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Difference Between WD My Book and Seagate Backup Plus

External hard drives have become an inseparable part of our computer systems as the need for more and more space to store our data increases. Western Digital and Seagate are two such brands that provide us with good quality external hard drives to store our belonging safely and securely.


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WD My Book vs Seagate Backup Plus

The difference between WD My Book and Seagate Backup Plus is that they differ in their specifications, storage capacities, model types, security provisions, and also USB ports and subscription plans. Both brands have devices with different capacities and features that give each one of them an upper edge over the other.

WD My Book vs Seagate Backup Plus

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WD My Book is by Western Digital is plug-in desktop storage. With a wide range of capacities, this external drive comes with a USB C cable and power adapter. It can be effectively used to store large amounts of photos, games, videos, documents, and other important data that might use up the space of your computer.

Separate Backup Plus by Seagate is also a plugin extern hard drive that comes in two variants. It is charged by a USB 5V cable and is compatible with both Windows and MAC devices. They can also effectively store all the above-mentioned data to space up your device space and ensure lag-free working.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWD My BookSeparate Backup Plus
SizeIt is a larger and heavier desktop model.It has two varieties, a slim one and a large one; however, both are smaller than the WD My Book.
CapacityWD My Book comes in capacities option from 3 to 14 TB.Separate Backup Plus comes in capacities option between 2 to 5 TB
TypesIt has only one variant: a plug-in desktop model.It has two variants: a portable model and a hub model.
Compatible WithIt is compatible with Windows and MAC devices.It is compatible with PC, Windows, MAC devices.
Data securityIt comes with data protection and a backup facility.There is no data protection in Seagate Backup Plus.
ChargingIt is charged via a power adapter.It is charged via a USB cable.

What is WD My Book?

WD My Book is an external hard drive for storing different types of data like videos, photos, songs, games, and so on. It is a plug-in external hard drive, which means it works only when plugging into its power source.

It has a dual-tone finish and comes in storage capacities option between three to fourteen TBs. The set comes with a power adapter and USB cable to plug it into your device. It is compatible with all Windows and MAC devices.

WD also has other external hard drives, but there is only one variant of the MY Book. It is ‎13.93 x 4.9 x 17.06 in size and weighs around 1 kilogram. The USB is type C., And the power adapter is pluggable into any socket available.

The most interesting quality of the WD My Book is its data protection facility. The WD My Book has 256-bit hardware encryption, which means your stored data is safe. It also has password protection before using the device, adding another layer of security.

The only disadvantage of this drive is that it uses a single hard drive. In case of a crash, the data may be lost. But WD My Book also provides a cloud backup option to tackle this problem. However, it is not portable and must be used with a computer and kept on a desk.

What is Seagate Backup Plus?

Seagate Backup Plus is also an external hard drive that can be used to store a ton of important data that can fill up your device’s internal storage. It is also a plugin device which means it works on continuous current supply.

The Seagate Backup Plus Hub comes with four types of plug converters to suit different types of switches. It has a black metallic body and comes in two variants: a slim portable variant of 2TB capacity and a Hub variant that has a capacity of 5 TB.

The Hub variant looks like the WD My Book but differs as it has USB 3.0 ports that can be used to charge other devices or plugin other equipment with the computer.

It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher, MAC OS 10.9 or higher, and even PC backups. A software called Seagate Backup Software can be download to manage backups. It lacks any password or data encryption like the WD My Book.

At the time of purchase, it also comes with a 2months free subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan. Apart from the encryption problem, the Seagate Backup offers similar specifications to the WD My Book.

Main Differences Between WD My Book and Seagate Backup Plus

  1. WD My Book is larger and heavier than the slim and lighter Seagate Backup Plus.
  2. WD My Book has data and password encryption, while Seagate Backup Plus does not.
  3. WD My Book has more storage capacity than the Seagate Backup Plus.
  4. WD My Book is much costlier than Seagate Backup Plus.
  5. WD My Book cannot be used to charge other devices, but the Seagate Backup Plus Hub can be used to charge up to two devices using integrated USB 3.0 ports.
  6. WD My book does not provide any creative plan subscription, but Seagate offers a 2-month free Adobe Creative Cloud Photography subscription, meaning you get Adobe photography apps and tutorials.
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