Difference Between Gel and Solid Deodorant

Deodorant is a product that is applied to the body to prevent it from the bad smell or odour caused by the bacteria. Deodorants can be further divided into a different category called antiperspirants.


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Antiperspirants usually prevent sweating in the body by blocking sweat glands. It is applied to the wider areas of the body where sweat is unwanted.

Some of them do not block sweat glands but prevent bacterial action. Mum, the first commercial deodorant, came in 1888, developed and patented by Edna Murphey. There are various types of deodorants. Gel and Solid Deodorant are one of them.

Gel vs Solid Deodorant

The difference between Gel and solid Deodorant is that Gel deodorant comes in the form of liquid or gel. It can stay for a longer period. Solid Deodorant comes in solid form. It is very similar to the creamy bar soap. Whenever anybody opens the cap or knob of the solid deodorant, then it comes out. Solid Deodorants are very easy to carry. If you are travelling, then it is the best option. Gel Deodorants are not meant for travelling. It is very discreet. Whenever Gel deodorant is applied, it takes time to let it dry.

Gel vs Solid Deodorant

Gel Deodorant has very similar packaging to solid deodorant. Whenever the bottle is twisted, gel oozes out of it. Gel deodorant needs to be dried first after applying. Once it gets dried, it feels invisible.

One of the most important things to remember before applying gel deodorant is that after taking a shower, it should be applied, then let dry, then put on the clothes.

Usually, Gel Deodorants are environmentally friendly. It contains no harmful chemicals. It doesn’t leave stains on the clothes.

Solid Deodorants, also called Stick deodorants or cream perfumes, come in the form of solid, unlike liquid deodorants. Solid deodorants get their base from a wax that is melted initially to give it a texture of a cream.

Once the wax gets melted, various types of scents are added to it. Solid Deodorants are very portable and easy to carry. It can be used either by rubbing or using cotton against the skin.

Sometimes, solid deodorants take more time to come out than Gel deodorants.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGel DeodorantSolid Deodorant
FormLiquid, thick, clear gelCreamy, wavy, solid
IngredientsAluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium sulfate, aluminium zirconium aluminium chloride, and complexes.Tetrachlorohydrex GLY (in solids), Aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminium zirconium.
ApplicationDiscreet and takes time to dry.Easy to use & apply, dries quickly
StainDoesn’t leave stains and marksLeave stains and marks.
PortabilityNot travel friendly.Portable and Travel friendly

What is Gel Deodorant?

Gel Deodorant is made up of small rocks or crystals. It comes in a plastic container. Because of the presence of crystals, gel deodorants are more acidic.

Like the other deodorants, they don’t remove the sweating process but help to remove the odour from the armpits. The gel in Gel deodorants acts as a carrier. It makes our underarms fresh and dry.

Gel Deodorants was first patented in the 1950s. Earlier they contain sodium stearate soap gels. But over the years, Gel deodorants have been developed. Now the gel in it is more stable. Now Gel deodorants also come in the form of gel sticks.

Since it was invented, it has become one of the iconic personal products that consist of fragrance, some essential oil to remove the odour of the body. It has the power to stay on the body for a longer time.

It is thick and clear. But it is not easy to carry them. Once applied, it needs some time to be dried. But after it is dried, it feels like it becomes invisible. It can melt if there is a higher temperature.

Gel deodorants are very safe deodorants. Because it contains less harmful and chemical substances. They do not leave stains or marks on the clothes.

What is Solid Deodorant?

Solid Deodorants are meant to kill the body odour. But just like gel deodorants, they also cannot completely stop the sweat glands from sweating.

Solid Deodorants acts as antiperspirants that reduce the sweat on the human skin, kill the bacteria and thus eliminate the odour in the armpits. Solid Deodorants are also called stick Deodorants.

They c0ome in solid form with a twisted knob at the bottom in a small plastic container. When it is opened, a solid stick comes out that can be applied to the armpit to make it dry and clear.

Solid Deodorants gets dried very quickly. It is very easy to use and apply. However, it can cause some skin irritation to those who have an allergy. They can leave stains and marks on the clothes, especially if you are wearing dark coloured clothes.

They are very portable and easy to carry. They are travel friendly. Ingredients of Solid Deodorants majorly consist of aerosol and some of the solidifying agents.

It can be reapplied many times in a day. Solid Deodorants have become a default option for many people. They contain fewer chemicals or are chemical-free.

The texture of Solid Deodorants is very creamy, filmy, wavy, just like a soap. People having sensitive skin may not like it because of its moist texture.

Main Differences Between Gel and Solid Deodorant

  1. Gel Deodorants have liquid or clear gel form. They are thick and clear. Solid Deodorants are creamy and wavy texture. It is in solid form.
  2. Ingredients of Gel Deodorant include Aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium sulfate, aluminium zirconium aluminium chloride, and complexes. Ingredients of Solid Deodorant include Tetrachlorohydrex GLY (in solids), Aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminium zirconium.
  3. Gel deodorants are very discreet and take time to dry. Solid Deodorants are Easy to use & apply, dry quickly.
  4. Gel deodorant Doesn’t leave stains and marks on clothes. Solid Deodorant Leave stains and marks on clothes.
  5. Gel deodorants are not travel friendly and can melt in higher temperatures. Solid Deodorants are portable and travel friendly.


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