Cream vs Gel Eyeliner: Difference and Comparison

Eyeliner is a basic cosmetic in the area of eye makeup. For highlighting the eyes, eyeliners are the best way. Eyeliner can be of various types, such as pencil, cream and gel.

At present, cream and gel eyeliners are the most popular due to their easy-to-apply characteristics. One can easily do fascinating eye makeup using eyeliners. To know the difference between these two popular eyeliner forms, keep on reading this article.

Key Takeaways

  1. Cream eyeliners have a thicker consistency, providing a more intense color payoff and better-staying power.
  2. Gel eyeliners offer a smoother application and are easier to blend, making them ideal for creating softer looks.
  3. Both cream and gel eyeliners are versatile, allowing for precise lines and various makeup effects.

Cream Eyeliner vs Gel Eyeliner

Cream eyeliners come in a pot, have a smooth and creamy texture, can be used to create a variety of looks, and are applied using an eyeliner brush. Gel eyeliners, come in a pot or a pencil form, have a thicker and more viscous texture, and are applied using a brush or an applicator.

Cream Eyeliner vs Gel Eyeliner

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Cream eyeliner retains a creamy texture that is smooth and soft. These eyeliners are the best for achieving a natural, fresh look. The smoothness of the product looks natural on the upper lashes.

The lasting time of this eyeliner is long enough to support your long day without getting faded.

Gel eyeliner got a gel component. It comes in a pot, and for application, a brush is needed. Being gel-based, it is not very smooth in texture. It dries up quickly; thus, the beginner can use it effortlessly.

For superfluous eye makeup looks such as cat’s and smoky eyes, gel eyeliners should be picked up.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonCream EyelinerGel Eyeliner
Eye look Cream eyeliner provides a natural eye look.Gel eyeliner serves smoky eyes look.
TextureIt is smooth and soft.It is not smooth.
LongevityComparatively cream eyeliner stays for a lesser time. Gel eyeliner stays for longer hours.
DryingThis type of eyeliner takes a longer time to dry.This eyeliner dries up instantly.
RegularityCream eyeliner is more common among people.Gel eyeliner is less common to use.

What is Cream Eyeliner?

From the name, it is clear that cream eyeliner is a cream-based eyeliner. Having a base of cream, it has a creamy texture with a smooth and soft effect. Cream eyeliner mostly comes in a pot, and it is supposed to get applied with the help of a brush.

Eyeliners of some brands come in the form of pencils.

Among all the types of eyeliners, cream eyeliner gets used mostly. It is very common and popular for its easy-to-apply trait. Using this will give you a natural look without any flamboyant effect. It is supposed to be applied to the upper eyelids.

Application of it on the lower eyelids is advised to ignore as it might harm the eyes.

Cream eyeliner is capable of lasting for a long time, but gel eyeliner lasts longer. However, dramatic aesthetic eye design makeup can not be done using cream eyeliner. Cream eyeliner can only fetch a neat natural look with its smooth texture.

cream eyeliner

What is Gel Eyeliner?

For a beginner, gel eyeliner is the ideal suit. It is easier to apply than any other type of eyeliner. It dries up instantly after application. However, it can not serve a natural look. For a flamboyant and dramatic eye look, gel eyeliners should get chosen.

Gel eyeliner comes in a pot, and the application is supposed to get done with the help of a brush.

The brush must get cleaned thoroughly and regularly otherwise, the remains of the dried eyeliner will form small clods, and that will hinder the application of the eyeliner.

It is a lot like liquid eyeliner, but it is capable of drying up even faster than that. Gel eyeliner can last for the entire day. Any dramatic eye makeup, such as smoky eyes and cat eyes, can be achieved with the use of gel eyeliner.

Beginners should get their practice with gel eyeliner before picking out cream eyeliner. Even though it might look artificial, it is definitely stylish.

gel eyeliner

Main Differences Between Cream and Gel Eyeliner

  1. As the name suggests, cream eyeliner is made with cream substances, and gel eyeliner gets its name because of its gel-based substance.
  2. Cream eyeliners are more popular than gel eyeliner, most people use cream eyeliner, however, for beginners, gel eyeliner suits them best.
  3. If you want to retain a natural look, then go for cream eyeliner, but for more dramatic and artificial eye makeup, opt for gel eyeliner, it will provide a smoky look to the eyes.
  4. Cream eyeliner is creamy and smooth, but gel eyeliner is not as smooth as cream eyeliner.
  5. Gel eyeliner stays longer than cream eyeliner.
  6. After using on the lash line, gel eyeliner dries up quicker than cream eyeliner.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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