Avast One vs Avast Premium Security: Difference and Comparison

Avast is one of the most well-known names in the antivirus sector. Its attractiveness stems from its superior overall protection against internet dangers. It analyzes your gadgets and inspects your internet network, safeguards your webcam, and restricts suspicious activity and downloads. Furthermore, it provides a VPN server for secure browsing.

Key Takeaways

  1. Avast One offers a comprehensive suite of protection features, including antivirus, VPN, and cleanup tools, while Avast Premium Security provides advanced antivirus protection and additional privacy features.
  2. Avast One covers multiple devices and platforms, whereas Avast Premium Security focuses on single-device protection.
  3. Avast One is available in both free and paid versions, offering various levels of protection, while Avast Premium Security is a paid-only solution.
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Avast One vs Avast Premium Security

The difference between Avast One and Avast Premium Security is that when you buy an Avast One membership, you automatically receive access to all the free Avast One Essential features. On the other hand, Avast Premium is less expensive than other competitors. Avira Prime costs $99.99 for five subscriptions or $129.99 for a monstrous 25 licenses. This is more affordable than Kaspersky Security Cloud’s offer of ten licenses for $149.99.

AVAST One is a comprehensive internet security suite. Avast One protects your computer by preventing and removing malware, hiding your IP address with a VPN, updating your application to patch threats and prevent cyber-attack exploits, defending against modem data theft with a firewall, assisting in the security of your accounts in the event of information breaches, and far more.

AVAST PREMIUM SECURITY and Avast Internet Security have both left the roster. The whole cross-platform package provides extensive security for Windows and Android but not for macOS or iOS. This suite is effective in what it provides, but it may be improved in terms of providing comprehensive coverage across all systems.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonAvast Premium SecurityAvast One
Optimization toolsDoesn’t have optimization toolsHave optimization tools
Data breach monitoringDoesn’t have breach monitoringHave breach monitoring
Driver updatesAutomatic updatesManual updates
VPNSecure line VPN installedDoesn’t have VPN
Price for the first year$49.99/year$50.28/year

What is Avast One?

The Avast One line will first be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. All of Avast’s previous products, including the Avast Premium Security package, are still accessible for download or purchase. Premium Security is less expensive than Avast One but provides less. Many functions in the previous suite, mainly notably the VPN, required a separate purchase, but Avast One is just all. The Avast One is definitely the future.

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The installation for Avast One isn’t as customizable as the previous version. Formerly, you could uncheck a box if you didn’t require the firewall or cleanup utilities, and they would not be installed. And it is now everything or nothing. However, this simplifies life, and the setup procedure has benefited in other aspects.

For example, the installer does not attempt to make Avast Secure Browser your computer’s primary browser. Avast One Essential also does not require membership; therefore, no accounts or private details are required.

Avast One is available in two versions. The Individual version costs $99.99 annually and allows you to secure a maximum of five devices. The Family version adds 30 subscriptions to that coverage for $139.99 per year.

What is Avast Premium?

Many businesses provide protection at four stages: free antivirus, feature-enhanced corporate antivirus, security suites, and cross-platform top-tier mega-suites. Avast has simplified this trend by offering free Windows and macOS security programs and the all-encompassing Avast Premium Security. Avast Premier and Avast Internet Security have both left the roster. The whole cross-platform package provides extensive security for Windows and Android but not for macOS or iOS. This suite is effective in what it provides, but it may be improved in terms of providing comprehensive protection across all platforms.

Avast has previously reserved the Ransomware Shield function for premium clients. It is now available even with free antivirus software. This feature prevents ransomware from evading standard real-time antivirus by prohibiting untrusted apps from modifying protected files. When an unfamiliar software tries to alter something, Avast alerts you and asks if you want to trust the program.

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If you’re checking out a new photo or file editor, go ahead and put your confidence in it. Block the notice if it is unexpected. Then run an antivirus software update and a complete scan manually.

Theoretically, data-stealing Trojans should be removed by Avast’s on-demand and on-access virus scans before they can do any harm. The Sensitive Data Shield function ensures that even if a Trojan manages to operate for a time before being detected, it will not locate any data to steal. To begin, perform a fast scan for accessible private details.

Main Differences Between Avast One and Avast Premium Security

  1. Instead of Avast Premium, Avast One has automatic driver updates, which Avast Premium needs to be done manually.
  2. If you need a VPN to change your IP address using Avast Premium, you need to download an additional VPN, but it doesn’t need to do so using Avast One, as it already has installed in it.
  3. Avast One has optimization tools installed, which helps a lot while using the software, though Avast Premium doesn’t have that feature.
  4. Avast One also has a tracker blocker in it, while Avast Premium doesn’t have that.
  5. Avast One price starts now from $50.28/year, and Avast Premium starts at $49.99/year.

Last Updated : 28 July, 2023

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