you go bed shopping, make sure you have a checklist to help you purchase the best-suited bed size. 


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