Difference Between Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and Chromecast

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Microsoft’s Wireless Display Adapter and Google’s Chromecast are two devices that can display content from our devices to widescreen digital TVs.

Both have the same function, so if you are looking for the better one, then know the difference between them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Wireless Display adapter lets you wirelessly display your device’s screen on a TV or monitor. In contrast, Chromecast lets you stream content from your device to a TV or monitor.
  2. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter requires an HDMI and USB port, while Chromecast only requires an HDMI port.
  3. The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter works with Windows and Android devices, while Chromecast works with a wider range of devices, including iOS and MacOS.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter vs Chromecast

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is an adapter that allows users to display a presentation on a big screen, view images, or stream movies wirelessly. Chromecast is a built-in technology by Google that allows users to stream their apps and entertainment from their laptop, phone, or tablet to the TV or speaker.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter vs Chromecast

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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter is one of the many available options for streaming device content on TV. Any type of app can be compatible with this adapter as it uses Miracast technology. However, this adapter might not be the best fit for iOS users.

Chromecast is another device that lets you stream any content to the TV from devices. When compared with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, Chromecast is cheaper in expense. Also, it is fit to run on any version of Windows.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft Wireless Display AdapterChromecast
What can be streamed Microsoft’s Wireless Display adapter can reflect the device’s screen.Chromecast stream selects Internet media streams and local media or web browser tabs.
Technology usedMiracast technology gets used by Microsoft wireless display adapter. Chromecast utilises proprietary technology.
ExpenseMicrosoft Wireless Display Adapter is more expensive.Comparatively, Google’s Chromecast is less expensive.
FunctionalOperating systems that are preliminary to Windows 8.1 can not use Microsoft wireless display adapter.Chromecast can work on all versions of the Windows system.
Required ConnectionMicrosoft wireless display adapter has Wi-Fi Direct, so it does not need a separate Wi-Fi router.Chromecast needs a separately connected Wi-Fi router.

What is Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter?

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter enables you to stream content or even apps from your device to HDTV or monitor. Through the use of the adapter, the apps will not be only limited to your smartphone.

This is a wireless facility whose utilisation will let you view photos from your device or stream movies. You can also show presentations on a big screen; everything will be wireless.

It uses Miracast technology, which means you are free to use any app and content. You are not bound to certain types of files or limited to a few kinds of apps. It can hold up to 32 GB.

The facility of Direct Wi-Fi lets Microsoft wireless display adapter work without any Wi-Fi router.

Even after all the benefits, it has a few drawbacks. It can not operate in the Windows versions that were created before the 8.1 version. In addition to that, for iOS users, Microsoft wireless display adapter is not the best fit.

This is due to the fact that apps to support this system are not available here.

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What is Chromecast?

Google presents Chromecast, which is a streaming media adapter. Users can play any content on TV through a mobile app. Your devices can work as a TV remote and change your experience of watching your favourite shows and personal pictures.

Chromecast has proprietary technology, which does not let it get compatible with all the available options of apps. Chromecast faces a few limitations there.

Google’s Chromecast offers you the facility to stream from your device to your TV. You can effortlessly enjoy numerous Android and iPhone apps to play your videos. Surfing the web on a big screen will also be attainable through this device.

You can also mirror your laptop screen on the TV. Using Chromecast, one can stream content from various sources, such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Google Play music. You can also browse content from Chrome.


Main Differences Between Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and Chromecast

  1. Miracast technology is used by Microsoft wireless display adapter, whereas Google’s Chromecast utilises the technology of proprietary, which means the compatibility with the apps is limited In the case of Chromecast.
  2. Microsoft wireless display adapter has Wi-Fi Direct, and as a result, it does not need a separate Wi-Fi router. But Chromecast does not have Direct Wi-Fi, so it requires to have a separate Wi-Fi router.
  3. Microsoft wireless display adapter is younger than Chromecast, so it does not work in any Windows system that came before 8.1. But Chromecast is capable of working on all versions of the Windows system.
  4. Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter costs more than Chromecast. And when Chromecast is compared to Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, it seems cheaper.
  5. People with Android can enjoy Microsoft wireless display adapter better than users of iOS as the apps supporting this function is not very much available. Chromecast as well largely supports Android applications.
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