Canon FS11 vs Canon FS21: Difference and Comparison

The camera and video recording company have made lots of changes and upgraded with all the technology. The best example of this is Canon FS11 and Canon FS21.

Both of them are used for a similar purpose. Therefore, there can be confusion about which to choose. To make this decision easier, it is important to understand the features and differences between both of them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Canon FS11 has a storage capacity of 16GB, while Canon FS21 has a storage capacity of 64 GB.
  2. Canon FS21 has a higher battery life of up to 135 minutes, whereas Canon FS11 has a battery life of up to 110 minutes.
  3. Canon FS21 has a higher zoom range of 37x, whereas Canon FS11 has a zoom range of 48x.

Canon FS11 vs Canon FS21

Canon FS11 is an affordable camera with autofocus, built-in display, flash and microphone, image stabilizer, and manual focus, but it does not have advanced features. Canon FS21 is an advanced camera from Canon used by professionals, with a lightweight design and premium features.

Canon FS11 vs Canon FS21

Canon FS11 has several features, such as an image stabilizer, autofocus, manual focus, built-in display, manual exposure, built-in flash, built-in microphone, DC-in Jack, etc.

It is heavier when compared to the more upgraded version, and with all of this, it also does not have certain advanced features. It is an affordable option as it offers all the basic features.

Canon FS21 is an advanced version of Canon FS21; this is the best advantage of it. It has all the basic and advanced features. It is lighter and more compact.

Its design is also better, making its appearance overall better. It is best for a professional or someone who requires additional advanced features of work or other things.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCanon FS11Canon FS21
DesignComparatively not betterBetter

What is Canon FS11?

Canon FS11 has the following features in these categories:


  1. It comes with the CCD sensor type.
  2. It has a 1.0-inch optical sensor size.
  3. It has 0.71 Mpx effective megapixels.
  4. It has a total of 10.7 Mpx megapixels.
  5. It has a total of 1152.0 px optical sensor resolution.
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Optics and Focus

  1. It has 37.0 x optical zoom.
  2. It has 2000.0 x digital zoom.
  3. It comes with 41.7-1877 focal length Equiv.
  4. It comes with auto/manual (both) focus adjustment.
  5. It has 1 normal focus range and 0.1 Macro focus range.

Screen and Viewfinder

  1. It also has a built-in display.
  2. It has an LCD display.
  3. It has 2.7 in of display-diagonal.

Photography Features

  1. The camera shutter speed is 1.0s.
  2. It offers manual exposure.
  3. It has a 10.0s self-timer delay.
  4. It also has the feature of built-in flash.

Other Features:

  1. It has built-in microphone features.
  2. It comes in two colors, a combination of black, silver, and black.
  3. It has Lithium-ion of battery technology.

It offers decent features with the price paid. It is upgraded than most of the Canon models, but there are more models available in the market as well.

canon fs11 scaled

What is Canon FS21?

Mostly Canon FS21 has similar features to Canon FS11; the following are different and advanced features of Canon FS21;


  1. It has a total of 1.07 Mpx of megapixels.
  2. Its optical sensor resolution is 1070000.0 px.

Other additional features:

  1. It comes with a DIGIC DV II image processor (this feature is absent in previous models).
  2. It also has dual-flash memory.
  3. It can be charged quickly due to its quick charge feature.
  4. It has 3 Mbps, 6 Mbps, and 9 Mbps types of recording modes.
  5. It has additional video editing software, Pixela Image Mixer.

Other than several basic features, they are the same. Also, it comes to its better design and more color (silver, black, and black silver). It will be hard to tell which one of them is better as both have more of the same features than different.

But if a person wants advanced features, FS21 is indeed a better option.

But with all of these advanced features, a little extra price has to be paid, which may be turned off for a person who does not use them frequently and needs basic features with pocket-friendly value.

Main Differences Between Canon FS11 and Canon FS21

  1. FS21 is more travel-friendly and more compact as it comes in lighter with 7.9 ounces and can fit in smaller spaces when compared to FS11, which is heavier and less compact.
  2. FS21 has an advantage in terms of sensors; it comes with a 1.07 megapixel CMOS sensor, while FS11 does not have this sensor as it comes with a 1/6′ CCD sensor. Along with this, they also differ in terms of zoom lenses. FS21 comes with 48x advanced zoom, 37x optical zoom, and 200x digital zoom, while FS11 comes with the same optical zoom and 200x digital zoom but no advanced zoom.
  3. FS21 is also preferred more by professionals as it comes with upgraded features, while FS11 does not have similar or the same advanced features, making it second or less priority by the professionals.
  4. When compared in terms of design, FS21 is again comparatively better as it is better for someone using it daily as it offers better things, whereas FS11 is also good, but when compared, it is not as good as FS21.
  5. Lastly, FS21 is more expensive when compared to FS11, which is an affordable option. Although given advanced features, it is worth every penny, but for someone who uses it less frequently, it is not a good option, but in an opposite situation, it is a better option.
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Last Updated : 03 September, 2023

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