Difference Between Dell Latitude and Dell Vostro

Dell is one of the famous producers of Laptops and monitors. It is an American multinational company.

It sells and develops computers and other related products. Micheal.S.Dell is the chief executive officer and founder of Dell Technologies.

Dell introduced distinct types of computers and several models of laptops. The Dell Latitude and Dell Vostro are two different models by Dell.

Dell Latitude vs Dell Vostro

The difference between Dell Latitude and Dell Vostro is their weight. The dell latitude weighs around1.95 kg, and the dell Vostro weighs around 2.04 kg. They have diverse operating systems. The dell latitude has windows, and the Vostro has Ubuntu. They have equal RAM size but the size of the display change with models.

Dell Latitude vs Dell Vostro

Dell Latitude has camera innovations. The Dell latitude provides a stunning visual in low lights.

Dell Latitude has the first webcam shutter. It gets control of the webcam and makes automatic functions.

The latitude provides intelligent audio quality that gives clear notes without background noises. Dell latitude has 4GB RAM.

Dell Latitude has an expensive narrow border with smart light systems. The innovation in cooling systems makes us wonder.

Dell Vostro has excellent portability. It is the ultimate gadget for small businesses.

Vostro is available at an exceptional value. Dell Vostro has master productivity features that provide you a better experience.

The state of art innovation grants faster performance. The anti-glare displays give a clear view.

It has multiple USB ports with a legacy port that makes you easily connect to other devices. Vostro has a high-speed gigabit ethernet connection for your professional work.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDell LatitudeDell Vostro
Number of cooling fansDell Latitude has two cooling fansDell Vostro has one cooling fan
Length of side bezelsThe size of side bezels of Dell latitude is 6.2mm.The size of the side bezel of the Dell Vostro is 9.2mm.
Response timeThe response time of Dell Latitude is 25ms.The response time of Dell Vostro is 35ms.
Battery TypeDell Latitude has a Li-Po battery type.Dell Vostro has a Li-Ion battery type.
Number of threadsDell Latitude has eight threads.Dell Vostro has four threads.
Maximum RAM sizeThe maximum RAM size of Dell Latitude is 64GB.The maximum RAM size of Dell Vostro is 32GB.

What is Dell Latitude?

Dell latitude 5000 series are the first products to use reclaimed carbon fiber in their design. The additional fact is that latitude models are produced from 21% of bioplastics.

Dell Latitude is EPEAT registered product. The painted parts in latitude are low waterborne paints.

The packaging trays are 100% recycled material. The Dell latitude got 4 out of 5 ratings in most online gadget selling sites.

The Dell Latitude laptops are designed for IT needs. It provides an outstanding business experience.

Latitude has an Intel pro platform that gives a better quality performance. Dell Latitude has hardware-based security measures with business-class performance.

It is easy to manage with its state of art features. It has wifi and a perfect battery for more time.

The Dell latitude has the latest 11 Gen Intel core. The Intel Adaptix based design will open faster and works better.

The dell read your pattern for adaptive measures, and it extends the optimizer to provide a better battery life. The Dell Latitude 9000 series can charge 80% in 40 minutes.

Dell can automatically search for a strong network and get connected to that by prioritizing the wavelength of bandwidth. It has an option to connect with a 4G network and eSIM.

dell latitude

What is Dell Vostro?

Dell Vostro comes with smart security features that secure your laptop and the data from third-party resources. Vostro has an in-built security upgrade with OS recovery options.

It also has a fingerprint reader in case you don’t need to type a password every time. Dell Vostro is a business helper.

It is your partner if you are doing a small business. Dell Vostro comes with windows operating system.

The graphics card has Intel HD Graphics, ATI/AMD Radeon, NVIDIA GeForce. Dell Vostro has no touch screen and HDR support.

It is a dedicated type with a 64bit memory bus. The Vostro comes with384 shading units.

Vostro has no optical drive. The maximum ram size of Vostro is 32 GB.

The surface of the touchpad is made of plastics. Dell Vostro come with 16 inches.

The Vostro has vivid color gives more brightness. It has two narrow sides expensive border that help to maximize the focus on the work.

Vostro has an array of ports. It comes with an SD card reader with multiple ports.

These ports keep your connection portable. Vostro has commercial security measures installed in the motherboard for better encryption keys.

dell vostro

Main Differences Between Dell Latitude and Dell Vostro

  1. Dell Latitude has two cooling fans, and Dell Vostro has one cooling fan.
  2. The side bezels of Dell latitude is 6.2mm, and the side bezel of the Dell Vostro is 9.2mm.
  3. The Dell Latitude response is 25ms, and the Dell Vostro response is 35ms.
  4. Dell Latitude has a Li-Po battery type., and Dell Vostro has a Li-Ion battery type.
  5. The maximum RAM size of Dell Latitude is 64GB, and Dell Vostro is 32GB.




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