Difference Between King and Queen

A King and Queen are the two persons who rule over a kingdom. They have different roles as well as responsibilities. It is important to know the difference between them when one is in conversation with royalty or deciding to rule their own country.


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Key Takeaways

  1. A king is the male ruler of a kingdom, while a queen is a female ruler.
  2. The previous king’s male heir usually inherits the title of king, while the queen’s title can be inherited by the female heir or given to the king’s wife.
  3. A king has more power and authority than a queen.

King vs Queen

King is the ruler, while Queen is his spouse. The King inherits his ruling powers by birth, while the Queen is the titular head who doesn’t get any ruling power by birth.  A king can have multiple Queens; however, a Queen can have only one King. Queen follows the King, while the King follows no one.

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A king is the head of a royal family and rules over their people. They are in charge of all governing decisions, but they also may be in charge of military matters or religious affairs.

The king is in charge of all governing decisions for their country while also being in control of military matters or religious affairs. All laws are passed with the king’s permission, and if they do not approve it, it will not be enforced within that country.

The queen is typically the spouse of a king and does not have any ruling powers on her own. However, she may act as the head of state when her husband is absent.

The queen is in charge of ceremonial duties, such as presiding over public events and ceremonies. However, they also have the power within their spouse’s absence or illness because the king relies on them to sign official documents during these times.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonKingQueen
Meaning King is derived from the Old English word “cyning,” meaning king or ruler.Queen is derived from the Latin word “Regina,” which means queen.
AppearanceOn most occasions, the king wears an ermine robe.The queen usually dresses in robes made out of velvet or silk. There are also times where she may choose to dress up like a man for the day and wear a suit.
WearingSometimes, it is customary for kings to only appear on certain occasions wearing their crowns.Queens do not have this same restriction. They may choose to head out into public with their crown on top of their head or not at all if they so desire!
TitlesKing may be referred to as “His Majesty.”Queen would just simply be called “Queen.”
Roles Traditionally speaking, kings are seen as the head of state. Queens have more traditionally been viewed as wives or mothers – although this is not true for all cases!

The word king derives from the Old English cyning, meaning “chieftain” or “leader.” A king is the male head of a monarchy. He has supreme authority in that country.

What is King?

The king is the ruler of a kingdom. Kings can be found in any country that has a monarchy system, and they are typically appointed by their predecessor or someone who holds power over them (e.g., the Prime Minister).

There are several advantages to being king. They get to live an extravagant lifestyle and have all the power that comes with their position, such as getting anything they want, like money or other resources.

The king is the most prominent person in a country, which means they are also constantly at risk of being targeted for attack. The key to becoming king is having royal bloodlines and ancestry as well as inheriting an existing monarchy by succession or conquest.


What is Queen?

A queen is usually the wife or widow of a king. They have the right to rule as monarchs in their own right, but they are not given any power by birth or succession and can only take on this role if it has been granted to them by a ruler who is higher up than themselves (e.g., an Emperor).

Since a Queen is more likely to have the power of her husband, if he dies, she will often continue ruling as long as she has an heir. One advantage to being a Queen is that they have the power to rule without any restrictions aside from those imposed by their constitution or through an executive order which means they do not need permission from anyone else for them to make decisions about what happens with their country as long as they have the power.

One disadvantage of being a Queen is that their power to rule does not come from birth or succession. It comes from the ruler who granted them this position.

This means if the ruler dies, they will no longer be able to continue ruling over an area unless they have an heir – which could be difficult for some rulers as many are unmarried and childless.


Main Differences Between King and Queen

  1. A King is someone who has a lot of power and authority to make decisions for their country. They can do this through being born into the role or by gaining it through some other way, while on the other hand, the queen is more likely to have the power of her husband. If he dies, she will often continue ruling as long as she has an heir.
  2. Queen is also an important position in many countries but not as powerful as Kings. Queens don’t have any power that comes from birth like kings (unless they are the daughter of a king), so they either have to earn their power through some other way or be given it by someone else.
  3. King’s do as well (although Kings often get to live longer lives than Queens) and representing their country on the world stage. On the other hand, the queen’s main duties tend to include: Giving birth and raising children in order for them to take over when they die, which is what many.
  4. Many people confuse a Queen with being married to a King, but that is not always true. Sometimes they are Kings themselves who have been given additional power by another ruler or simply inherited it from someone else.
  5. Kings are usually married to Queens, but this isn’t always true.
Difference Between a King and Queen
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