Difference Between USB Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Adapter

Today’s age is the age of the internet and wireless communication. This revolutionary development has come about because of the advent of multiple tools and devices that offer easy, hassle-free wireless communication.


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USB Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Adapter fall into the category of such wireless networking devices that provide high-speed internet connectivity.

USB Bluetooth vs Wi-Fi Adapter

The difference between USB Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Adapter is that Bluetooth is an in-built service in almost all technological devices that provides easy and quick connections, whereas Wi-Fi Adapter is a wireless facility that provides internet services with high speed. The two also differ in their usage, compatibility, accessibility, etc.

USB Bluetooth vs Wi Fi Adapter

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Today most laptops, smartphones, and other such devices have a built-in Bluetooth facility. The ones which do not have this facility can use an adapter which is a small plug-in and play sort of device.

The essential function of Bluetooth is to provide wireless communication and an easy as well as quick connection.

Wi-Fi is a wireless Ethernet whose primary function is to replace cables and wires. It provides a high-speed internet facility to a host of devices located within a limited area. It is a radio transceiver that allows a computer to send and receive data-carrying radio signals.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonUSB BluetoothWi-Fi Adapter
DefinitionIt is a plug-and-play device that allows one to build connections between Bluetooth devices such as laptops, cell phones, etc.It is a device that provides high-speed internet connectivity when connected to devices such as computers, laptops, etc.
FunctionBluetooth adapters are used to provide services to devices that do not have an in-built Bluetooth facility. It is used to provide wireless connectivity and eliminated the use of cables and wires.
ConnectivityIt is built into a small microchip, and that provides communication compatibility between several devices.It is an external USB module designed to provide a high-speed internet facility.
AffordabilityIt is a very common and comparatively cheap method of availing of Bluetooth facilities.It is also not too expensive and is quite good at providing wireless connectivity.
AccessibilityUSB Bluetooth adapter allows for sharing of data between multiple devices.Wi-Fi Adapter provides an internet facility to usually one device.

What is USB Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a facility that allows for sharing of data between various devices. This data could be in the form of images, contacts, etc. It is a wireless technology that has a limited range that varies from two to a hundred meters or so.

Most of the computers and laptops today have an in-built Bluetooth service.

The devices that lack this pre-existing facility can avail it by using a small hardware device termed as USB Bluetooth. It is a small chip-like card that is plugged into the USB port provided in the device. This enables the device to connect with other devices possessing Bluetooth facilities.

This hardware device allows for wireless communication on one’s device. It is extremely small. This makes it exceedingly easy to carry and handle. It helps in transferring files, music, and various other data across multiple devices. All this is possible without the need for any cables or wires.

USB Bluetooth adapters are very easily available and are cost-efficient. Any kind of external supply or connection is not required for using a Bluetooth adapter. Depending upon the range they can cover and certain other factors, they come in a variety of standards, such as v1.0, v2.0, and so on.

usb bluetooth

What is Wi-Fi Adapter?

Wi-Fi is a technology that provides better connectivity to devices like laptops, computers, etc. It is a wireless service intended to serve customers with high-speed internet connectivity. It allows for the give and takes of data through radio waves amongst a plurality of devices.

 Unlike Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is not usually in-built in devices, especially desktops. For this reason, Wi-Fi adapters are used to provide wireless connectivity. It is also called wireless Ethernet.

It is easy to use and hassle-free as it replaces wires and cables. It is exceedingly convenient to carry owing to its compact size. Yet another name for a Wi-Fi adapter is dongle.

It is a hardware device that is inserted in the USB port available in the device. It works as a radio transceiver. With the help of radio waves, it transfers data from the router to the devices that have the facility of Wi-Fi enabled.

Wi-Fi adapters aren’t extremely expensive and hence can be used efficiently. They are widely used across the globe, so they are easily accessible. Like USB Bluetooth, Wi-Fi adapters come in a wide variety of ranges.

Therefore, they must be chosen according to the type of device they are going to be plugged into.

wi fi adapter

Main Differences Between USB Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Adapter

  1. USB Bluetooth serves to provide connectivity amongst other devices and allows sharing of files and data, whereas Wi-Fi Adapter gives high-speed internet connectivity to a particular device.
  2. Both are hardware devices that can be plugged in and used, but the former is usually used less as Bluetooth comes built-in in most of the devices while the latter is widely used.
  3. USB Bluetooth allows the exchange of data such as images, contacts, music, etc., whereas Wi-Fi is generally used to obtain internet facility.
  4. By providing its service to a single device, USB Bluetooth allows connection with other devices possessing Bluetooth facility, whereas a Wi-Fi adapter provides internet services only to the device that it gets connected to.
  5. USB Bluetooth is comparatively more compact as compared to a Wi-Fi adapter which is also at times called a dongle.
  6. While Bluetooth is a facility that was first discovered in 1989, Wi-Fi service was introduced comparatively later. Its launch date fell somewhere in 1998.
Difference Between USB Bluetooth and Wi Fi Adapter
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