Nikon D vs G Lenses: Difference and Comparison

Although we all have phones to capture photos yet, mobile cameras cannot compete with real camera lenses. We will look at the difference between the two types of lenses, i.e., Nikon D and G lenses.

Key Takeaways

  1. Nikon D lenses feature an aperture control ring, enabling manual aperture adjustments, while G lenses have electronically controlled apertures without a physical control ring.
  2. G lenses are lighter and more compact due to the absence of the aperture control ring, making them more convenient for modern DSLR and mirrorless cameras.
  3. D and G lenses are compatible with various Nikon camera bodies, but D lenses may need more functionality on entry-level models. In contrast, G lenses provide full compatibility with most Nikon cameras.

Nikon D vs G Lenses 

Nikon D Lenses are the older versions of lenses from Nikon, designed with an aperture ring that makes them highly compatible with making older film cameras. Nikon G Lenses is one of the recent lenses from Nikon that is compatible with different kinds of DSLR cameras and has automatic apertures.

Nikon D vs G Lenses

Nikon D lenses are older versions and therefore don’t have all the good features that are now in demand. For example, they don’t have autofocus.

G lenses are highly compatible with people’s choices. It has all the features needed to create a good snap from a camera lens: from an autofocus mode to photos with good sharpness and no distortion.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNikon D LensesNikon G Lenses
AgeThese were the earliest lenses.This is the new lens in the market.
TypeCreated for the SLR cameras.Created for DSLR cameras.
FeaturesDid not have all the good features.They contain advanced features.
ApertureIn type D lenses aperture cannot be changed by the camera.Changing the aperture of the camera is automatic.
Focus ringThey have a focus ring.They do not have a focus ring, as it is not needed.

What are Nikon D Lenses?

D lenses are older versions of lenses. They have an aperture ring and are very compatible with making older film cameras. Few D lenses do not have a mode of autofocus.

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An example of one such lens is 300mm f (40AF-S).7. This camera has an autofocus mode even after having a D lens. 

They are older and therefore cost less. The cameras having the autofocus mode with the lenses are also costlier than the normal ones without the autofocus mode.

Some of the demerits are the High sound of the motor when capturing photos or videos, which creates a nuisance if the place is silent, and the Sharpness of the image is not good when clicked with the D lenses.

nikon d lenses

What are Nikon G Lenses?

New lenses in the news are G lenses these days as they are highly compatible with people’s choices. It has all the features needed to create a good snap from a camera lens.

Photography lovers, or we can say that die heart photographers, better understand what good thing they have got after spending a few more dollars from an autofocus mode to photos with good sharpness and no distortion. 

These are the three top qualities of lenses, and with them comes the long list of advanced features of G lenses. The motor in it, which helps in autofocusing, is quite cool as it does not make any sound production.

Some of the disadvantages which can be counted are as follows 

1. They are bigger than D lenses. 

2. This is a bit heavy. 

3. There are no control rings for the aperture.

Ignoring some of the cons, we can probably say that G lenses are far better than D lenses and are a choice for camera lovers these days. 

nikon g lenses

Main Differences Between Nikon D and G Lenses

  1. D lenses are not as sharp as G lenses.
  2. In D lenses, the focus motor is quite noisy, whereas in G lenses, there are no such sounds.
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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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