Hola VPN vs Hotspot Shield: Difference and Comparison

A virtual Private Network is a network of connections on the internet which enables us to connect to the vast data resources on the internet securely and without being traced back.

In the last two decades, the internet has entered almost all aspects of our life. With improvement and advancements on the internet, there comes the threat also.

There are several disadvantages to using the internet, and we become more vulnerable. One of the solutions for this vulnerability is Virtual Private Network. Many companies provide VPN services. Hola VPN and Hotspot shield are among those companies.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hola VPN is a peer-to-peer VPN service that routes user traffic through other users’ devices; Hotspot Shield is a traditional VPN service utilizing dedicated servers.
  2. Hola VPN may pose security and privacy risks due to its P2P nature; Hotspot Shield offers more robust security features and encryption.
  3. Hotspot Shield provides faster connection speeds and better performance than Hola VPN, which relies on users’ devices and the quality of connection.

Hola VPN vs Hotspot Shield

The difference between Hola VPN and Hotspot shield is that Hotspot shield is a larger scale company that uses the catapult hydra protocol for the improved experience in connecting to the internet. In contrast, Hola VPN is a VPN provider using Peer to Peer overlay network technology for connection.

Hola VPN vs Hotspot Shield

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHola VPNHotspot Shield
Company locationIsraelUS-based company
TechnologyPeer-to-peer overlay technologyCatapult hydra protocol
PlatformsAcross famous platforms, onlyAvailable for all platforms
EncryptionNo encryption128bit encryption
CostFree service available with paid upgradesOnly premium services.
Anonymity in torrentingNo anonymity in torrentingEnables anonymity in torrenting
Unblocking of sitesUnblocking is not available for some sitesUnblocking is available for all areas.


What is Hola VPN?

Hola VPN is a Virtual Private Network company that Ofer Vilenski and Derry Shribman for the secure experience of users of the internet founded. The Hola VPN mainly uses the HTTP routing overlay network technology for the VPN service.

Hola VPN is available on famous platforms by an Israel-based company.

Hola VPN offers free VPN service with upgrades at reasonable costs.

Pros of Hola VPN:

1. Speeder VPN:

Most VPNs slow down the speed of network usage as data is passed through several servers before reaching the target.

But Hola VPN balances this issue with its unique strategy and makes the speed reduction negligible in almost every instance. This can be attributed to its peer-peer overlay technology and millions of users using it.

2. Installation of the extensions:         

Hola VPN can be easily installed on any platform available, from google chrome to apple tv.

3. Free of cost:   

Hola VPN offers almost all of its services in the free version, with very few exceptions.

4. Unblocking almost any site:

Hola VPN can unblock any site quickly, which can be helpful for greater access to much valuable content on the internet, with few exceptions.

Cons of Hola VPN:

1. Shares little of the user’s bandwidth for the service:

Hola VPN works by peer-peer overlay technology, which means that the traffic from one user’s computer passes through another user’s computer. This leads to the disadvantage of extra bandwidth and CPU consumption.

2. Security risks: 

There is no encryption system available in Hola VPN peer-to-peer overlay technology; exposing your details to the people inside the network will be risky.

3. Not helpful in torrenting:       

As torrenting is one of the peer-to-peer services used by a larger population, it requires VPN to be anonymous online for security reasons. But, Hola VPN cannot be used for torrenting applications to establish anonymity.

4. Unsatisfactory customer service:

As far as customer service support is concerned, Hola VPN stands a little back in the race. The cons can be avoided by subscribing to the premium services, which exclude the user from being one of the servers inside the VPN.

Hola VPN

What is Hotspot Shield?

Hotspot Shield is a VPN service that uses a unique technology called Catapult hydra protocol, which enables the user to use the VPN service without sacrificing the speed.

The hotspot shield masks the user’s IP efficiently and establishes 128-bit encryption in the connection.

This VPN provider is a large-scale US-based company.

They have strict policies for Logging user information. They collect only the necessary information to identify you as an individual. Your IP address will be deleted at the end of each session. There are certain limitations and benefits concerning the plan the user subscribed to.

Pros of Hotspot shield:

  1. Encryption: It is said to have military-level encryption that enables the user to access the internet without the fear of being exploited.
  2. Global internet access: This VPN network has more than 3 million worldwide virtual servers.
  3. Privacy protection: There is no storage of private information of the users while browsing.
  4. Simultaneous connections in more than 1 device: A single subscription may cover up to 5 devices.

