Canon HF10 vs Canon HF100: Difference and Comparison

In the world of camcorders and handy cams, canon has always been in the top two competitors since 2001. The Canon HF10 and HF100 are Memory Chips rangefinder cameras that use the AVCHD codec format.

They both come with most of the typical videotape capabilities, as well as Canon-only features like the 3.3 Pixel resolution, DIGIC DV II Image Processor, MegaRanged super optical IS (image stabilization), and Fast AF (Auto Focus).

Key Takeaways

  1. Canon HF10 features 16GB internal memory, while Canon HF100 relies solely on SDHC cards for storage.
  2. Both camcorders offer Full HD recording, optical image stabilization, and 12x optical zoom.
  3. The Canon HF10 and HF100 share similar designs and features, with the primary difference being the storage options available.

Canon HF10 vs Canon HF100

The difference between Canon HF10 and HF100 is that Canon’s HF10 camera includes two micro sd cards. It has two memory options: the camcorder’s inbuilt 16 GB Flash Memory and an SDHC sd card, whilst the HF100 only has an 8 GB SDHC card. The physical features are quite similar, the playing controls underneath the Flipout screen are fantastic, but we have been underwhelmed with the edge video/menu slider, which makes it difficult for your thumb to switch modes on the go.

Canon HF10 vs Canon HF100

The HF10, on either contrary, can capture for up to 6 hours and mins in LP (long-play) style and 4 hours and mins in SP form, thanks to its 16 Gb sd card.

The HF100 camcorder; the newest in high def video recorders stems from Canon’s dynasty descended from optical quality, superior image analysis, stellar results, and scientific innovation in photography and network tv lenses.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonHF10HF100
Megapixels3.32 megapixels with 2.27 effective megapixels.3.0 megapixels along with 2.07 effective megapixels.
Available ColoursBlackBlack, Silver and Grey.
Focal Length and AutofocusNo autofocus option is available in HF10 and it consists of a 4.8 – 57.6 ff.Autofocus option is available in this model. The focal length being 4.8 – 57 ff.
PriceRanges from $499-999 and is costlier than the HF100.Ranges from $499-799 and is cheaper than the HF10.
Release date and SDHCThe HF10 was released in April 2008 with a 16GB memory chip.The HF100 was released in March 2008 with 8GB of SDHC memory. 

What is Canon HF10?

Canon’s HF10 handy-camera, which weighs less than 500g and fits into a trouser pocket, is the industry’s first HD handy-cam to record video on detachable sd card. MiniDV, hard disc, and Disc media were used in older iterations. 

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The HF10 is substantially lighter in weight than its ‘relatives,’ with 16GB of system storage capable of storing 6 to 8 hours of video at the maximum level of quality.

Released in April 2008, this handy-cam made it to the top charts in canon’s sale in no time. In standard-playmode state, the Hf10 requires 3.9 watts, whereas the HF100 needs 4.0 watts.

For video footage, the HF10 uses the AVCHD format. This codec is becoming the mainstream technology for HD video cameras, and it could be watched on Uhd TVs with laptop connections as well as Lumi discs.

canon hf10 scaled

What is Canon HF100?

The newest in full hd video cameras stems from Canon’s long heritage of image formation, superior image synthesis, stellar results, and scientific innovation in photography and broadcast tv cameras.

With the small, portable Canon VIXIA HF100, you may record in spectacular AVCHD (Advanced Video Codec High Definition) format while enjoying the convenience and many advantages of Flash Memory.

Assuming you keep the HF100 in your hand throughout filming, if it slips or users accidentally bump it against furniture, you’ll be relieved to hear that memory SDHC chips are much more shock resistant than alternative recorded storage methods.

With an 8 GB SDHC memory, the HF100 could last 3 hours in LP performance and 2 hours and mins in SP performance. In terms of pricing, the HF100 is considered to be less expensive than the HF10, with double memory capabilities.

canon hf100

Main Differences Between Canon HF10 and Canon HF100

  1. The recording and battery life on HF10 is dramatically more than that of HF100.
  2. HF10 is capable of processing 720p 60fps videos along with many other presets, whereas the 30fps option defaults in the HF100.

Last Updated : 21 August, 2023

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