McAfee LiveSafe vs Security Scan Plus: Difference and Comparison

Day by day, with more and more innovations in technology, we can discover new possibilities, in reality, to make life easier. But with each step we take, there comes a new threat. Many fraudulent systems and viruses exist, so being secure is mandatory.

Key Takeaways

  1. McAfee LiveSafe is a comprehensive security suite that protects a wide range of cyber threats, while Security Scan Plus is a free tool that scans for viruses and malware.
  2. LiveSafe includes a password manager, parental controls, and secure cloud storage, while Security Scan Plus only offers basic virus-scanning functionality.
  3. While Security Scan Plus can be a useful tool for identifying and removing malware, LiveSafe is a more robust solution that provides comprehensive protection for all your devices.

McAfee LiveSafe vs Security Scan Plus

McAfee livesafe is a paid antivirus software that protects multiple devices from viruses and malware. It is called a total protection antivirus kit as it has multiple features. Security scan plus is a free threat diagnosing tool that scans a single device for potential danger. It creates a security status report.

McAfee LiveSafe vs Security Scan Plus

McAfee is an Award-winning antivirus that defends devices against viruses and threats with online and offline cross-device protection. McAfee, an American global computer security software company, developed it.

With the help of McAfee Live, one can get total protection for a different unlimited number of devices under a single subscription.

McAfee Security Scan Plus is a tool that safeguards the computer against spyware and viruses. McAfee, an American global computer security software company, also developed it.

The tool keeps operating discreetly in the background and detects threats before they even begin their work to ruin the computer. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMcAfee LiveSafeSecurity Scan Plus
VersionThe version update is 16.0.3The version update is 3.11.599.3
SubscriptionIt is paid security software.It is a free tool.
DevicesUnlimited number of devicesOnly computer
FileThe name of the file is Install.exe.The name of the file is SecurityScan_Release.exe.
ChangesEnforcement of the client-side validation of server responses and restricted the usage of a shared dynamic library.Removal of the McAfee Security Scan Plus bottom banner dependency from and restricted the usage of certain JavaScript interfaces.

What is McAfee LiveSafe?

McAfee LiveSafe, or Total Protection, is a complete antivirus toolkit. With online and offline protection, it detects and protects the device from viruses and threats. It does not provide protection only for one device but for an unlimited number of devices.

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The cross-device protection allows the user to protect the computer, tablets, mobiles, and macs all under one subscription.

The McAfee LiveSafe covers multiple features under one roof. It is an amalgamation of antivirus, privacy, and identify tools and features built to protect users from online threats. McAfee LiveSafe requires a paid subscription. 

Its latest version update is ‘16.0.3’. ‘Install.exe’ is the filename after downloading. It enforced the client-side validation of server responses and restricted the usage of a shared dynamic library as part of the fix. 

McAfee’s Secure VPN is included for free and has no data limit. It has one of the most advanced password managers in the industry. McAfee Total Protection for Windows had five appearances on the recently held AV-Comparatives tests.

McAfee Total Protection did well at the recent AV-Test tests. On all five occasions, it had achieved the perfect score. The score achieved by McAfee Mobile Security for Android was sufficient to rank among the most device-friendly antivirus programs for Android.

The program took the ‘Very Fast’ rating in almost every category. 

mcafee livesafe

What is Security Scan Plus?

McAfee Security Scan Plus protects by continuously keeping track of the user’s computer for up-to-date antivirus, firewall, and web security software. Threats such as malware, trojans, and unwanted programs actively running on your computer are scanned by the Security Plus Scan.

The user’s browser history is also scanned for suspicious activities. It is a free diagnostic tool.

McAfee Security Scan Plus provides protection only for one device. The latest version update is ‘3.11.599.3’. ‘SecurityScan_Release.exe’ is the filename after downloading.

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It removed the McAfee Security Scan Plus bottom banner dependency from and restricted the usage of specific JavaScript interfaces as part of the fix.

Security Scan Plus is provided after downloading McAfee or a third-party app. A report containing details about the existence and degree of your security is provided once the scan is complete.

Security Scan Plus provides the best security recommendations in case problems are detected.

The scan takes around two to three minutes. And the alerts are scanned within 60 seconds. To make sure your antivirus software, firewall protection, and web security are active and up to date, Security Scan Plus automatically scans the user’s computer every week.

security scan plus

Main Differences Between McAfee LiveSafe and Security Scan Plus

  1. McAfee LiveSafe is an entire antivirus toolkit for unlimited devices, and McAfee Security Scan Plus is a threat detection tool.
  2. The latest version update of McAfee LiveSafe is ‘16.0.3,’ and the latest version update of McAfee Security Scan is ‘3.11.599.3’.
  3. McAfee LiveSafe Software requires a paid subscription. On the contrary, McAfee is free software.
  4. McAfee Security Scan Plus covers only one computer, and McAfee LiveSafe covers multiple numbers of devices.
  5. After downloading McAfee LiveSafe, the file name of the software will be ‘Install.exe,’ and for McAfee, it will be ‘SecurityScan_Release.exe.’

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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