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Difference Between USB and Bluetooth speakers (With Table)

Though both speakers USB and Bluetooth speakers are used for listening to music and audio, they both are two distinct devices, which have their features, advantages, and disadvantages. Both of these devices have made listening to music a lot easier in recent times.

USB speakers vs Bluetooth speakers

The main difference between USB speakers and Bluetooth speakers is that the USB speakers are connected to the devices via USB cables or USB ports, on the other hand, the Bluetooth speakers are connected to the devices via a wireless network.

USB speakers are the speakers which use wires, USB cables, or USB portals to connect with other devices, which have a USB portal, such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc. They also contain an amplifier and loudspeakers in them. The range in which it can be connected depends on the length of its cable or wire.

Bluetooth speakers are speakers which use wireless communication technology to connect with other devices which are enabled for Bluetooth, such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, etc. They contain an amplifier and loudspeakers in them. It has short-range connectivity with the other devices.

Comparison Table Between USB speakers and Bluetooth speakers

Parameters of Comparison USB SpeakersBluetooth Speakers
MeaningIt uses wires, or USB cables to connect with devices with USB ports, to listen to audio or music.It is a set of amplifiers and loudspeakers with wireless communication technology, which can be connected with Bluetooth-enabled devices to listen to audio or music.
RangeThe connectivity range depends on the length of the wireShort-range wireless network
Sound QualityNormally better than Bluetooth speakersGood sound quality, but decreases when taken far from the connected device.
PortabilityLess portable than Bluetooth speakersMore portable than USB speakers as there are no extra wires and cables.
Power consumptionThey don’t need separate batteries or power consumption as they consume power from the connected device itself.They consume more power than USB speakers

What is USB Speakers?

A USB speaker is a device that contains a set of amplifiers and loudspeakers to play audio, it connects with other devices using cables or wires. Any device which has a USB portal can be connected with a USB speaker to play audio and music.

  1. It comes in all shapes and sizes and has plug-and-play functioning which makes it easy and efficient to play music.
  2. Its sound quality is good, and the range of the connectivity depends on the length of the wire. Though sometimes, the wires and cables make it inconvenient or less portable to work with.
  3. It can be connected to nearly all multi-media devices such as televisions, computers, laptops, smartphones, etc., as they all come with a USB port.
  4. The power consumption of a USB speaker is generally low, which means it does not consume much power. Also, it charges itself through the device it is connected with so it does not have to be charged separately.
  5. It works with wires and cables which makes it easy to use and less complicated as compared to wireless speakers.

What is Bluetooth Speakers?

A Bluetooth speaker is a device that converts electric signals to audible sound after connecting to any Bluetooth-enabled device by wireless communication technology. It can be connected to any device which is enabled by Bluetooth technology for playing sounds. It has a short-range communication technology.

  1. A Bluetooth speaker is generally small in size and circular or cylindrical for better portability, but there are also big Bluetooth speakers.
  2. The sound quality is good, but only within the range of the Bluetooth, if we take it far from the connected device, the sound quality may decline or it may be even disconnected.
  3. It can be connected to computers, laptops, smartphones, Televisions, etc. Nearly, all devices are enabled with Bluetooth technology nowadays.
  4. The power consumption of a Bluetooth speaker depends on the quality and the company itself. It can be charged using normal Type A, B, C chargers and wireless chargers. Some Bluetooth devices also come with replaceable battery sockets.
  5. The fact that it is completely wireless, and does not need any cables and wires to work, makes it very portable, easy-to-use, and customer friendly which has also made it cover the mainstream market of the speakers.

Main Differences Between USB Speaker and Bluetooth Speaker

The main differences between a USB speaker and a Bluetooth speaker are that a USB speaker uses USB cables and USB ports to connect with other devices in order to play music. Whereas a Bluetooth speaker is wireless, i.e. it does not require wires or cables to connect with other devices to play music.

  1. In the USB speakers raw digital audio signals stream from the system through the USB port to the speakers where they get converted into analog audio. On the other hand, in order to connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices and play audios, the Bluetooth speakers use radio frequency waves.
  2. USB speakers consume less power as compared to the Bluetooth speakers. But in Bluetooth speakers, the power consumption mainly depends on their size and form factor, so it can also be less.
  3. USB speakers draw power from the connected device itself. Whereas, Bluetooth Speakers have to be charged through chargers, or come with separate batteries.
  4. USB speakers are considered less portable and travel friendly than the Bluetooth speakers as, Bluetooth speakers are wireless and there is no unnecessary clutter of cables.
  5. The sound quality of both the USB speakers and Bluetooth speakers is considered good, but generally the USB speakers are more reliable as to the sound quality.
  6. Also, in USB speakers the connectivity range can be as long as the wire. Whereas, the Bluetooth speakers can be connected only in a short range.


Bluetooth speakers are one of the fastest-growing technologies, in current times, as they are easy-to-use, portable, and also affordable. But USB speakers are also not going anywhere, as they are still preferred in big celebrations and parties, and are also easy plug-and-play devices; they also come in small sizes and are affordable. Bluetooth speakers may be portable, but they need to be charged separately, unlike the USB speakers that charge themselves by the connected device itself.

Both the speakers have their advantages and disadvantages, and people prefer both of them according to their choices.


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