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Difference Between King and California King

Comfortable sleep will increase the productivity of an individual to about 4 times a finding from a survey. Rest has become one of the basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing.


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There are lots of benefits that come with a sound and comfortable sleep. Several factors come to the screen when a matter of restful sleep comes. One such factor is a comfortable mattress.

There are lots of confusion in buying a mattress that fits an individual needs. The two main types of mattresses that can be considered in buying are King and California King mattresses.

King vs California King

The difference between King and California king mattresses is that the King mattress measurement is about 76” in width and 80” in length. In contrast, the California King mattress measures approximately 72” in width and 84” in length.

King vs California King

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Parameters of ComparisonKingCalifornia King
Dimensions (width X length)76” X 80”72” X 84”
Surface area6,080 square inches6,048 square inches
Other namesEastern kingWestern king
Suitable forCouplesTaller persons
Bedrooms suitableLarger bedroomsLonger narrow bedrooms
Difficulty in movingExtreme difficultyRelatively lesser difficulty


What is King?

King mattress is the type of mattress whose measurements are 76” width and 80” length with a total surface area of 6,080 square inches. This large surface area makes the mattress the best choice for couples who want to be close without sacrificing personal space.

The king-sized mattress is also called by the name Eastern king. These mattresses were developed from the California or western king mattress after the world war when there was an upstroke in the economy and sales of furniture.

King-size mattresses can resolve some common, simple, yet severe issues like disturbed sleep because of snoring, stealing of cover, and much more.

King-size mattresses, even though they resolve many problems, one slight disappointment is that they cannot be contained in smaller bedrooms, especially when the room is narrow.

But, on the other side, if there are more oversized bedrooms, it is the most recommended mattress as they fit in the room with the benefits of achieving balance, which in traditional subjects is called feng shui.

Pros of King mattress:

  1. As there is copious space for sleeping, there will not be any sleep disturbances at night due to uncomfortable feelings like pins and needle-pricking sensations.
  2. There is a reduced risk of restless legs due to pressure on the Achilles tendon when an uncomfortable posture is maintained.
  3. Pleasant sleep with easy breathing because of the ample space.
  4. There will not be disturbances to sleep because of partner movements.

Cons of King mattress:

  1. The mattress is on the lower side when it comes to cost. The initial models themselves are a lit bit expensive.
  2. The larger the bed, the cooler the surface. So, it is not preferable during the winter seasons.
  3. It is not ergonomically fit for a smaller room.
  4. When shifting the places, moving the mattress would not be easy because of its larger size and volume.

What is California King?

In the late 60s in Los Angeles, a luxury item for celebrity homes called California king was invented, which later became staple furniture in several areas.

The main feature of the California king is that it measures about 72” in width and 84” long. It has a surface area of about 6,048 square inches. This model will be suitable for taller people. This gives them sound and comfortable sleep without sacrificing their posture.

It is also called by the name Western king.

The California king is suitable for the bedrooms, which are longer and less in width. This type of mattress is found to be ideal for the person who is sleeping with their pets lying around their foot end.

This type of mattress is costlier, and couples will find difficulty sleeping together as the width of the bed is sacrificed for the length.

As it is primarily the first luxury type mattress, there will be no deficiency in the comfort of a single person.

Pros of California King:

  1. The California king mattress can be used in narrow bedrooms.
  2. It is suitable for a person who is taller than the average person.
  3. It is a little bit easy to move across doorways

Cons of California King:

  1. Costlier than other mattresses in the market.
  2. Heavier to move between places
  3. Less sleeping space as the length replaces the width.
  4. Accessories are rare and costly.
california king

Main Differences Between King and California King

  1. The dimensions of the king are 76” in width and 80” in length, whereas those of the California king is 72” in width and 84” in size.
  2. The surface area of the king is 6,080 square inches, while the surface area of the California king is 6,048 square inches.
  1. King mattress suits couples, whereas the California king is for single, taller persons.
  2. King mattress fits into broader, larger bedrooms, whereas California king can be used in narrow, long ones.
  3. The main difficulty regarding the king mattress is that it’s tough to move. In contrast, the difficulty with California king is that the accessories are expensive and too difficult to find.
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