Difference Between Vendor Name and Company Name

The success of the business depends on several aspects like branding, company structure, sales, product suppliers and marketing strategies. 

A company is a commercial business formed by a group of people. A vendor, on the other hand, is a company or person who offers products or services for sale.

Vendor Name vs Company Name

The difference between company name and vendor name is that the company name is what a particular business is legally recognized by, while the vendor name is the name of the company that provides the products to be sold. The company acts as a platform for the resale of products provided by the vendor.

Vendor name vs Company name

For example, Cloudtail India is a vendor that sells various items like books, make-up and other products on Amazon. Here Cloudtail India is the vendor while Amazon is the company.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonVendor NameCompany Name
DefinitionThe name of an individual or a company that offers the products for sale to the company.The legally recognized name of a business which resales products by various different sellers (vendors) or someone who makes the products.
Legal DetailsThey do not have many legal liabilities.They have many legal liabilities as they are the face of the business. They own property, can be sued and can sue others too.
BrandIt is not recognized as a brand or a trademark.It is recognized as a brand or a trademark.
PlansThey have no specific plans in mind and can make swift decisions regarding their business.They have specific plans regarding the company and need those to be approved by three-quarter of votes.
Role in BusinessThey act as the distributor for a particular product. They resale products.They act as the maker of products or as a company that resales all kinds of products on a platform.

What is a Vendor Name?

A vendor is someone who sells their products through other companies. The name of that individual or business is called a vendor name.

They can change their name and even start selling different products. They can sell the products to other businesses, consumers or even the government.

A farmer’s stall that sells vegetables can be considered as a vendor. They come first in the line of the market chain.

vendor name

What is a Company Name?

A company name is the name of a legally recognized business that works in reselling of products and services or making them. The company name is a legal proof.

A company is owned by several people who take decisions for it together, vote on it and if it passes the margin of three quarter of votes, it can be carried out.

We know several companies like YouTube, Amazon, Flipkart, Netflix, etc. They all sell different services and products from different vendors from all around the world.

company name

Main Differences Between Vendor Name and Company Name

  1. A vendor name is the name of a retailer or a supplier of products and services. A company name is the name of the business that makes or resales the products by different vendors/sellers.
  2. A vendor name holds less legal liabilities than a company name.


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