Difference Between Dell Inspiron and Lenovo Yoga

Computers are the trend in the new world. Dell and Lenovo are the two famous brands producing computers, laptops. The Dell inspiron and Lenovo Yoga is the excellent option for education, entertainment, and graphics.


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Dell Inspiron vs Lenovo Yoga

The difference between Dell Inspiron and Lenovo yoga is their display size. The Dell Inspiron has a display size of 13.30 inches. The Lenovo yoga has a display size of 14.00 inches. They both have 8GB ram with a Core i7 processor. The Dell Inspiron has three battery cells, and the Lenovo yoga has two battery cells. The RAM slots for Dell Inspiron is two, and for the Lenovo, yoga is one. Both the models have touchscreens. The hard disk storage of Dell inspiration and Lenovo yoga is 1 TB.

Dell Inspiron vs Lenovo Yoga

Dell Inspiron is attractive for its perfect streaming. Inspiration finish your work as much as you can. It delivers the utmost style by Dell.

The long-lasting battery will take you anywhere. The lightweight won’t feel like a heavy bag.

The Dell Inspiron makes you move anywhere by its grabbing features. The Dell Inspiron starts from the price of 43,000.

The new technology for graphics, thermal control makes your laptop runs smoothly. It is ready to go laptop every time.

It boots up and logs in as fast. With its thermal sensors, it detects the surface and places it comfortably.

Lenovo yoga is ambitious and inventive. The Lenovo yoga has the world’s first round in sound bar technology that delivers the immense sound experience.

The 3d sound experience provides by Dolby Atmos’ makes your entertainment more heights. It has 9i line advanced technology.

It has fingerprint and face detection. You set aside your worries to remember the passwords.

The IR cameras give the perfect touch to Lenovo yoga. It is around 2.2lbs in weight.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonDell InspironLenovo Yoga
Display sizeThe Dell is 13.30 inchesThe Lenovo is 14.00 inches
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 520Nvidia GeForce 940 MX
Battery cellThe Dell has three cellsThe Lenovo has two cells
Resolution1920×1080 pixels1366×768 pixels
Base clock speed2.3 GHz2.5 GHz
RAM slotsThe Dell has two slotsThe Lenovo has one slot
Number of USB portsThe Dell has three portsThe Lenovo has two ports

What is Dell Inspiron?

Dell is a famous brand for its intense technology. The Dell Inspiron laptops are attractive for their visuals and astounding performance.

It has high-performance core processors. The enhanced thermal solutions make it looks stunning.

The Dell Inspiron has a variety of graphics options. The Inspiron models handle everything that the computer needs with ease.

It is also called express chargers.

Dell Inspiron has a very narrow border with a 16:10 aspect ratio of the display. The Inspiron models make you do more.

The fabulous visual experience makes you connect with your loved ones like they are in person. The webcam visual noise gets eliminated by the built-in temporal noise reduction application even in low lights.

You can easily connect and disconnect the webcams with built-in options.

It is complex to move between mobile and PC. The Dell mobile connects integration will make you send calls, texts, receive notifications, transfer files, and mirror apps.

It makes you stay focused on your work simultaneously you chilling with your mobile phone. The Dell considers nature more.

They make the packing tray with 100% recycled paper. The expressive colors feel like a rainbow.

The flawless keyboards and touchpads make you feel fantastic interior designs.

dell inspiron

What is Lenovo Yoga?

Lenovo Yoga makes of sleek metal, leather, and fabric. It gives a stylish and unique look.

The tactile experience is the pros for Lenovo to its customers. It is thinner and stylish.

The weight of Lenovo Yoga is around 1kg that makes you don’t feel the weight. You can carry the Lenovo Yoga to wherever you go.

By using fragile aluminum alloy, it has an ultra-slim structure towards a sleeker profile. Multiple colors of Lenovo Yoga are available in the market.

The Lenovo Yoga is the bold innovation of Lenovo.

The aluminum metal gives extraordinary durability, and it is the perfect foundation. The Lenovo Yoga is best for both its structure and substance.

The two-in-one model makes you rotate 360 degrees. It provides dual-mode.

The tablet mode and desktop mode are the dual modes of Lenovo Yoga. The aerospace metal uses in Lenovo yoga.

The pros for Lenovo is Yoga 9i garaged digital pen. It is fantabulous and attractive for every student.

The Intel Evo platform gives stunning battery life, fast responsiveness, and perfect visuals. Yoga has unique features to streamline your day.

It provides advanced mobile performance. It has an AI-powered intel core for a long-lasting battery. It has dynamically 20% extended battery life.

Fifteen minutes of plugged power will last hours. The Lenovo Yoga has a VESA400 HDR display with 4k resolution.

lenovo yoga

Main Differences Between Dell Inspiron and Lenovo Yoga

  1. The Dell is 13.30 inches display, and the Lenovo is 14.00 inches display.
  2. The Dell Inspiron has Intel HD Graphics 520, and the Lenovo Yoga has Nvidia GeForce 940 MX.
  3. The Dell has three battery cells, and the Lenovo has two battery cells.
  4. The Dell Inspiron has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and the Lenovo yoga has resolution of 1366×768 pixels.
  5. The base clock speed of Dell inspiration is 2.3 GHz, and the base clock speed of Lenovo yoga is 2.5 GHz.
  6. The Dell has three USB ports, and the Lenovo has two USB ports.


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