Aldiko Free vs Aldiko Premium: Difference and Comparison

The reading experience has become diverse. It is no longer limited to physical books. Various applications have been launched for readers.

The most common and popular ebook reader application is Aldiko. It is available in free as well as premium versions. Both versions have distinct features.

Key Takeaways

  1. Aldiko Free is a free version of the Aldiko eBook reader app, while Aldiko Premium is the paid version with additional features.
  2. Aldiko Premium offers text-to-speech, annotations, and highlights, which are unavailable in the free version.
  3. Aldiko Premium users receive priority support and an ad-free experience, while Aldiko Free users may encounter ads within the app.

Aldiko Free vs Aldiko Premium

The difference between Aldiko Free and Aldiko Premium is that the books and reading materials available in Aldiko free do not have copy protection while the books and the reading materials available in Aldiko premium have copy protection. The access to Aldiko free account is unlimited while the access to an Aldiko premium account is for a limited period, till the expiry date of the subscription.

Aldiko Free vs Aldiko Premium

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The reading material in Aldiko free is not legally purchased. Aldiko free is ideal for users who want to test out the application and decide if it is worth paying for the features.

New users should try Aldiko free before switching to Aldiko premium. The free version of Aldiko raises revenue through advertisements.

On the other hand, Aldiko premium has all the ebooks and reading materials legally purchased. This gives due credit to the author and writer of the material.

Existing users who have been using Aldiko for a long period of time switch to Aldiko premium for the availability of enhanced features. The premium version of Aldiko earns revenue by the subscription fees.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAldiko FreeAldiko Premium
Subscription rateNo costFixed cost
Time periodUnlimitedLimited
Display of Advertisement Ads are displayed No ads are displayed
Copy protection No copy protection Provides copy protection
Storage space Aldiko Free occupies comparatively less space Aldiko Premium occupies more space

What is Aldiko Free?

Aldiko is an application built for reading eBooks. It is available in both the common operating systems that are Android and iOS. The format of the eBooks and digital publications are of EPUB format.

The application was released on 26th October 2018. It was released in version 3.1.3 for Android and 1.1.6 for iOS.

The application allows users to browse through various online catalogs on several books. The application also includes numerous free public domain work. The catalog can be directly downloaded by the user in the personal library.

To download and create an account in Aldiko Free does not require any subscription rate. The free version of Aldiko can be accessed for a lifetime and does not expire after a specific period of time.

The parent company of the application is Aldiko Limited. The user interface of the application is like a bookshelf that can navigate through a wide collection of reading material.

During navigation in Aldiko free, the users are presented with various sponsored advertisements. The sponsored advertisements in Aldiko provide revenue to the application.

The users can import the books which they wish to read. This allows flexibility to the users. The application is highly customizable.

The users can customize the background, font size, color, type, brightness, margin, page-turning mode, and various other features. Font embedding is not supported in the application.

What is Aldiko Premium?

Aldiko Premium is the paid version of the ebook reading application Aldiko.

The application provides various features like library management, sharing books with other users through social media platforms, checking the progress of a book, creation of bookmarks, and other customizable navigation modes.

All the features are fully customizable by the users.

The app has two themes for the users that are – day theme and night theme. The theme can be switched according to the luminosity area of the user.

The engine of the application can automatically adjust the size of the reading material according to the display size of the device. The application also supports Adobe DRM.

The subscription rate of the application is nominal. It provides access to the users for a limited period of time that is till the expiry date.

The application also provides a dictionary look-up, in case the users want to look up any definition. The users can also quickly access any position within the book, through the “Go To” feature of Go-Application.

All the reading materials available on the application can be converted into PDFs. The premium version of the application even supports eBooks from numerous public libraries.

The application has partnered with various content providers to provide downloading capability and even in-app purchasing. The content partners include Feedbooks, O’Reilly Media, All Romance Ebooks, Smashwords, and others.

Main Differences Between Aldiko Free and Aldiko Premium

  1. The display of various sponsors is shown during navigation in Aldiko free while there is no flash or display of sponsors in Aldiko premium, during navigation.
  2. Aldiko free does not have every material legally purchased while Aldiko premium has every material legally purchased.
  3. The size of the Aldiko free account is smaller while the size of the Aldiko premium account is larger.
  4. The files installed in Aldiko free are not copy protected while the files installed in Aldiko premium are copy protected.
  5. Aldiko’s free account can be accessed for an unlimited period of time while Aldiko’s premium account can be accessed only for a limited period of time.

Last Updated : 30 June, 2023

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