Tomtom 630 vs Tomtom 730: Difference and Comparison

The GPS navigation system in our vehicles is familiar to all of us.GPS helps in searching different places and also helps in finding the correct distance from our location to another location.

Tom Tom is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the GPS navigation system.

Tom Tom 630 and Tom Tom 730 are two series in this system that provides exclusive features.

Key Takeaways

  1. TomTom 730 has a larger screen size than TomTom 630.
  2. TomTom 730 has a more advanced lane guidance system than TomTom 630.
  3. TomTom 730 has a longer battery life than TomTom 630.

Tomtom 630 vs Tomtom 730

The difference between Tomtom 630 and Tomtom 730 is that Tom Tom 630 has got features like map editing and map sharing, whereas Tom’s 730 model features route optimization. Tom Tom 730 has got some additional features when compared with Tom Tom 630, but it also lacks some unique features of Tom Tom 630.

Tomtom 630 vs Tomtom 730

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Tom Tom 630 series has got a map coverage of countries like the USA and Canada. There are features like map editing and sharing.

It also has got the facility of voice-activated navigation. The model is waterproof and is also compatible with Bluetooth devices.

Tom Tom 730 series has features like route optimization, live traffic information, map updates, voice-activated navigation, and lane guidance. The device has a widescreen mode.

The device has also got a built-in FM transmitter and MP3 player. It also allows the addition of SD card memory to its internal memory.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonTom Tom 630Tom Tom 730
DefinitionTom Tom 630 is a car navigator which allows map editing and sharingTom Tom 730 is a car navigator which allows route optimization
Document viewingAllows document viewingDoes not allow document viewing
Water ProofNot Water ProofIs Water Proof
MP3 PlayerNo MP3 PlayerHas got MP3 Player
PriceAvailable at a reasonable rateMore costly

What is Tom Tom 630?

Tom Tom 630 is a trusted brand in the world of GPS navigation. Tom Tom 630 has got unique features.

The model provides multiple languages like Chinese, English, French, Portuguese Swedish, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and many more. 

This model allows to add SD memory to its internal memory. Tom Tom 630 is compatible with Bluetooth devices. The battery can be used for five hours. The device also has got features like windshield mount, installation disk, documents, USB cable, and charger.

The device offers a battery usability of five hours and has got a windshield mount. The device is provided with a touch screen of screen size 4.3 inches. Live traffic can be added with some optional accessories.

The model provides many options for customization. You don’t have iPod connectivity in Tom Tom 630. Also, Tom Tom 630 lacks some audio features provided by its advanced models.

What is Tom Tom 730?

Tom Tom 730 is another trusted brand in GPS navigation systems. This model offers exclusive features like live traffic information and route optimization and also allows voice-activated navigation.

Tom Tom 730 also provides many languages, such as German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese Swedish, Russian, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and more. The screen has got a diagonal measurement of 4.3 inches.

Tom Tom 730 gives clear voice instructions and provides enhanced hands-free calling. The model also has got free Tom Tom Home software which always updates the system.

The device has got a lithium polymer battery. There is a Tom Tom RDS-TMC traffic receiver for giving detailed traffic information. The model has got an internal memory of 2 GB and is also compatible with an SD card.

Main Difference Between Tom Tom 630 and Tom Tom 730

  1. Tom Tom 730 is more costlier than Tom Tom 630.
  2. Map editing and sharing are available in Tom Tom 630 model, and this feature is not available in Tom Tom 730.
  3. Tom Tom 730 offers route optimization, which is not offered by Tom Tom 630.
  4. Tom Tom 730 has got an MP3 player and Tom Tom 630 does not have it.
  5. Tom Tom 630 model is waterproof, whereas Tom Tom 730 model is not waterproof.

Last Updated : 26 July, 2023

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