Canon vs Nikon: Difference and Comparison

Photography has grown so fast, from just capturing a small moment and expressing a thousand words with one picture to becoming a wider profession and having one camera per family.

So as the lifestyle changes with it, the technology around also changes.  

Using the camera is so fascinating. Similarly, producing it with new features and facilities also has become captivating by most companies.

The two ruling companies in Camera production are from Japan, and both have been popular since they captured this industry.  

Key Takeaways

  1. Canon and Nikon are two of the most popular camera brands, with Canon being known for its user-friendly interface and Nikon for its superior image quality.
  2. Canon cameras use the EF or EF-S mount, while Nikon cameras use the F mount.
  3. Canon has a wider range of lenses, whereas Nikon has better low-light performance.

Canon vs Nikon

Canon uses the EF and EF-S mount, favouring warmer colours, and tend to have more intuitive menus and easier-to-use controls. Nikon uses the F mount, producing sharper images with cooler colours, and offers more advanced features and customization options, offering a wide range of cameras.

Canon vs Nikon

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Comparison Table

Parameter of Comparison Canon Nikon 
Establishment In 1937, Canon Inc. was established in Tokyo, Japan.Nikon Corporation was established in 1917 in Tokyo, Japan, by its parent company Mitsubishi Group. 
Formerly Known As Seiki Kogaku Kenkyusho (Precision Optical Industry Co. Ltd.) was its former name. Nippon Kogaku Kogyo Kabushikigaisha (Japan Optical Industries Corporation) was its former name. 
Users Canon is an excellent choice for beginners, as it easily understands controls. It even captures natural photographs with its Auto Mode. Nikon is hard to understand for beginners or inexperienced users. Professionals mostly use it. They adjust their settings to capture the picture.
Company For the past 83 years, Canon has been in the camera equipment industry. Nikon is an older company than Canon; it has been in the market for the past 103 years.
Camera Production Canon started its Camera production in 1934 when it was formerly known as Seiki Kogaku. Nikon started its camera production 1946 and named the first 35mm camera ‘Nikon.’
DSLR D30 was the first DSLR produced by Canon. In 1999, it invented DSLR Camera D1 on its own. It was the first actual DSLR in the world. 
VR Set Canon produces its VR cameras and Headsets. Nikon produces VR Lenses. 
Durability Canon is more durable than Nikon. Nikon is less durable than Canon. 
Unique Product Its 400 mm, pocket-sized, Monocular Telephoto, ‘Canon PowerShot Zoom’ Camera is easy and lighter to carry while travelling. Its ‘Nikon CoolPix W300 Camera has a waterproof and rugged body. It is the topmost in waterproof cameras. 
Revenue 3.59 Trillion Japanese Yen (2019).708.7 Billion Japanese Yen (2019).

What is Canon? 

Formerly known as ‘Seiki Kogaku Kenkyusho,’ now Canon Inc., was set up on 10th August 1937. It is an older company (83 years in industrial production) headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

Camera and Lenses are important production sources.

It is known for its industrial products like Still Camera, Lenses, SLR Camera, Digital Camera, Scanner, Camcorder, Photocopier, Printer, LCCs, Micro Motor, Magnetic Head, Ophthalmic Equipements and.  

The first-ever 35mm camera in Japan was produced in 1934 and named ‘Kwanon.’ After 1947, the company was called Canon Inc. It even manufactures excellent VR Cameras and Headsets.

It has more durability. Also, the website focuses more on visuals, and support is user-friendly.  

Last year, its revenue was 3.59 trillion Yen (Approx. US$ 34 Billion). Strongly competing with Nikon.

The Monocular 400 mm ‘Canon PowerShot Zoom Camera is a unique product, pocket-sized and easy to carry. 

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What is Nikon? 

The Foundation of Nikon Corp. was on 25th July 1917 in Japan. It also mainly produces Cameras and Lenses, a powerful competitor of Canon.

The former company name was ‘Nippon Kogaku Kogyo Kabushikigaisha’, which changed to Nikon Corporation in 1988.

The term was an abbreviation of Nippon Kogaku in 1946 for its first 35mm Camera, then decided to rebrand the firm with the same name.

It is a much older corporation in this field, nearly growing and serving exclusive products for over 100 years.  

Professional photographers mostly use Nikon as it needs to do manual settings and is hard to understand for beginners. Its first DSLR camera was the very first actual Digital SLR Camera in the world that is D1.  

Still, Camera, Lenses, SLR Camera, DSLR Camera, Monoculars, Binoculars, Laser Rangefinder, Microscopes, Telescopes, Riflescopes, Precision and Surveying Equipements, Medical solutions, and processing Equipements are a few of Nikon’s product range.

It also produces VR lenses. ‘Nikon CoolPix W300 Camera is Nikon’s current trending and unique product. It has a waterproof and rugged body and is the most popular waterproof camera.  

Last year, its revenue was 708.7 Billion Yen (Approx. US$ 6.8 Billion). The website is information focused. The Monocular 400 mm ‘Canon PowerShot Zoom Camera is a unique product, pocket-sized and easy to carry. 

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2 Nikon D3200 24.2 MP CMOS... Nikon D3200 24.2 MP CMOS Digital SLR with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S DX NIKKOR Zoom Lens (Renewed)

Main Differences Between Canon and Nikon 

  1. Beginners mostly use Canon, while professional photographers use Nikon. 
  2. Canon gives the Auto Mode option to capture natural moments without settings, whereas, on Nikon, settings are manual.  
  3. Nikon company is 20 years older than Canon. Conversely, Canon cameras are more durable than it.  
  4. Canon is the first one to start the production of Cameras. On the contrary, Nikon is the one who produced the first Digital SLR (DSLR).  
  5. Canon makes more revenue than Nikon because of its auto mode, durability, and more users (Learners). On the other hand, Nikon is unique in its professional way, and its users need a good grip on camera handling. 
Difference Between Canon and Nikon

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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