Difference Between Avast Free and Premium

Avast is an antivirus that with its help, it ensures the safety of a PC or mobile device. Avast comes in two different packages i.e. Avast free and Avast premium.


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Avast free, as it is stated in the name, is free while Avast premium calls for a fee.

Avast Free vs Avast Premium

The difference between Avast free and Avast premium is that Avast free is given to the customer at no cost at all. Being free doesn’t mean that it is the best.

Avast free does not come with a firewall. It does, however; provide free anti-spyware protection along with free anti-virus protection. Pc ranked the free version highest among other free anti-viruses.

On the other hand, Avast premium is anti-virus software that unlike Avast free, it does not come free of charge. Avast premium dictates that the customer/client/owner pay a particular sum of money annually for it to be functional.

Avast premium does come with a firewall to protect your PC against malware.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAvast FreeAvast Premium
ChargesAvast free, as dictated by the name, is free. Although it lacks some features, it is still effective and cheap.Avast premium is not free at all and requires an annual fee of not less than $80 for you to access.
FirewallAvast free has no firewall since it is free. This means that it can detect malware but cannot quarantine it.Avast premium has a firewall and thus you can detect and quarantine malware. You can also block hackers and/or spies.
Stop webcam spiesAvast free lacks a firewall and thus, it cannot stop webcam spies from infiltrating your device webcam and spying on you.Avast free is full of many features and one of them is being able to detect and stop webcam spies.
Avoid fake and dangerous websites.Avast free lacks a few important features. It does not detect fake and dangerous websites that may be virus loaded.Avast premium is not in any way short of features. It has a feature that detects and avoids fake websites.
Give sensitive information protectionAvast free does not protect the user’s private and confidential information. You have to pay to have/use the feature.Avast premium comes with a feature that safeguards the users’ personal and private information. This makes it ideal to use.

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What is Avast Premium?

Avast premium is a group of Avast antivirus that requires the user to pay an annual fee of $80. Though it only offers a few additional features compared to Avast free, those particular features are potentially useful to those that want them.

Avast premium has a bunch of cool tricks/features i.e.:

  1. Data shredder – Deletes files by immediately overwriting them so they are not recoverable.
  2. Software updater – It automatically updates third-party programs, plugins, and utilities on your pc.
  3. File hippo App Manager – Monitors and automatically updates programs.

Despite being full of features, Avast manages not to overwhelm the user interface. The program spots a fairly standard design fitted with a left rail with a pop-out menu and the main screen that displays the settings and primary interface for each feature.

Avast premium features four main categories: Status, protection, privacy, and performance. The status section is pretty simple with a green check mark.

The main interface has one button to run a quick scan for viruses. This is also the section where you can get direct links to Avast’s’ catalog for android and iOS apps.

Protection is where you can run anti-virus scans, as well as get access to many other security features.

What is Avast Free?

Avast free is another branch of Avast that is free and does not require any annual fee. Avast free anti-virus is mostly excelled in protecting against malware, it has a versatile interface.

Avast-free defenses are very weak at blocking new real-world threats. Avast can scan for malware but cannot do anything to the malware regarding quarantining the malware.

Avast free does a very good job when it comes to locating and stopping 99% of well-known malware. Avast free also cleans up malware infections effectively as well.

Avast free has a feature known as a utility that removes traces of infections on a pc and disarms the invaders. Avast free is free, but that doesn’t mean that it is bad.

Avast free has an intelligent anti-virus feature that detects viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing, and other threats in real time. Avast free has some features with it i.e.

  1. Software updater.
  2. Ransom shield.
  3. Core firewall functionality.

Avast free has a feature whereby allows the user to have a free 60 days trial to enjoy premium features before paying for the premium package. It has a reminder for payment.

Main Differences Between Avast Free and Premium

  1. Webcam spies – Avast premium comes pre-equipped with a working feature that detects and stops webcam spies. Avast free has the feature in it but requires a particular fee to activate the feature.
  2. Fake and dangerous websites – Avast premium has a feature that detects, warns, and stops fake and dangerous websites that may try to scam the customer. This feature, however, is not on Avast free.
  3. Sensitive information protection – Avast premium comes pre-equipped with a feature that allows a customer to safeguard their personal information from any potential hackers/scammers/stalkers. This does not come pre-installed on the Avast free antivirus.
  4. Charges – Avast premium has an annual fee that the owner of the pc is required to pay to enjoy the perks of Avast premium. Avast free on the other hand is free.
  5. Firewall – Avast free has no firewall. Avast premium on the other hand has a firewall.
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