Difference Between McAfee Livesafe and Safe Connect

Privacy is not a myth when a users is protected by an antivirus. McAfee Livesafe and McAfee Safe Connect are two products that help to protect the internet user and his data from cyber-attacks. The data can be the user’s location, IP address, or personal or professional data. It can also be any financial data like credit or debit card details.


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McAfee Livesafe vs Safe Connect

McAfee Livesafe and Safe Connect differ because the primary purpose for using these two products varies while browsing online. These two are two different products of the same company name, McAfee.

McAfee Livesafe mainly protects the computer, laptop or mobile from malware or virus attacks while browsing online. It includes the password manager, parental control, PC optimizer, App and Web boost, vulnerability scanner, web advisor, virus protection and customer support.

McAfee Safe Connect, on the other hand, protects the internet user’s identity and lets him browse anonymously. This happens due to the location security provided by the VPN. Hackers can hack the internet user’s data if the identity is not protected in various ways.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMcAfee LivesafeMcAfee Safe Connect
CybersecurityMcAfee Livesafe gives computer security from malware and viruses, as it is a type of antivirus.McAfee Safe Connect gives identity security to internet users, as it is a virtual private network or VPN.
PriceThe yearly price for it is rupees 4999/-. First-time users will get it in rupees 1999/- means rupees 3000/- discount.The yearly price for it is rupees 3,978/-. First-time users will get it in rupees 1,656/- means rupees 2,319/- discount.
Supported OSThis product is suitable for Android 8, iOS 13 and Windows 11,10 and 8.1 or other higher OS.This product is suitable for Android 4.4, iOS 9.0, Windows 10 and 8 or other higher OS.
Licensed DevicesThe purchase of one McAfee Livesafe premium plan will only avail the product in one device.The purchase of one McAfee Safe Connect premium plan will avail the product in five devices.
Parental ControlThis product provides a built-in parental control option that helps parents to monitor their kid’s online activities.No such parental control option is available with this product.

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What is McAfee Livesafe?

McAfee Livesafe is an antivirus that helps the computer to build a firewall for the internet search. This firewall helps the laptop from any random malware and virus.

The password manager helps to secure sensitive passwords by suggesting various unique passwords. Parental control makes it safer for the kids to use the internet while the parents can monitor their presence. The PC optimizer helps to run the pc faster so that it can operate the present task smoothly.

It also provides quick scan services, automatically detecting unrequited files, cookies and cache and deleting them. The app and web boost help to browse faster while using mobile and computer. The vulnerability scanner detects the latest updates for windows or apps and scans or installs them.

McAfee Livesafe premium version supports McAfee Web Advisor, which helps secure browsing during any transaction. It also gives an alert about any suspicious links or websites. This antivirus has a 100% virus protection guarantee and a lifetime customer support option during the subscription period.

What is McAfee Safe Connect?

McAfee Safe Connect is a Virtual Private Network or VPN that connects the internet user with the internet while providing identity security. This means the users can protect their identity, such as the location from where they are browsing or their IP address. This helps them to maintain their anonymity while browsing online.

The user can hide the IP address by replacing it with a different IP address of a different location. McAfee Safe Connect provides 18 virtual sites with various VPN servers. The user can make it look like he is browsing from Australia or America while, in reality, maybe he is in India or China.

It can also encrypt the data while browsing online to secure it from any third party. It never keeps track of any browsing history of the data, remains secure and is not misused by any company.

The default encryption for McAfee Safe Connect is AES 256-bit encryption. This encryption is powerful as only a supercomputer can crack it with different years of try.

Main Differences Between McAfee Livesafe and Safe Connect

  1. Livesafe has an available option, but it is poor, whereas Safe Connect provides a necessary VPN facility.
  2. Android, iOS, Windows and macOS are the supporting operating systems for Livesafe. Android, iOS, Windows and Chrome OS are the supported operating systems for Safe Connect.
  3. Livesafe does not help to hide information such as location or IP address while browsing, but Safe Connect help to browse privately.
  4. Livesafe helps to detect malware and viruses, but Safe Connect cannot detect malware and viruses.
  5. Livesafe is necessary for every internet search, whereas Safe Connect is primarily necessary for internet searches while using public Wi-Fi.
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