Difference Between Lenovo ThinkBook and Dell Inspiron

The dell Inspiron line of laptops was released in 1999 while thinkbook series was first time introduced almost 20 years later in 2019.


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Lenovo Thinkbook is a series of business-oriented laptops from Lenovo. This series comes with a slim design and a light body.

Most models in this series come with an aluminum case. These devices have dual fan technology to support maximum system performance.

The thinkbook does not have touchpad buttons and has a simplified keyboard layout. The anti-glare feature of the screen makes it easier to work in bright light and outdoors. The Dolby atmos gives it a 3-D sound system.

Dell Inspiron is a consumer-oriented laptop, which is marketed for everyday use. These devices come with thinner bezels and higher screen to body ratio.

Inspiron series has a better multi core CPU performance as compared to thinkbooks thanks to its built-in Intel core processor.

This series has one of the best multi-core CPU performance as well as high speed generation 4 interface. Dell Inspiron series have above 80% screen to body ratio.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonLenovo ThinkbookDell Inspiron
CPUAMD RyzenIntel Core
GPURadeon RXIntel UHD Graphics
Dolby AtmosYesno
UtilityBusiness useEveryday use
Anti-glare screenYesno

What is Lenovo ThinkBook?

The first ever Lenovo thinkbook was released in 2019. These are business-oriented laptops manufactured keeping power and productivity in mind.

Their slim design and light weight make them one of the most stylish and easy-to-carry laptops on the market.

The first Lenovo thinkbook series models were 13s and 14s. These support 8th Generation Intel Core processors, AMD Radeon 540X graphics and run windows 10 pro.

The latest model from this series is Thinkbook 15 Gen 2 which has a built in core i7 11 generation processor with Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics.

It runs an operating system up to windows 11 pro and has a display of up to 15.6″ FHD with a touch screen.

These models come with 2 cutting-edge USB Type-C ports. The latest models come with 45 and 60 WH batteries.

Lenovo thinkbook 15 supports up to 40 GB of expandable RAM Memory with up to 1 TB of Storage memory. This device supports 3-D sound system due to the built-in Dolby-atmos feature.

It also has the keyboard backlight feature available.

What is Dell Inspiron?

The dell Inspiron series was introduced in 1999. This series is marketed as an everyday use device for consumers.

This series has gone through many changes according to the need of time since its release. The first device in this series was the dell inspiron7500. Which was powered by Intel Pentium 3 processor and up to 30 GB hard drive.

These devices come in 14, 15 as well as 16-inch screen displays. The latest model in this series is Inspiron 16 Plus which comes with a 16-inch screen display.

The latest models in this series are powered by Intel processors up to core i7 12th generation and run windows 11. These have NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ graphics cards built in.

The latest models come with above 80% screen-to-body ratio and very thin side bezels of around 6mm. these come with a maximum brightness of about 300 nits.

Inspiron 16 comes with 41/54 WH battery that offers fast charging, with a USB power delivery. These devices support maximum of up to 32 GB RAM Memory and 2 TB of storage memory.

The touch pad is made of plastic with windows precision feature.

Main Differences Between Lenovo ThinkBook and Dell Inspiron

  1. Most of the models in the Lenovo ThinkBook series have built-in processors from AMD Ryzen while dell Inspiron models have Intel core processors inside.
  2. The graphics in Lenovo thinkbooks have been supported by Radeon RX while Dell used Intel UHD graphics
  3. Dolby Atmos inserts height channels to standard surround sound systems, making sounds to be received as three-dimensional objects. The Lenovo thinkbooks have this technology while the dell Inspiron does not.
  4. Lenovo thinkbook series have been manufactured and marketed as business-oriented laptops while dell Inspiron has the features of an everyday use device.
  5. An anti-glare screen is used to reflect light, this enables the user to use it in high light conditions, such as when sitting near open windows or working outside, without casting a visible reflection. Lenovo thinks book models have this feature while dell Inspiron does not.
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