Difference Between Malwarebytes Free and Premium

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware software that finds and removes malware. It debuted in 2006 and over time developed into one of the best malware cleanup tools available. There are free and paid versions of this well-known malware removal software. When it comes to malware removal, both versions are very effective, although they do differ in some ways.


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Malwarebytes Free vs Premium

The difference between Malwarebytes free and premium is that the free version does not cost any money, so naturally, it comes with very basic features. On the other hand, although Malwarebytes premium costs money through a monthly subscription, it provides several additional services.

The security suite included in Malwarebytes free is quite basic. It just offers the option to perform a scan to examine the drives for viruses, which is how it functions. However, this functionality is quite strong as it protects your device from anything malicious and comes with no cost because this version is free.

Beyond the fundamental malware-hunting power you get with the free edition, Malwarebytes premium adds several features to the mix. Additional defense against ransomware and potential exploits, URL filtering, and safety from any dubious links are some of these features. Malwarebytes Premium is a useful tool for effective security.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMalwarebytes FreeMalwarebytes Premium
ProtectionOn-demandAll the time
Back-up antivirusRequiredNot required
URL filteringNot providedProvided
Bundled VPNNot availableAvailable
Overall FeaturesBasicAdvanced

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What is Malwarebytes Free?

The foundational edition of Malwarebytes includes a trustworthy virus scanner and is completely free. Both viruses and undesirable programs can be found and removed using the software from your computer.

The goal of Malwarebytes Free is to find malware that has recently entered the market, has advanced, or is firmly buried on your computer.The best way to think of this free edition is as an expert you may call on-demand when you think there might be an infection in your device and need to get rid of any malware.

You can run a routine scan that will look for any harmful stuff in the startup items and memory of your device. You will have the option to ignore, delete, or quarantine the dangerous content after it has been found.Additionally, you can specify the locations you want to scan and build up a bespoke scan.

Archives, registry entries, and memory objects can all be scanned.Naturally, you can select which drivers or folders to scan from your device. Finally, you can set the software’s response in case it finds any unwanted apps.Malwarebytes free can operate even if you run windows defender at the same time. This feature is quite helpful in making your device much more secure.

What is Malwarebytes Premium?

The features in the Premium version of Malwarebytes are identical to those in the Free version. The Premium edition differs from the Free version, nevertheless, in a number of ways. The Premium edition contains Real-Time Protection while the Free version has fantastic on-demand malware scanning.

Real-time protection means that Malwarebytes Premium is constantly monitoring your device and protecting it from threats. Because it functions just like a typical antivirus, Malwarebytes Premium can be used in place of Malwarebytes Free as the sole protection program on your computer.

Malwarebytes Premium does include some sophisticated options and the ability to perform activities like running custom scans, but it’s mostly made to be simple to use and merely run in the background, protecting your device effortlessly and automatically.

That means you won’t need to worry if you’re not very comfortable using computers because Malwarebytes Premium will take care of keeping you safe on its own. While with the free version you would be required to have a much better understanding of how computers work.

Web Protection, Malware Protection, Ransomware Protection, and Exploit Protection are the four features that makeup Real-Time Protection of the Malwarebytes premium.

If you visit a malicious website or download a harmful file while using the Free version, your computer will become infected and you will have to conduct the scan yourself.

When you conduct the scan in the Free edition, it will first try to identify the virus before removing it. Whereas, the harmful files will be immediately identified when you attempt to launch them when using Malwarebytes Premium, keeping your PC safe.

The same holds true for websites that are hazardous or host unwanted software, so you’ll always be protected.

Main Differences Between Malwarebytes Free and Premium

  1. As the name suggests, no money would be required for Malwarebytes free. On the contrary, Malwarebytes premium might cost you a considerable amount.
  2. One major benefit of Malwarebytes premium is the inclusion of real-time protection from malware. This means that Malwarebytes premium protects your device from anything hostile all the time. Malwarebytes free, on the other hand, only works when called upon.
  3. Because of the on-demand service of Malwarebytes free, a backup antivirus is required for complete protection from harm. Malwarebytes Premium can operate solo, without any backup anti-virus.
  4. Among many other advances of Malwarebytes premium is the supply of URL filtering, a feature that can not be enjoyed with Malwarebytes free.
  5. A recently updated version of Malwarebytes premium comes with a bundled VPN. Malwarebytes free does not offer this level of security.
  6. Overall, Malwarebytes premium has more advanced features, while Malwarebytes free has very basic ones.
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