Difference Between Nikon D3100 and Nikon D5000

Nikon brand has been tried and trusted by photographers for ages. A buyer wants to invest in the best camera model for the best pictures quality, which is outstanding and captures precious moments.

The Nion D3100 is the earliest camera that presented an Expeed II processor, enhancing the swift image and video clarifying. The Nikon D5000 is a higher access extent DSLR.

Nikon D3100 vs Nikon D5000

The main difference between Nikon D3100 and Nikon D5000 is that Nikon D3100 has 14.2 megapixels and a three-inch LCD screen. The Nikon D3100 is an entry-level DSLR. The Nikon D5000, on the other hand, has 12.3 megapixels and a 2.7-inch Swivel LCD screen and is classified as an upper-level DSLR.

Nikon D3100 vs Nikon D5000

Nikon D3100 can shoot three frames per second and is a slightly smaller camera when compared to the D5000 model.

The Expeed II processor of Nikon D3100 gets the capacity of full HD. The Nikon D3100 is an upgraded version of the Nikon D3000. The Nikon D3100 has a better megapixel resolution.

The Nikon D5000 shoots four frames per second and larger camera than Nikon D3100. The D5000 model has roughly around 12 megapixels and gets features capable of recording 720p videos.

The D5000 model has a swiveling LCD screen that helps click photos at odd angles in perfection. The Nikon D5000 is an older model but still has some great features not compatible with other brands.

Comparison Table Between Nikon D3100 and Nikon D5000

Parameters of ComparisonNikon D3100Nikon D5000
SensorIt has a good quality sensor.It has an adequate sensor.
RecordIt records at 1080p.It records at 720p.
LCDIt has a fixed LCD.It has a swiveling LCD.
Lighting OptionIt has no D lighting option.It has more D lighting options.
Bracketing optionNo auto bracketing option.Auto bracketing option available.

What is Nikon D3100?

The new CMOS sensor for precise subject detail and perfect color gradation surprises with superb outcomes. Shooting photos or an entire HD movie sensor plays a crucial role in the image quality.

The elevated pixel add-up of D3100 produces a lucid picture, revealing all the specters of the initial sequence.

The compact and lightweight D3100 is easy to use due to its ergonomic grip simplifying shooting in horizontal and vertical positions.

The D3100 can approximately shoot three frames per second. It is a crucial option for dynamic motion and facial expression that gets challenging for any photographer. 

The split-second shutter response eliminates the disappointing opportunity to capture precious moments, which generally gets missed in the other models.

It captures beautifully in dimly lit scenes without any blurs. The twilight or indoor shots have a natural look without utilizing a tripod or flash.

The accurate high-speed autofocus grasps any change in the scene or composition. It maintains a keen focus to capture any brief-expression or fast-moving sports.

D3100 comes bunched with AF-3 DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR lens ready for clear, striking images. Vibration Reduction(VR) image stabilization ensures razor-sharp handheld movies and videos. 

The closeup captured breathtaking details shot at 0.9 feet of focus distance.

The array of NIKKOR lenses allows exploring various angles and producing lovely defocusing backgrounds, and advanced imaging assures outstanding quality. 

The D3100 automatically selects the screen mode that matches the shooting condition.

The Live View shooting in auto mode, the scene selector chooses between Portrait or Landscape, Close-up, or Night Portrait, depending on the scene.

What is Nikon D5000?

Nikon D5000 is simple to use with an uncluttered interface.

The number of buttons has reduced when compared to D90. The panel read-out has got converted into an attractive LCD screen.

It has an option of SCENE mode near the handgrip to choose from 13 present scenes, and this gives a choice not to worry about the technical details, speed, or sensitivity. 

The size and the shooting display on the LCD screen are noteworthy. The Nikon D5000 has two shooting display styles, the graphic display, and the classic format.

The illustration display helps the user visualize the shutter speed and the lens aperture. In this style, the same illustration is in large font and icons.

You have the option to choose between the display style. 

The display in the graphics could be blue, black, or brown. In the classic, it is blue, black or orange. The Nikon D5000 rotates the display to 90* or 270* to facilitate vertical orientation when shooting photos.

The playback mode in Nikon D5000 provides an insight into all the pictures that have got previously shot. It even shows chunks of detailed information along with GPS details get provided. 

The option to quickly find images and zoom in for close examination is available.

The D5000 has a swiveling LCD screen, and even if it is an older version, there are many options available that are not part of other models.

Main Differences Between Nikon D3100 and Nikon D5000

  1. The Nikon D3100 has a higher sensor resolution. The Nikon D5000 has a lessor sensor resolution.
  2. The Nikon D3100 records videos at 1080p. The Nikon D5000 records at 720p.
  3. The Nikon D3100 has reduced lighting. The Nikon D5000 has better D-lighting options.
  4. The Nikon D3100 has no bracketing. The Nikon D5000 has bracketing.
  5. In Nikon D3100, the LCD gets fixed. In the Nikon D5000, the LCD is swiveling.


The Nikon D3100 is an updated version of the D3000. The advanced features give a run for the money for Nikon D5000. The main difference between the two models is the resolution.

A better design shows better picture quality with accurate details. 

The Nikon D3100 gets classified as an entry-level DSLR. The Nikon D5000 is the best DSLR currently. The Nikon D3100 is ideal as it has an improved video recording capability.

The Nikon D5000 has better features, and the autofocus is quick and reliable. It is a perfect camera for the mid-level range.

Both these Nikon models have great features to offer. To choose between the two depends on the criteria for the buyer.


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