Difference Between Mousse and Gel

Hair is said to be a significant physical feature of the human body which is easily changeable.

Hairstyling and hair cutting are the aspects of personalised grooming that can be maintained.Changing a person’s outlook is what hairstyling does.

Everyone has a unique face shape and size, so the hairstyle chosen should be in accordance with it to complement one’s personality.

Although it totally depends upon personal tastes.

There are several ways to cut and style hair. But the end result varies according to the colour and texture of hair. Two such products used widely for styling hair are Mousse and Gel.

They can be applied after the hair is dried by blow-dry or natural method after the hair wash or can also be applied on wet hair.

Both being hair styling products, also differ from each other. They give different results and have distinct chemical contents.

Mousse vs Gel

The main difference between Mousse and Gel is that Mousse is used to give a nice shine, a clump-free hold and an extra volume to the hair, whereas, Gel gives the hair a strong and long-lasting hold.

Mousse vs Gel

Comparison Table Between Mousse and Gel

Parameter of ComparisonMousseGel
TextureHair mousse has a foam-like texture. Whereas, hair gel has a jelly-like texture and is very sticky.
HoldIt gives a clump-free hold that is not so long-lasting. Some gels give a soft hold, while others give a very stiff hold.
ResultIt is used in hairstyling to make the hair extra voluminous and give a nice shine to it.It used to give the hair a strong-hold.
Packaging It comes in an aerosol spraying can. It comes in a plastic jar or tube.
Hair typeIt is fit for both long and short hair types. It is only suitable for short hair.

What is Mousse?

Hair mousse is a hairstyling foam that is made by mixing alcohol or similar types of compounds with water that contains other active ingredients.

It has a foamy texture and comes in an aerosol spraying can.

The basic ingredients that the mousse contains are combined with some chemicals, oils and polymers that provide the hair with a smooth texture.

Oils have a moisturizing effect which helps the hair appear shinier. Polymers stick to the hair strands, giving a volumizing effect.

These smoothing agents also work as frizz control and hold the hair in its place. Some chemicals are also added to the mousse to provide a fragrance or colour to the hair.

Mousse is undoubtedly a versatile hair styling product that goes well with every length of hair.

It provides the hair with a soft hold and also helps in taming the frizz. Its extra volume feature acts as a cherry on the cake for those who are always worried about hair thinning and hair fall.

Moreover, it also gives the hair a nice shine, scent or colour (in case a colouring mousse is used). It goes down pretty well with fine, wavy, curly or even permed hair.

Even after a list of good features, it may not work for everyone. The soft hold of mousse is of no use to people with short hair.

It can only provide the hair with a volumizing effect, while it is unable to hold the hair for a long time.

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What is Gel?

Hair gel is a hair styling product that has water as the main ingredient.

The gel has a jelly-like texture because of the compounds dispersed in a colloidal liquid form. It has a sticky consistency.

The hair gel contains polymers which help maintain curl or keep the hair in place by forming a film. Also, emulsifiers are present for the components that are insoluble in water.

Hair thickening chemicals such as carbomer is present along with some preservatives and fragrance. Some additives are used to give a light amount of moisture, shine and UV protection to the hair.

Gel has a unique feature of providing the hair with a very good and long-lasting hold.

It is so good at doing this that with the required amount of product applied, hair stays in its place for a very long time. There are different gels for providing light, medium or strong hold.

Light hold controls frizz, while strong hold makes the hair stiff. The gel also gives a slight shine to the hair.

Hair gel can only complement certain hairstyles and types. As it hardens after application, hair feels stiff. After drying, it can also produce white fragments in hair when combed.

It does not go well with long hair. It can only provide a nice hold to short hair. But when applied to long hair, it makes the hair look stiff and clumped up.

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Main Differences Between Mousse and Gel

  1. Mousse is used to make the hair extra voluminous and shining, whereas, Gel is used to provide the hair with a strong-hold.
  2. Mousse is foam-like, while the gel is sticky.
  3. Gel gives a strong and long-lasting hold but the mousse is unable to hold the hair for a longer time.
  4. Mousse is packaged in an aerosol can, whereas, the gel comes in a plastic jar or tube.
  5. Mousse goes well with every length of hair, while the gel fits short hair only.
Difference Between Mousse and Gel


A different hairstyle, changed hair colour and a trendy hair cut can surely give a pump-up to one’s appearance.

Proper hairstyling tricks can help make undesirable aspects of a person’s characteristics less visible and can boost up his/her confidence level.

Every individual likes to look good and effortless. Maintaining a suitable hairstyle just adds to it. There are tons of hair cosmetics or products available to help achieve a decent hairstyle.

Proper use of these products can help improve the hair appearance, while misuse or overuse can degrade the hair quality and texture and cause many dermatologic problems.

Hairstyling is an art. Mousse and Gel are two aids of hairstyling.

They are made to create special and desirable effects on hair. Using them appropriately and wisely is what matters.



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