Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk: Difference and Comparison

When we talk about a healthy and nutrition-rich diet or meal, the one thing that is there most of the time is milk.


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In several countries, children from birth only intake milk as it is said to be the most suitable food for them, and after that also, milk is considered one of the most important sources of nutrition. It is also important as most of the dairy products are made from it only.

The most common types of milk are cow milk and buffalo milk. Both of them are pretty similar in taste and color, but not the same. To understand them better, you should know the difference between them.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cow milk has a lower fat content and is lighter in color than buffalo milk.
  2. Buffalo milk is richer in protein, calcium, and other nutrients than cow milk.
  3. Both are nutritious dairy options, but buffalo milk has a creamier texture and a higher caloric content.

Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk

Cow milk is a nutrient-dense white liquid food produced by cows. Buffalo milk is produced from water buffaloes and has a higher fat, protein, lactose, vitamin, and mineral content. It is whiter, thicker and heavy, so it digests more slowly and keeps you fuller for a longer time period. 

Cow Milk vs Buffalo Milk

Cow milk is the most common milk consumed on a daily basis. It has a thin consistency and is white in color, and this is due to the presence of more than 80 percent of water in it.

This also means it fulfils the water requirement of the body. It is best recommended for people with heart-related problems and is easy to digest.

Buffalo milk is the most beneficial and healthiest milk. It is rich in fat, protein, calorie, and much other nutrition. It is more recommended than cow milk for the healthy development of the body. It is not recommended for people suffering any heart-related problems.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCow MilkBuffalo Milk
Fat contentThe lower amount of fatHigher fat content
WaterHave a high percentage of waterVery less water
ProteinLess amount of protein in comparisonHigher protein content.
CholesterolHigh is cholesterolLow amount of cholesterol
CalorieFewer caloriesHigh calories

What is Cow Milk?

Cow milk is the healthiest source of nutrition and drinks for the body.

It has all the following benefits:

  1. Complete meal: as mentioned above, cow milk does not only have protein but also has other nutritious content in it. It gives enough strength to the body so that it can make a block of cells. It is a complete protein. It is also beneficial for making the immune system strong and repairing damaged cells and tissues.
  2. Best for bones and muscles: it has a large amount of calcium in it, which is responsible for making the bones and muscles grow stronger. Drinking cow’s milk can be extremely beneficial for this.
  3. Improves brain health: cow’s milk contains vitamin B, Vitamin B12. Both of them are beneficial for calming the nerves down and improving memory power, respectively.
  4. Beneficial in weight loss: it is very helpful in increasing the body’s metabolism, and also, when a person drinks cow’s milk, he does not feel hungry for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is helpful in weight loss as it has a high-fat content.
  5. Good for the heart: it is rich in fats, calcium, and phosphorus, which is beneficial in maintaining elevated blood pressure, and also it has very little cholesterol in it, which is further good for the heart.
cow milk

What is Buffalo Milk?

Buffalo milk is rich in more nutritious value than cow milk and has a thick consistency and yellowish appearance in color.

When compared to cow milk, it has more health benefits such as:

  1. Heart health: it is high in calcium which is helpful in reducing the risk of hyperextension, ensuring the smooth flow of blood. Therefore it is good for the heart than most of the other types of milk.
  2. Bone strength: it has thick consistency due to the calcium and fat content in it. It also has copper, manganese, phosphorous, and zinc. All of these contribute to making the bone healthy and strong.
  3. Regulated blood pressure: buffalo milk has nutrients that are very helpful in regulating the blood pressure level in the body. For example, potassium.
  4. Source of protein: it is a great source of protein as it also has more protein than any other milk. This means that it keeps you satiated for a longer period, which is further helpful in losing weight.
  5. Boosts skin health: it contains antioxidants and vitamins, which are helpful in making the skin healthy.
buffalo milk

Main Differences Between Cow Milk and Buffalo Milk

  1. Buffalo milk is relatively thicker inconsistency, and this is due to its higher fat content. While cow milk is lower in fat content in comparison, it only has 3 to 4 percent of fat in it, while buffalo have 8 to 9 percent of fat in it.
  2. To be hydrated and have enough water in the body, cow milk is a better option than buffalo milk, as cow milk is made up of more than 80 percent of water.
  3. Buffalo being more heat resistant, is not suitable for toddlers and older people. It also has more protein content in it. Cow milk contains 8 to 9 percent less protein than Buffalo milk.
  4. Cholesterol level is also different in both of the milk. Cow milk is rich in cholesterol levels and therefore is not preferred for people suffering from PCOD, hypertension, kidney problems, and obesity, and on the other hand, buffalo milk is lower in cholesterol levels.
  5. As mentioned above, buffalo milk is higher in protein which further makes it higher in calories than cow milk.
  6. Due to the presence of peroxidizing activity in buffalo milk, it can be preserved for a longer duration than cow milk which is to be consumed within 1 to 2 days.
  7. They also have different colors. Buffalo milk is whiter than cow’s milk which is slightly yellowish in color.
  8. Buffalo milk is best for good sleep, while cow’s milk is better for sweets.
Difference Between Cow Milk and Buffalo Milk

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