ASUS Expert Book vs ASUS Vivo Book: Difference and Comparison

ASUS is one of the most admired companies in the technology world. It releases various versions and many products. It is a Taiwan company producing computers and mobile phones.

It is a public type company. Expert Book and Vivo Book are two different products of ASUS.

Key Takeaways

  1. ASUS ExpertBook is a series of business-focused laptops offering durability, security features, and long battery life.
  2. ASUS VivoBook is a line of consumer-oriented laptops designed for everyday use, with various configurations and affordable pricing.
  3. ExpertBook targets business users seeking robust and secure devices, whereas VivoBook caters to general consumers looking for versatility and value.

ASUS Expert Book vs ASUS Vivo Book

ASUS ExpertBook are light laptops that you can take anywhere. It has a battery life of about 16 hours and is best for on-the-go businesspeople. ASUS VivoBook is used by students to bring to school for taking notes. It is slightly heavier than ExpertBook and is best for graphics-intensive tasks.

ASUS Expert Book vs ASUS Vivo Book

ASUS Expert Book works on Windows 10 operating system. It has a 14 inches display. The resolution of the display is 1920×1080 pixels. The intel processor of the Asus expert book is a core i3 processor.

The Expert book comes with 16GB of RAM. The ASUS Expert has 2TB of Hard Disk Drive(HDD) storage and 1TB of Solid State Drive(SSD) storage. It has an elegant design.

Since it has a unique and more number of features, it is recommended for business use. The weight varies depending on the models present in the expert book, but mostly lighter when compared to the Vivo book.

ASUS Vivo Book is spelled for its vibrant colors. It has a bold and youthful look. It attracts everyone with its innovative performance and balanced functions. You get the best user experience from ASUS Vivo Book.

Vivo book series is best to show your skills and it’s a recommendable laptop for everyday use. Vivo books are known for their super-slim structure. The ASUS Vivo Book series also has a flip model which attracted more than the other models.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonASUS Expert BookASUS Vivo Book
DisplayThe display of the ASUS Expert Book is 14 inches.The display of the ASUS Vivo Book is 15.6 inches.
Graphics cardThe graphics card of Expert Book is Integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620The graphics card of the Vivo Book is GeForce MX250
UtilityExpert Book is used for businessVivo Book is used for everyday use
Pixel per inch(PPI)The PPI for Expert Book is 157The PPI for the Vivo Book is 141
Fingerprint sensorAbsent in Expert BookPresent in Vivo Book

What is the ASUS Expert Book?

ASUS Expert book has many connectivity options. The connectivity options present here is Wi-fi 802.11, Bluetooth, Ethernet along with 4 USB ports. The USB ports connectivity contains (1xUSB 2.0), USB 3.2 Gen 1(Type A), USB 3.3 Gen 2(Type C).

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Along with USB ports, it also contains an HDMI port, lock slot, headphone, mic combo, and LAN ports. The ASUS Expert Book models are made using aluminum as raw material.

It has great battery life. The battery lasts up to 10 hours. The capacity of the battery is 42WHR.

The ASUS Expert Book has good memory storage. It has 16GB RAM with 1 RAM slot. It also has 32 GB of expandable memory. The ASUS Expert Book has a web camera with 720 pixels resolution.

A pointer touchpad device is available. It also comes with stereo speakers and a fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor is a unique feature of Asus, it attracts many customers.

ASUS gives the confidence of the business world. You can sleek your performance along with the ASUS Expert Book’s ultimate portability. The ASUS Expert Book has a dual-storage design.

The full input and output ports and improvised number pad show your work efficiency. You can carry it wherever you go. It becomes your ideal partner with its portability, power, and toughness. ASUS Expert book is a benchmark for business laptops.

asus expertbook 1 e1688794580431

What is the ASUS Vivo Book?

ASUS Vivo Book become everyone’s yearly favorite. The Vivo Book comes with diamond-cut edges. The textures are cleanly finished with distinct colors.

The Vivo Book has a 3D nano metal finish on its backside which shows the printing finish of the laptop. It is good for browsing and zoom call meetings under your budget.

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It has unique colors and color blocking enter key. It gives a daring look. Some colors are indie black, Gaia green, resolute red. The ASUS Vivo Book is an ultrathin model with 15.9mm in size.

ASUS Vivo Book has a full HD display with a 35.15 cm display. The screen-to-body ratio is about 80 percent. It has an almost 178 degree wide viewing angle. The 8 GB memory shows its best performance even you working day long.

It has a large capacity PCI Solid-state drive which giver superfast storage. You can always get connected by its wi-fi 802.31, and four times better network capacity with 75 percent low latency.

ASUS Vivo Book has the best sound quality by its Harman Kardon-certified sound system. You get high-quality music with detailed backgrounds. The flip model in Vivo Book is more popular and attracts many people.

asus vivobook

Main Differences Between ASUS Expert Book and ASUS Vivo Book

  1. The ASUS Expert Book has a four-cell battery, whereas the ASUS Vivo Book has a three-cell battery.
  2. The ASUS Expert Book has three USB ports, whereas the ASUS Vivo Book has four USB ports.
  3. The clock speed of the Expert Book is 1.8 GHz, whereas the clock speed of the Vivo Book is 2.8 GHz.
  4. The Expert Book has two threads, whereas the Vivo Book has eight threads.
  5. The graphics card in the Expert Book has 384 shading units, whereas the graphics card in the Vivo Book has 640 shading units.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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