Difference Between Coaxial and 2 Way Speakers

It’s very important for our ears to hear a good quality sound bass along with a suitable choice of music.


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We often listen to music on our road trips and that becomes much more happening if great balanced speakers are installed.

A wrong choice of speaker in your car might end up giving you Headache instead of Joy.

There is an abundance of speakers launched in the last 2 decades where we have many smart speakers which are like Coaxial, Component, 2 way, 3 way and more.

Moving further we will find many pros and cons of Coaxial and 2 Way speakers.

Coaxial vs 2 Way Speakers

The difference between Coaxial and 2-way speakers is of functional parts where coaxial speaker use 2 speakers jointly together namely tweeter and woofer on another side 2 way speakers uses two speakers together mainly woofer1 and woofer 2 to produce high-quality music. In some cases, 2-way speakers are part of coaxial speakers.

Coaxial vs 2 Way Speakers

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Coaxial speakers use a dual method to produce the sound where the tweeter is wrapped up by the woofer, it is popularly known as full-range speakers since the tweeter is joined over a woofer in a button-shaped device it uses 2-time authentication for best sound quality.

2 Way Speakers are a combination of two types of speakers where they range from 100Hz to 3 kHz from mid to high level of sound frequency.

The range level of music is quite higher in 2 way speaker as the set of speakers is not balanced in a manner like a coaxial speaker where they both complement each other in range function.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison  Coaxial 2 Way Speakers
 Frequency RangeThe frequency range for the Coaxial speaker is normally from 80Hz to 20 kHz.The frequency range for 2 way speaker is normally from 100Hz to 3 kHz.
BudgetCoaxial Speakers is a budget-friendly car speaker option.2 Way speakers are quite expensive in terms of the budget of a buyer.
No. of SpeakersCoaxial Speaker has a Woofer and Tweeter and sometimes a sub-woofer also for the frequency range2 Way Speaker has 2 woofers separately to produce sound.
InstallationThe Space occupied by the coaxial speaker is very less and is installed manually in a simple way.2 Way speakers are not always installed in cars only and may acquire much space also difficult to install.
CustomizationFew customizations are possible in the case of Coaxial speakers.Whereas 2 Way speakers have a variety of options for customization.

What is Coaxial Speaker?

The term Coaxial speaker refers to the car speaker having round shape woofer and a tweeter placed over it in a center.  

The Tweeter functions to control the high frequency whereas the Woofer controls the low level of frequency. Coaxial is designed to balance the sound for good quality of music.

Installation of coaxial speakers is quite hassle-free as they are compact in size unlike the traditional cone–shaped speakers in addition to the same coaxial speakers that are generally pre-installed in cars from Manufacturing Unit.

Since all the parts are jointly performing their functions in a coaxial speaker therefore sometimes it fails to give a boom to the music playing in the car.

It is generally not likable for young kids where they prefer to have coaxial speakers with 3 way or 4-way speakers.

What is 2 Way Speaker?

The 2 Way speakers are designed to achieve a limited set of the frequency range, unlike 3 way and 4 ways speakers where a maximum range of frequencies can be achieved.

It contains 2 woofers that function for high and low frequencies as designed.

Since multiple parts are derived without authentication in 2 Way Speaker, there is less chance of melodious sound from 2 ways Speakers as bass quality is low as available in component speakers which have high-quality bass sound for better quality music.

The 2 Way Speakers cannot be placed in different locations as 2 Way speakers don’t have sub-woofers to perform multiple bass functions with the driver of the speaker.

The Spectrum of audio is limited in the case of 2 Way speakers.

Main Differences Between Coaxial and 2 Way Speakers

  1. Drivers of the Speakers: Coaxial speaker contains different  kind of driver for both 2 way and 3 way speaker installed in it although 2 Way speaker have similar driver as it has only single configuration to play the music.
  2. Price and range: As coaxial speakers are not for the perfect bass in 2 way coaxial hence it’s a cheaper option for car while coaxial speaker with 3 or 4 way speaker options is quite expensive and demands more spending.
  3. Pros and Cons: A Coaxial speakers are ear friendly as their music frequency range is not much high since very limited customisation is available whereas standard 2 Way speakers are sometimes becomes a source of noise pollution.
  4. People’s Choice: Those who are music lover will choose for Coaxial with 3 way/4 way speakers instead of 2 way speakers which produce low bass music and has a standard structure.
  5. Component Support: 2 Way Speakers are difficult to work together with component speaker if installed together whereas coaxial will give perfect sound results when installed along with component speaker.
Difference Between Coaxial and 2 Way Speakers
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