Difference Between ExpressVPN and IPVanish VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) establishes its connection from a private network across a public network to share data from public networks or shared networks.


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It came into existence for business purposes to access work information while at home, home PC to office server connect.

VPN is a fabulous networking technology that creates a secure connection to another network through the internet. Any application running on the systems which are connected through VPN is secured and also benefits from security management.

There are many region-restricted websites, and VPNs can allow people to access those websites in the same restricted zone. VPNs have been top-rated in recent times.

There are many VPN service providers available in the world. They are ranging from high-speed connections to low cost.

The commercial VPN networks are many Nord VPN, and Pure VPN has a better outlook from the customers. Though both VPN service providers have many similarities, there are a few differences too.

The well-reputed VPN services are available in the market, offering sensational services with high-security features. The significant competition is between ExpressVPN and IPVanish VPN; they offer incredible VPN services.

Key Takeaways

  1. ExpressVPN is known for its fast connection speeds, wide server network, and strong privacy features, while IPVanish VPN offers a more budget-friendly option with fewer servers.
  2. ExpressVPN operates servers in 94 countries, while IPVanish has servers in over 75 countries, offering a smaller but extensive global network.
  3. Both VPN providers offer user-friendly apps, strong encryption, and support for multiple devices, but ExpressVPN has a stronger reputation for bypassing geo-restrictions and maintaining privacy.

ExpressVPN vs IPVanish VPN

The difference between ExpressVPN and the IPVanish VPN is the speed; ExpressVPN has incredible connection speed, whereas IPVanish has a relatively slower pace than ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN vs IPVanish VPN

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This may also be due to the number of servers and server locations.


Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonExpressVPNIPVanish VPN
Server CountExpressVPN has more than 2000 servers across many locations.IPVanish has more than 1000 servers across many locations
LocationsExpress VPN is available in 148 locations in 94 countries.IPVanish has locations available in 60 countries.
Connection SpeedExpressVPN offers to speed up to 160MBps on average across the globe.IPVanish VPN offers to speed up to 100MBps on average across the globe.
Security FeaturesExpress VPN has fantastic security and privacy featuresIPVanish VPN also has fabulous security features, but when it comes to privacy, they are inferior to ExpressVPN
Simultaneous ConnectionsExpressVPN offers five simultaneous connections per account.IPVanish offers ten simultaneous connections per account.


What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is a Virtual Private Network Service that came into existence in 2009. It was established by a company named Express VPN International Ltd.

ExpressVPN stands for its marketing value as the software is marketed as the best privacy and security tool for web users. It comprehensively masks the user’s IP address and maintains privacy.

ExpressVPN has released apps for almost all Operating systems. Starting with Windows and macOS, the company started distributing iOS, Android, and Linux apps.

The server count is generous, and it has more than 2000 servers. The company has server locations in more than 148 locations in 94 countries.

Express VPN is named for its speed as well. It offers an average speed of 160 MBps across the globe.

Strategically the most prominent server locations are in Brazil, Canada, and the United States, which makes them offer connections at such a speed. More importantly, the European nations’ servers offer incredible rates in that part of the globe too.

There are censorship laws in countries, and China stood firm in it against Apple. This made Apple remove all the  VPN apps from Apple Store in China, which impacted ExpressVPN too.


What is IPVanish VPN?

IPVanish VPN is a commercial VPN service provider. Its headquarters is in the United States.

It was established in the year 2012. IPVanish currently has slightly more than 1000 servers connected across the globe.

It has server locations in more than 60 countries. This makes it a bit slower in connection when compared to its counterparts.

IPVanish offers end-to-end encryption to the network. The IP is masked when connected through the web, and a decoy IP is shared among their users.

This VPN service started with 32 servers and one client for Windows OS. Later on, the support was extended to macOS, iOS, and Android.

IPVanish is considered to be more secure with its added protocols. However, their privacy policy is under question because they released a customer’s information to the police department, breaching their privacy policy.

Users are allowed to connect ten devices at a time. The entire data is encrypted, and the IP is also hidden. IPVanish has the same functionality of bypassing region-wise restricted access to view online websites without any difficulty.

So many games which are regionally restricted can be easily played with the use of IPVanish.


Main Differences Between ExpressVPN and IPVanish VPN

  1. It is indeed to be accepted that ExpressVPN is large, but IPVanish also offers the best services. The main difference between ExpressVPN and IPVanish is the speed, ExpressVPN, on average, can offer up to 160MBps across the globe, while IPVanish can offer up to 100MBps.
  2. The number of servers is also of distinction to be noted. Express VPN has a mammoth 2000 servers and is more connected, while IPVanish has a 1000-server network.
  3. ExpressVPN has more than 148 server locations in 94 countries, while IPVanish has servers located only in 60 countries.
  4. In the case of simultaneous connection, Express VPN offers five at a time, while IPVanish offers 10 connections at a time for an account.
  5. Express VPN and IPVanish are named for security features, but Express VPN stands ahead with privacy policy not being broken even once, while IPVanish has already breached it once.
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