Difference Between Dell Latitude 7300 and 7400

Dell Incorporation, although being a futuristic, high-tech organization, has its organizational excellence firmly entrenched in the previous.


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Increasing globalization, new technology, and changing market patterns, on the other hand, were posing challenges to the Dell Approach.

Because Dell’s operational performance over the previous 15 years had been far higher than among its opponents, these difficulties were likely more formidable for Dell than for its contenders.

Dell Latitude 7300 vs 7400

The difference between dell latitude 7300 and 7400 is that Dell Latitude 7300 proved simple to set up as well as operate Adobe Photoshop. For everyday utilization, 8GB of RAM is plenty. While the Dell Latitude 7400 is indeed not suitable for intense gameplay due to a lack of RAM, it is quite speedy whenever moving it around and when opening apps.

Dell Latitude 7300 vs 7400

The newest eighth-generation Harvard Core CPU in the Alien Ware Latitude 7300 provides outstanding throughput, simplicity of maintenance, and privacy for your organization.

Work uninterrupted due to the high-density power supply boasting Rapid Charge functionality, which charges up to 80% in less than 60 minutes. The software framework of the 7300 edition is Windows 10 Pro.

The eighth-generation Pentium CPU is included in the Alien Ware Latitude 7400 thin tablet. The Precision 7400 Model 7000 is really only 18.96 mm broad, so it may comfortably accommodate into a laptop handbag or a small backpack.

The sound quality provided by the Latitude 7400 definitely astound you. The Linux kernel of the 7400 version is Windows 10 Pro.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell Latitude 7300Dell Latitude 7400
Display SizeThe Dell ThinkPad 7300 has a 13.3-inch displayThe Dell Precision 7400 has a 14-inch display.
Operating SystemLinux Ubuntu, as well as Windows 10 Pro, are the operating systems for prototype 7300.Linux Ubuntu, Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 10 Home are the software packages for the chassis 7400.
Weight (g)The model 7300 weighs 1.24 kg and 1.3 kg, respectively.Model 7400 weighs 1.3 kg, 1.35 kg, 1.36 kg, 1.4 kg, and 2.99 kg, accordingly.
Internal ReminiscenceThe Dell variant 7300’s internal hard drive is DDR4-SDRAM.LPDDR3-SDRAM and DDR4-SDRAM are used in the Dell prototype 7400’s central file.
Dimensions (Depth and Width)The depth of the Dell Inspiron 7300 is 206.9 mm, while the width is 306.5 mm.In Dell Precision 7400, the depth is 199.9 mm, 214.1 mm and the width is 319.8 mm, 321.4 mm

What is Dell Latitude 7300?

Initiate your day simpler by using the additional biometric sensor on the power switch or the accompanying Infrared camera with Simple Voice commands for smooth enrolment.

Because Wi-Fi is functioning in the foreground, you may continue to work fast when awakening your PC courtesy to Advanced Standby.

The newest 8th Generation Cambridge up to i7 4-Core vPro Chipmakers boost your company’s profitability, adaptability, and cybersecurity.

Through Express Link, you may instantaneously join the fastest Wi-Fi network provided. Though without Wi-Fi, our 1.0 Gbps alternative provides up to a 233 percent gain in WWAN bandwidth gen upon gen, allowing for greater broadcasting, uploading, and video collaboration.

Stay engaged with the very first 4×4 adaptive antenna adjustment software for a PC that delivers dependable mobile broadband, even in places with a slow connection.

Automatic antenna tuning allows for worldwide network connectivity eliminating the requirement to swap out pieces while keeping the laptop compact with thin screen frames.

A high-density power supply and Express Refresh, which enables for an 80 percent command in one hour, keeping the project moving. You may pick from four settings with Dell Performance Management to get the best mix of battery and strength efficiency.

The Extremely Low Power monitor is 50% more productive than normal FHD displays while maintaining the same quality, color, and luminance.

What is Dell Latitude 7400?

The variant range 7400, has a high-density capacity and Instant Refill, which enables for an 80 percent command during one hour. You may pick from four settings utilizing Dell Performance Monitor to get the best mix of battery and power output.

The Extremely Low Current display is 50% more energy sustainable than normal monitors while maintaining the same resolution, and brilliance.

Adaptive antenna optimization allows for worldwide network availability eliminating the obligation to swap out parts while keeping the MacBook compact with thin device bezels.

The newest Intel® up to i7 4-CoreTM vProTM Engines boost your company’s productivity, administration, and protection. Register on using the alternative fingerprint scanner on the activation switch or the entirely voluntary Optical system + Microsoft Hello for frictionless confirmation to get your day started quicker.

Because Wi-Fi is functioning in the meantime, you may continue work fast when awakening your PC owing to Traditional Nightstand.

Utilizing Rapid Link up, this would immediately join the finest Wi-Fi network available. The system provided up to a 233 percent boost in WWAN capabilities gen after gen, allowing for greater streaming, browsing, and telepresence.

Remain connected with the very first 4×4 adjustable wireless tweaking mechanism in a PC that delivers dependable broadband internet, even in places with poor service.

The supplementary 2 stations operate as auxiliary “ears,” delivering frequencies of up to 70% quicker.

Main Differences Between Dell Latitude 7300 and 7400

  1. The dimension of the model 7300 is 1.75 cm x 306.5 mm x 206.9 mm, 1.84 cm x 306.5 mm x 206.9 mm. Whereas model 7400 has 1.49 cm x 319.8 mm x 199.9 mm, 1.82 cm x 321.4 mm x 214.1 mm, 1.9 cm x 321.4 mm x 214.1 mm
  2. The memory form factor of model 7300 is SO-DIMM. Whereas in model 7400, the memory form factor is SO-DIMM as well as On-board.
  3. The 14-inch display on the DELL Notebook 7400 is bigger than that of the 13.3-inch panel on the DELL Notebook 7300. The DELL Prospect 7300 is the smaller of the two workstations, weighing 1.3 kg against 2.99 kg.
  4. The AC Adapter Power of the model 7300 is 65W. whereas the AC Adapter Power of the model 7400 is 65W, 90W respectively.
  5. The memory clock speed of the model 7300 is 2400 MHz, 2666 MHz. In model 7400, on the other hand, the memory clock speed is 2133 MHz, 2400 MHz, 2666 MHz.   


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