Difference Between ASUS ExpertBook and HP EliteBook

ASUS ExpertBook and HP EliteBook are special work-oriented series of laptops manufactured by Asus and HP respectively.


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The HP Elitebook and ASUS expertbook series were first time released in 2008 and 2019 respectively.

These are light in weight and tough build which makes them easy to take anywhere.

Both of these are powerful lines of laptops that make work fast and easier. Many different models have been released under both of these series with different specifications and specialties for users all over the globe.

Asus expertbook comes with a higher screen-to-body ratio and thin side bezels which gives them a thinner look. These models weigh around 1 kg which is lighter to carry around and easier to handle.

The most current generations in this series offer all-day battery life, making them ideal for use when travelling or on vacation.

HP EliteBook series is a combination of connectivity and performance. These models feature magnesium alloy chassis, palm rest, and active hard drive protection.

This series is also known for its slim design and lightweight. It is often praised for “attractive and robust design”, and “powerful processor”.

The time gap between the releases of these two series is above 10 years which makes the older one more stable and mature in terms of the overall experience.

Comparison Table

Parameter of comparisonHP EliteBookAsus EliteBook
Year released20082019
Fingerprint scannerOptionalYes
Touch displayYesNo
BrightnessUp to 1000500-600 nits

What is HP EliteBook?

This series was first introduced in 2008. It is a well-established series that is defined by hardware and software durability.

The HP Elitebook line of laptops is focused on professional use and is built of lightweight, slim, and durable materials that perform better in extreme conditions, as these devices have been manufactured to meet the military standard for reliability MIL-STD-810.

These laptops have slim designs and are lightweight which gives them a more professional and modern look.

This series is powered by the Intel core processor which ranges from core i3 to core i7 in the models introduced so far.

The compatible models are upgradable to windows 11 while the latest models come with windows 11 for use.

These latest models come with displays of up to 1000 nits.

Throughout its 14-year history, HP Elitebooks have changed. This series has been categorized into thirteen different generations throughout this period.

The most cutting-edge work-oriented series of laptops from them is currently in its 13th generation and is competing on the market.

HP Elitebook 1040 G9 is one of the latest models released by HP in the EliteBook series. It’s a premium device with a powerful Intel processor inside.

What is Asus ExpertBook?

Asus released a line of laptops in 2019 called the “Asus expert book” which is designed for business use. This laptop has every feature needed in a reliable and powerful tool for business use.

Those features are strength, durability, and enterprise-grade security. Their lightweight and slim design give them an extra professional look.

The latest models in this series come with up to 21 hour’s battery life, which is considered the highest end.

Some models also include features like two-way noise canceling technology, a detachable keyboard, a 360-degree flappable touchscreen, and 5g network support.

The Asus expertbook series is divided into three subcategories according to power and durability: expertbook essential, expertbook advanced, and expertbook premium.

Expertbook essentials are business laptops that provide all the necessities for a workstation on a limited budget. Compared to expertbook essential, expertbook advanced significantly more in terms of performance and mobility. The ideal choice for managing a bigger, more powerful workstation is expertbook premium.

Main Differences Between HP EliteBook and ASUS ExpertBook

  1. The first HP EliteBook model was released in 2008 which is more than 10 years before the ASUS expertbook series which was released in 2019.
  2. The HP Elitebook models come with an optional fingerprint sensor while most of the ASUS Expertbook models have it. Asus expertbook does not give the option to not have a finger print sensor. There could be a few exceptions but this is a general observation.
  3. Most of the HP Elitebooks have the option of getting the model with a touchscreen display while which is not the case in Asus expertbook models.
  4. The HP Elitebook models come with much brighter of up to 1000 nits screens as compared to Asus expertbook models which have a maximum of around 500-600 nits.
  5. HP Elitebooks laptops are generally of higher price as compared to Asus expertbook due to their design material, brand name and overall performance.
  6. HP Elitebooks have integrated Intel UHD graphics while Asus expert books use dedicated GeForce Graphics.
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