Cons of Hotspot shield:

  1. Unsatisfactory customer support: There is no live chat customer support. It is only available in the form of ticketing.
  2. No free services: There is no free version to use. A subscription is required to access the service.       
Hotspot Shield

Main Differences Between Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield

  1. Hola VPN works on peer-to-peer overlay technology. Hotspot shield works on catapult hydra protocol technology.
  2. Hola VPN has no encryption in the connection. Hotspot Shield uses 128-bit encryption.
  3. Hola VPN is available on famous platforms only. Hotspot Shield is available on almost all platforms.
  4. Hola VPN has free service and is a premium upgrade. Hotspot shield has only paid services.
  5. Hola VPN is not available for unblocking some sites on the internet. Hotspot shield can unblock almost all the sites on the internet.
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  1. https://www.hotspotshield.com/

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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  1. The article’s breakdown of Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield is comprehensive, offering insights into the technology, encryption, and performance of both VPN services. This helps users make informed choices.

    1. The article presents a thorough analysis of Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield, highlighting essential security and privacy considerations. It equips users to make well-informed decisions.

    2. Absolutely, the detailed comparison assists users in evaluating the trade-offs between speed, security, and anonymity in selecting a suitable VPN provider.

  2. The potential security risks and bandwidth sharing associated with Hola VPN raise concerns about the overall safety of the service. Users should carefully consider these factors before opting for Hola VPN.

    1. Absolutely, the security and privacy risks associated with Hola VPN’s P2P nature should not be overlooked. It’s crucial for users to prioritize their online safety.

  3. This article provides a comprehensive comparison between Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield, detailing the advantages and disadvantages of each service. It is essential to consider these factors when choosing a VPN provider.

    1. Yes, the article’s breakdown of Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield is very informative and helpful for users looking to make an informed decision.

  4. I find it concerning that Hola VPN shares the user’s bandwidth, which can pose security and privacy risks. It’s important to prioritize security when choosing a VPN provider.

    1. Agreed, the potential security risks associated with Hola VPN’s peer-to-peer overlay technology are alarming. Users should be cautious.

    2. Absolutely, security should be the top priority when selecting a VPN service. The cons of Hola VPN raise serious concerns.

  5. The comprehensive comparison of Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield highlights the security risks associated with Hola VPN’s P2P nature. Users should carefully evaluate the pros and cons before selecting a VPN provider.

    1. The detailed analysis of Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield helps users understand the trade-offs between speed, security, and privacy. It’s crucial to make an informed decision.

    2. Agreed, the potential security risks and bandwidth sharing of Hola VPN are critical considerations. Hotspot Shield’s encryption and privacy features seem more reliable.

  6. Avatar of Christopher Walker
    Christopher Walker

    Hotspot Shield’s encryption and global internet access make it a compelling choice for users looking to ensure secure and unrestricted internet usage. The article provides valuable insights into the features of both VPN services.

    1. Yes, the comprehensive comparison of Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each service, making it easier for users to make an informed decision.

    2. I appreciate the detailed breakdown of the pros and cons of both Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield. It’s important for users to understand these aspects before selecting a VPN provider.

  7. The encryption and privacy protections offered by Hotspot Shield make it an appealing choice for users concerned about online security. The article provides valuable insights into the strengths of Hotspot Shield.

    1. Avatar of Richardson Lizzie
      Richardson Lizzie

      Absolutely, Hotspot Shield’s emphasis on encryption and privacy is commendable. Users need to prioritize these aspects when choosing a VPN provider.

    2. I appreciate the in-depth comparison of Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield, especially the focus on the security and encryption features of Hotspot Shield.

  8. The speed and ease of installation of Hola VPN are significant advantages, but the security risks and limitations in torrenting are concerning. Users should weigh the pros and cons carefully.

    1. I agree, while the speed and accessibility of Hola VPN are noteworthy, its security limitations and unsatisfactory customer service should be considered before making a decision.

  9. The article provides a thorough comparison of Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield, outlining the technological differences and key features of each VPN service.

  10. The article effectively compares the features of Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield, shedding light on the performance, security, and privacy aspects of both services. This is valuable information for users.

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      Indeed, the side-by-side comparison of Hola VPN and Hotspot Shield provides users with a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each service.

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