HP Spectre vs EliteBook: Difference and Comparison

Like other manufacturing companies, Hewlett-Packard always stays ahead in adopting sophisticated ways and working on their design dynamics by extending their product line. Their new laptops and accessories are an exception to the previous ones both in the design and the internal software manufacture. HP Spectre and EliteBook are their new versions of convertible laptops.

Key Takeaways

  1. HP Spectre laptops prioritize sleek design, performance, and portability, while EliteBook laptops target business professionals with added durability and security features.
  2. EliteBook laptops offer better connectivity and battery life than HP Spectre laptops.
  3. Both laptops have various configurations, but EliteBook models are more customizable for business needs.
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HP Spectre vs EliteBook

HP Spectre is a portable, lightweight laptop making easy access for people who do not need to travel while working. HP designs Elitebook for professional purposes, including military tasks. It is designed in such a way that it can bear a load without getting crashed. 

HP Spectre entered the laptop market with its high-quality hardware and refined design, marked as the thinnest laptop series in the world, being portable and light-handed. Manufacturing includes aluminium and carbon fibre for its sleek body and shape, with left and right dual speakers located beneath the keyboard surface.

Elitebook is the new version of laptops and handbooks launched by Hewlett-Packard after replacing the HP Compaq series. It was engineered to meet the need of military usage, providing reliability and hardstanding conditions with severe working requirements. It was manufactured from a magnesium alloy chassis, anodized aluminium lid, and hard surface material to work under stress conditions without being corrupted.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHP SpectreEliteBook
BatteryHP spectre contains an 83 Whr battery with 19 to 20 hours of functioning capability providing a comparatively shorter battery span.HP EliteBook serves a longer and more stable battery life with approximately 4500 mAh capacity that was further increased in the latest generations.
TouchpadHp Spectre comes with a precision touchpad that translates the input into mouse gestures.Hp EliteBook contains a Synaptics touchpad with a 3- button mouse and additional pointing devices along with the traditional touchpad.
PortsHp Spectre has two Thunderbolt 3 USB-A 3.1, 3.5mm audio with an additional HDMI 1.4 port.  Hp EliteBook has Two Thunderbolt 3, USB-A 3.1, and 3.5mm audio, and lacks the HDMI port in the basic versions.
DisplayHP Spectre offers an 81.3 cm (32 in) Studio Display with a larger screen size than the Elitebook.EliteBook has a 14-inch wide-angle display which is slightly lesser than HP Spectre.

What is HP Spectre?

HP Spectre is a series of Hewlett-Packard smart laptops and handbooks with sleep design to meet the needs of customers who want portable and insubstantial laptops and gadgets. It has a rough 0.41 inches core regarding thinness and weighs around 2.40 pounds. It is marked as the second thin laptop series after Apple MacBook, with a sight 0.10 inches difference between both.

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Further features of the HP Spectre include a resolution ranging between 1920x1080p and a screen size is approximately around 13 inches. It is considered adequate for watching high-resolution series and movies however it is still less than the Apple MacBook. HP Spectre consists of Bang & Olufsen speakers for watching high-volume media on the laptop without the need for additional add-on speakers.

Cable inputs in the Spectre were designed in the Type-c versions, which are present in almost every new mobile and laptop device in use. The color scheme for the laptops was kept to golden hues to embark a classically timeless look. The unique design of the keyboard was what critics liked in the Spectre series, marking it as an easy typing keyboard with 1.3 millimetres of travel capacity, deep strokes, and a jumpy pad.

hp spectre

What is EliteBook?

HP Elitebook is a series of laptops that has a range of 11 generations. This series was invented to address the needs of enterprise systems and larger businesses, and corporate solutions. Elitebook was released after military-grade testing to enable the laptops for official military use with rough and tough working conditions providing security and durability in case of harsh weather and surfaces with rise and fall in temperature.

A wide series was announced after the rebranding, such as the EliteBook series G7 up to G11. It contains a 5G wireless wide area network service. It also consists of dual pointing devices, such as touchpads and pointing sticks, used to control the cursor controls. One notable feature that was not present in fewer early versions was the backlit laptop keyboard, which became a part of the EliteBook series to enable night vision.

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 Elitebook surpasses the previous series by its longer capacity of battery life and working conditions following the military-grade requirements and tougher outer surface with full metal coverage. Due to these laptops being military and business-oriented, they are premium priced and not released in the local market in many regions. This series was released after closing their predecessor series HP Compaq P. Elitebook offers up to 1TB SSD storage and 16 GB RAM after upgradation in the newer generations.

hp elitebook

Main Differences Between HP Spectre and EliteBook

  1. HP Spectre has a lower standing price whereas EliteBook is premium priced due to its business and military resource usage nature.
  2. The Spectre laptops have an IR camera and fingerprint reader, whereas the HP EliteBook contains an FHD webcam and an IR camera.
  3. HP Spectre lacks various security features available, whereas EliteBook is packed with security features for commercial and military usage.
  4. HP Spectre contains aluminium designs with a copper color-coded scheme, and EliteBook contains a metal chassis and a design with alloy.
  5. HP Spectre offers a limited battery range, whereas EliteBook is designed for prolonged battery life.
  6.  HP Spectre contains a precision touchpad, whereas EliteBook contains a synaptic touchpad.

Last Updated : 28 July, 2023

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