Difference Between McAfee Safe Browsing and McAfee Secure VPN

McAfee safe browsing helps you in identifying and blocking harmful websites. McAfee VPNs help to encrypt network traffic and protect your privacy.


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VPN protects your devices by enclosing your internet connection in a secure tunnel that only you have access to. A secure browser features additional security protections to let you avoid illegal third-party activities while online.

McAfee VPN encrypts your internet connection in a secure tunnel that can be accessed only by you. It helps protect your personal information.

As a result, online advertisers cannot see what sites they are visiting.

A VPN gives you a fresh anonymous IP address and redirects your internet connection through one of its servers. This establishes a safe connection between your device and the internet.

It also protects your identity and web traffic from your ISP, government agencies, hackers, and other third parties.

McAfee VPN operates in the background of your device and does not interfere with other applications. They simply give an extra layer of protection to your Wi-Fi network.

McAfee safe browsing features additional security protections to assist you to prevent illegal third-party activity while online.

These browsers have a list of approved apps and activities, and they do not permit the execution of functions that are not on that list.

Safe browser prevents certain activities from occurring in the first place, making it a more proactive approach to internet security.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonMcAfee Safe BrowsingMcAfee VPN
IdentityAnonymousCan be leaked
IP addressRealDifferent

What is McAfee Safe Browsing?

Safe surfing aids in the prevention of third-party technologies such as cookies.

Cookies capture personal information such as websites visited, usernames and passwords, and other monitoring data. Safe browsers, do not reveal your identity.

Safe browsers, unlike antivirus software, prohibit certain activities from occurring in the first place, making it a more proactive way to keep safe on the internet.

Safe browsing delete history data once user stops browsing. It also hides data from alternate users on a shared device.

It can be active only on one browser at a time. Visitors are notified when they visit scam or malware sites by the safe surfing features.

When you use a VPN, you are just hiding your IP address, location, and data in transit.

Your browser can still expose your identity through leaks or browser fingerprinting; however, safe browsers enable you to hide your identity for safety reasons.

What is McAfee VPN?

McAfee VPN secures your online activities and privacy by hiding your real IP address and creating a secure, encrypted tunnel to the internet.

There will be no way for cybercriminals, trackers, or other interested third parties to trace your online activities back to you.

The VPN client application on your computer encrypts your data flow and transfers it securely to the VPN server.

The data is sent through your ISP, however because of the encryption, they are unable to decrypt it. The VPN server retrieves the encrypted data from your Device.

The data is now forwarded to the internet, where it gets a response intended for the user.

The VPN server then encrypts the data again and sends it back to the user.

The VPN client on the device will decrypt the data so that the user can interpret and use it.

McAfee VPN guarantees that sensitive data and online activities are kept private.

Because you may select where your server is hosted, you can use the internet more freely by avoiding censorship.

Main Differences Between McAfee Safe Browsing and McAfee VPN

  1. If you are using McAfee VPN your identity could be leaked through browser fingerprinting however safe browsing protects you from hackers and online scams
  2. Your data is concealed through a VPN but safe browsing does not necessarily protect the data on your device.
  3. McAfee VPN provides you with an alternate IP address so that your actual address cannot be traced while your IP address is not concealed through safe browsing
  4. VPN hides your current location however safe browsing doesn’t



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