Difference Between Firestick and Fire TV

Amazon’s Fire TV and Firestick provide a low-cost streaming option for adding smart impulses to the TV.


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It gives users access to the majority of mainstream film, television, as well as music services, including Alexa’s assistant is a great bonus.

This space-saving design is reasonably priced.

Key Takeaways

  1. Firestick is a streaming media device that connects to a TV’s HDMI port and allows access to various streaming services. At the same time, Fire TV is a set-top box that provides a more comprehensive streaming experience with additional features and functionalities.
  2. Firestick is smaller and more affordable than Fire TV, making it ideal for travel or secondary TV setups.
  3. Fire TV offers 4K Ultra HD streaming and supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, while Firestick only supports Wi-Fi.

Firestick vs Fire TV

The Firestick is a small device that plugs into an HDMI port on your TV. The Firestick is portable and easier to use with multiple TVs. The Fire TV is a larger set-top box. The Fire TV is more powerful network appliance, and it has better specs. It can also handle more intensive tasks like gaming.

Firestick vs Fire TV

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The Amazon Fire TV Stick— sometimes referred to as the “Fire Stick” by a few— is a broadcasting device sold to Consumers by Amazon.

This Fire Stick is fashioned like a USB stick as well as goes straight into the TV’s HDMI socket, identical to the Roku in several aspects.

Amazon Fire TV is just a streaming media gadget that was first introduced in 2014 by Amazon and now comes in 5 distinct variants.

In combination with Amazon Prime Video, Fire TV users have access to tens of thousands of online networks, as well as music services such as Spotify as well as games.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonFirestickFire TV
DefinitionIf a person is on a tight budget, the Fire TV Stick provides identical streaming capabilities to the Fire TV at quite a fraction of the cost. This video streaming device features important entertaining features as an Amazon Fire TV Family gadget, including great picture clarity, accessibility to over 5 lakh tv shows and movies, as well as the capacity to monitor anything with an Alexa Voice Controller.The Amazon Fire TV is a content delivery device that belongs to the Amazon Fire TV product portfolio. It’s a gadget with a lot of streaming features, including the ability to create a comprehensive viewing experience.
Physical AppearanceThe Firestick has a straightforward design that isn’t groundbreaking. It’s a standard USB stick with a somewhat larger size. One of its panels has an HDMI port for connecting to a television.A little square-shaped box with HDMI is the Amazon Fire TV. The remote also serves as a navigational pad, featuring an Enter key in the middle.
Processor and StorageThe Amazon Fire TV Stick has a 1.3GHz chipset, which is somewhat less efficient. It comes with 1GB of RAM as well as 8GB internal memory.On the other hand, Amlogic’s robust ARM Cortex-A53 1.5GHz quad-core chip powers the Fire TV. It contains two gigabytes of RAM and eight gigabytes of memory.
Operating SystemThe Firestick runs on model 5 of the Fire operating system which is the previous version.Whereas, the Amazon Fire TV features Fire operating system 6, which is a reworked edition.
Streaming ProcessWhen the user is away from their home, they may stream on the move. If the user is staying at a mate’s place or a resort, they can utilize the Fire TV Stick.One of the major drawbacks of Fire TV is its shape and the process of streaming, which restricts portable streaming.

What is Firestick?

The Fire Stick is a technology that complements the Amazon broadcasting strategy service, but it also provides extra.

It’s easy to attach to many other video streaming services, like Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu, through its help on a conventional TV, in conjunction with streaming movies and shows from the Amazon package.

Using Fire Sticks, users can start playing or hear music, and apart from the famous Chromecast, this streaming box arrives with a dedicated controller.

The base edition of the Amazon Fire TV Stick does not include Alexa, the designed digital assistant.

The latest Amazon Fire TV with Voice Assistant Remote has the same appearance as the previous model: a USB key, which plugs into the TV’s HDMI port.

It also includes a two-battery controller, a USB port, and a networking adaptor for turning on the Fire TV Stick. 

No concerns if the user can’t just plug the sticks into the extra HDMI port due to the manner the TV is placed or anything.

Amazon includes an HDMI-HDMI cable that must first be connected to the slot.

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What is Fire TV?

Amazon has unveiled its latest Fire TV system, which enables easier and quicker broadcasting for home theater in New York via Android.

The small black box also has 2 GB of RAM, allowing it to communicate more effectively with cellphones.

Thanks to this technology, archiving Amazon videos has never been easier.

In combination with the keyboard, voice dialing can also be used to select material.

Owners of this gadget will then have access to a wide range of online games, according to Amazon.

Following Apple and Google, Amazon’s Fire TV is the company’s television-based Internet connection option.

The evolution of televisions as a medium has progressed to a new stage. Amazon’s Fire TV is a television-based Internet access service.

The idea of a small black box is that users will be able to watch their preferred content, films, or specials anytime they want.

The Amazon Fire TV is a little box with a big screen. This machine, unlike the rivals, is identical to Sonny’s PlayStation, which might be a major benefit.

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Main Differences Between Firestick and Fire TV

  1. The Amazon Firestick is just a flash drive-like gadget that can be plugged into a tv’s HDMI connector. Fire TV, on the other hand, is a video streaming device that displays web content upon that television.
  2. One of the main differences between these devices is their form factor. The Firestick comes in an HDMI Dongle form which makes it highly portable. On the other hand, the Fire TV comes with a small set-top box, making it difficult for their portability.
  3. When it comes down to the 4k resolution viewing content, Fire TV has the edge over Firestick. The Firestick lacks the 4k resolution package, which makes it difficult for some users who prefer high resolution.
  4. The previous generation of the Fire operating system, generation5, is used by the Firestick. The Amazon Fire TV, on the other hand, runs on Fire OS6, which is a rebuilt version.
  5. When the viewer is not at home, they can stream while on the go. The Fire TV Stick can be used if the user is visiting a friend’s house or at a resort. From the other end, among the most significant disadvantages of Fire TV is its design and streaming procedure, which limits portable streaming.
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